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kōtia Hydrating Day Cream SPF15 is a hydrating moisturiser that contains essential omega fatty acids and vitamins that work to prevent dehydration and dullness. The moisturiser contains 100 per cent pure New Zealand deer milk, which is a natural source of vitamins and minerals with hydrating and anti-ageing benefits. The antioxidant-rich formula helps to protect skin from oxidative stress caused by free radicals and pollution, while SPF 15 helps prevent UV and infrared sun damage.

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kōtia Hydrating Day Cream SPF15


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This has quickly become my absolute favourite moisturiser. It has been an essential part of my routine and has definitely saved my winter skin! Using the hydrating Day Cream in conjunction with Kotia's Night Cream has been life changing. The smell is so subtle but really beautiful and I also love the packaging.
I bought this cream on sale at Priceline are reading all the great reviews. It is a lovely light scented cream that absorbs well into my skin leaving it soft and hydrated. It has an spf 15 which is great for everyday use. It layers really well with my oil/serums which is a big plus for me as some creams with an spf in them tend to go Bally on my skin and don’t sit well under makeup like this one does. Although the jar is quite small only a little is needed to leave my skin lovely and moisterised.
This cream so far is my favourite and the best day cream I have ever used. This is like an instant layer of nourishment you can put on your face after washing every time.     Kotia is deer milk hydrating day crean with spf 15 which make it easy to wear on its own. It is none greesy and very comfortable on the skin. The only downsize is the price which can be bit too much for a Day cream but if you suffer from constant dryness on you face it’s a blessing. I use it everyday and have bought a back up in recent sale in Priceline already. 5 out of 5 stars.
I’m giving this product a 5 our of 5 stars because I honestly can’t fault it. It’s lovely and thick but not greasy at all, which is great for my dry skin. I’ve been using it as a day cream and night cream, and I’ve found it leaves my  skin nicely hydrated. I also love the way this cream smells (although it is quite perfumed but that doesn’t bother me). I would definitely but this cream again.
If you have any eye sensitivity to face creams with SPF do not try this product. I was very careful with making sure I didn't apply it too close to to my eye area but my eyes were still irritated by this product. The cream itself is a very thick consistency and I love the smell. It's a shame I could not use it to its full benefit.
I was quite excited to try products of this brand as a part of Beautycrew trial as I wasn’t familiar with this brand before . I like the fact that this moisturiser has SPF protection as it allows me to skip extra step of applying two separates products (moisturiser and sun screen). I was a bit anxious of trying products containing “deer milk” but still decided to give it a go and don’t regret it at all. The texture of the cream is quite creamy and has quite a strong scent but a nice fresh smell but those who doesn’t like fragranced creams this product is definitely not for you. It has a very rich consistency and as per my personal opinion it is too thick for me as I have a very sensitive oily skin so it didn’t absorb very well. It can be good for winter though for people who like rich creamy texture