Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter

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Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter is a shampoo that nourishes and restructures dry hair thanks to mango butter, which is traditionally used for its nourishing properties. It smooths the hair cuticle and fills the gaps in the hydrolipidic film that protects hair from dehydration. Protected from dryness, hair is left soft and supple. The formula is paraben- and silicon-free.

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Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter


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Adore this yummy shammy

I really like kloranes shampoo range, i have tried quite a few. I love this one in particular due to the yummy fruity scent and its so gentle. I ended up trying klorane a few years ago due to an itchy sensitive scalp. This was perfect as it is more natural than others so my scalp could heal without further irritation. I do love this shampoo as it is quite thick and concentrated so i don’t need to use much to get a deep clean. It doesn’t dry my hair out after double shampooing, and i feel it does a good job in removing dirt. I will continue to repurchase.
I find Klorane's products really natural and non-artificial. This shampoo does exactly what it's meant to and keeps my hair nice and clean. The mango scent is absolutely divine and I always leave the shower feeling fruity and fresh! I would definitely recommend it as a nice, natural shampoo, although I personally didn't notice a difference in the quality of my hair after using it. Pros: - Smells wonderful - Keeps hair nice and clean - Pretty bottle! Cons: - Didn't change quality of hair much
Since it is mango season in Australia it is good to incorporate this fruit into our bodycare too. It smells amazing and is full of nutrients so you can't go wrong with it. And Klorane thought the same so they created the Shampoo with mango butter.  The 400ml plastic bottle it comes in is rather simple but in this case it is the inside that matters. Upon opening one can smell the divine scent of the fresh picked mango, and no, it does not smell artificial at all. The shampoo is mango orange in colour and has a conditioner like consistency, in other words is rather thick. The shampoo lathers well and is easy to rinse out. It makes my hair feel soft and nourished right away. Having a matching conditioner helps to get even better results. The shampoo will not weigh your hair down either. Really good to use it every so often to give the hair some TLC.
This smells DIVINE - fruity and fresh, what more could you ask for fragrance wise? Performance wise, I didn't notice any great difference in the dryness of my hair. It didn't get any worse with this product but I definitely didn't notice an intense difference in the nourishment of my hair. It was also a little difficult to get into a lather - you need to pump quite a lot out. However, a definite plus side is that it did give my hair a smooth effect which contrasts my usual frizzy style.
This shampoo smells really nice and it leaves my hair lovely mango smell, it is not heavy sweet smell but nice clean fruity scent. It also soften my hair after washing it without weight it down. My hair feels really healthy after I started using this shampoo. I highly recommend this product to everyone who loves fruity smell hair (:
Klorane Nourishing Shampoo With Mango Butter is quite different to any other shampoo I've ever tried before. The packaging is neutral and modern. I like that its in a bottle not a tube with a cap. The first thing i noticed when trying this product was the consistency. It's definitely not your usual runny shampoo that feels slimy. This almost has a gel consistency accompanied with a delicious mango scent from the mango butter. I did notice it didn' t lather as well as other shampoos so I did need to use more of a 50 cent coin size to cover my whole head properly. After continued use of less than a fortnight I noticed my hair was easier to style and manage. It definitely did  seem to repair and smooth my normally dry hair. For best results though this MUST be paired with the matching Klorane conditioner. This shampoo is best suited for someone with dry hair needing a little taming.  Pros -scent -see through bottle to see how much is left -quick results -feels good in my hair with quality ingredients -perfect bottle size for travel cons -cost  -need to use generous amount to give hair a good shampoo all over -bottle size is on the small side for my liking
I got this shampoo after being told about it by a friend because apparently, my hair was looking like it was in desperate need of some TLC. I have quite thick and curly hair, that frizzes at the slightest amount of humidity, so this in-between winter weather, where it can't make up its mind if it wants to rain or not is doing it no favours. So, first things first, this product smells amazing and has a really nice thick consistency. Ok, now to my hair...it left my hair feeling healthy, nourished and ready for the conditioner, which is equally, if not more nourishing. I think it is the ideal shampoo for anyone with dry, frizzy hair!
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND JUST KLORANE AS A BRAND IN GENERAL. I recommend this if you have sensitive skin/scalp. Cocamidopropyl betaine (which is in A LOT OF SHAMPOO) sometimes tends to irritate the skin for people, and I am one of them. It is slightly disappointing as even shampoos which claim to be gentle includes this substance. However, This Mango butter shampoo doesnt, and leaves my hair feeling soft. It smells amazing and the bottle lasts a while. Give it a go.
After trying the range of this product I have never loved a shampoo so much in my life !  The product smells amazing is thick and creamy and doesn’t leather too much.  After using the product for a few weeks my hair has never been so soft and manageable! I have always had thick hair that is damaged by heat but this has restored all the damage I have done.  The only downfall ! Don’t leave it in the bathroom because every one else will fall in love with it too !!  Most amazing product around ! 
It smells amazing and unlike other shampoo that makes my hair extremely course, klorane actually leaves my hair feeling soft even before conditioning. My hair has been punished in recent times by lightening and straightening frequently, however using this product is like having an instant repair mask that actually works.
I am loving this shampoo.  it is rich yet light, leaves my hair feeling beautiful.  It conditions nicely too - I have been using this with a leave in conditioning treatment and my hair is in great shape.  Having fine hair this is so important for it to look healthy.  Just ask my hairdresser!!
I instantly fell in love with Klorane Nourishing Shampoo With Mango Butter for dry hair when I popped open the lid and all I could smell was mango! I love the feeling of freshly washed hair and the fragrance has to be perfect. The scent is summer mango heaven and the suds deliver smooth and tangle free locks.   The formula is rich, orange and creamy which is perfect for my over coloured and over styled hair. I shampoo twice and finish with Conditioning Balm with Mango Butter. I usually find it hard get the perfect balance for my hair but this shampoo promotes shine without weighing my waves down or making my hair frizzy. The bottle fits nicely into my hand and I only need a small amount to see fantastic results.   I find this range works really well on my hair.I enjoyed washing my hair with Klorane Nourishing Shampoo because the smell is so uplifting and the finished result is undeniably silky smooth.    Pros: It smells amazingly fruity No itching Nourishing Budget friendly   Cons: It smells divine so you have to hide it from the kids or you’ll have no left!   I would recommend Klorane Nourishing Shampoo With Mango Butter to anyone needing some hair TLC.  
Klorane Shampoo with Mango Butter has changed my hair for the better. The product is creamy in texture and it smells like a mango dream. My once dry, unruly hair is now tame, sleek, and shiny - No small feat for my hair. Use with the conditioner for best results. Love!
Klorane make such good products for the hair. This is great value for money and feels a little luxurious. After a few washed this shampoo nourishes and hydrates my hair which is exactly what I need because I have frizzy hair and also work in a dehydrating environment. This shampoo also smells great!
I actually won this product as a prize and while its not a brand I would normally buy I really liked this. I tend to have dry hair and so I loved that this shampoo was really nourishing and hydrating. I loved the addition of mango butter for hydrating and the shampoo smells so divine. I thought it lathered and rinsed well and after use my hair was shiny, smooth and soft, it was easy to style and did not feel as dry. I would have liked to have used the conditioner that matches this but I did like the shampoo and would recommend it.
i actually ran out of shampoo and conditioner and didn't want to stop to pick some up on my way home, so i purchased the Klorane mango butter shampoo and conditioner from a shop at work. The bottles are completely sealed so i didn't actually get to smell the product before hand but was very happy with it when i got home! No fake artificial smells just smelt like i'd actually just cut open a fresh mango. I didn't need much shampoo to get a big lather - I used about a 20cent size amount. I did find that it really really cleaned my hair - so much i used the conditioner twice because I didn't want my hair to come out too dry. My hair wasn't flat or too fluffy. I was pretty happy with this product - i also got a handy 10% discount from working at the facility which pretty much sold me.  PRO great smell no parabens great cost for salon quality produts (even more so with a discount!) CONS for normal hair it really did dry it out quite alot so i had to use the conditioner too. Reccomendations Will repurchase this and probably try out some of the other scents Would more than likely purchase the mango butter hydrating spray and see if that helps with the dryness
A shampoo that well cleans the hair, makes them soft and nice smelling.  Makes it easy to comb hair and  less tangled.  Hair looks healthy, sleek and nourished. This shampoo is great suited for dry and thick hair. Yet I like the beautiful and delicate packaging.  Hair is super soft!
Again,i am going to wax lyrical about my love of all things French and scented...and how Klorane aren't just the dry shampoo masters. Klorane Nourishing Shampoo With Mango Butter was a "must buy" for me after having tried the AMAZING conditioner treatment plus the hair oil and getting some honestly beautiful results...and it didn't disappoint. The French have a rep for doing just about everything in beauty right..perfumes,skincare,makeup and even the ability to turn a medicinal pomade into a beauty miracle,whilst never straying from time honoured traditions.That,to me,is why they do get it right.And even something as mundane and ordinary as washing your hair becomes a sensory experience. This shampoo has a rich,lux texture from the bottle,and suds up to a gorgeous lather that is cleansing (even after having used the Nourishing Mango Oil Spray),yet gentle on my coloured and straightened hair and cleaned my hair wonderfully (no "crunchy" / "squeaky" afterfeel) .And what of this fruity scented lushness it speaks of on it's simplistic (yet divinely French looking) bottle ? Well,it smells INCREDIBLE...really incredible....like summer in a bottle.It has a noticeable,yet not overpowering mango scent that sticks around like a halo... making your tresses smell fantastic for days (as if I had sprayed hair perfume on my hair),but all that mango goodness isn't just for something as frivolous as it's scent....noooo.All that mango butter is obtained from the mango tree (a sacred tree for Hindus) in India.The resulting fruit it produces,(mango),has a kernel particularly rich in fatty acids, from which butter is obtained through extraction.,,and that nourishing,caring extract is what we have here to give supreme shine and conditioning properties to an otherwise potentially drying process we undergo almost daily (shampooing). Unfortunately,a minus in this otherwise beautiful product,is that it contains sulfates..not a plus for your hair. At just under $15 for a 200ml bottle,it is comparable in fiscal worth to many counterparts on the supermarket shelf...but so much more pleasant and caring than that.If you want hair that looks and feels every bit as gorgeous as it smells,then Rapunzel,get thyself a bottle and see what it's all about.You may find that once hubby and the kids get their mits on it though,that it doesn't last quite as long as if it were just yours (my bottle,only myself using it,lasted for 3 months....until it lasted 4 weeks with hubby in on the act). TIP:The conditioner counterpart for this is a must use to get the tresses of a summer scented Goddess (with amazingly touchable hair).Combine the two to get just the most beautiful,rich hair. 
This is the shampoo you have been looking for! It is extremely light weight and has a shiny pigment that leaves my blonde long hair looking healthy and feeling soft. Pro: washes out easy, lathers fast and smells delicious Con: normally i can stretch my washes to 3 or 4 days, this shampoo for me only makes it to a second day TIP: when the bottle is almost out of product add a little water, replace the cap and shake baby shake! tip you wet hair back and get every last bit of product out! Zero waste :) 
This shampoo smells deliciously fruity, is an orange opaque colour and feels creamy as I squeeze some into my hand.  It gently lathers as I apply it to my scalp and hair and as I massage my scalp I can feel it's richness slowly sudsing up but it doesn't have a lot of froth like other shampoos because it is more of a natural based shampoo.  Due to it's low suds it tends to feel very nurturing and gentle on my hair strands.  So initially I am thinking how gentle this shampoo is and then after using it many times I find that I like it a lot because it makes my hair feel smooth, shiny, nourished and so soft.  My strands feel replenished and hydrated - similar to when I was a young girl.   It's great for my lengths and tips which are usually very dry and also frizzy towards the front but it's also great for my scalp because it is so gentle and non-stripping of my natural oils.  So the pros of this shampoo is that it will help to nourish any frizziness and dryness and the cons could be, if you have oily roots, you may still have to shampoo every day to remove the natural oils as this shampoo is very gentle for oily roots.  My hair type is very oily roots and dry frizzy and damaged ends and so when I use this shampoo I do find I need to wash every day as I usually do.   I would highly recommend those with dry, damaged or frizzy hair to use this as I think they would benefit the most from it.  I love that this formula contains the botanical extract of mango butter for it's nourishing qualities and I love the flat design of the bottle as it sits neatly against the shower recess wall.  When my hair feels like it needs a little extra tender loving care I use this shampoo.  I follow it up with a Klorane conditioner.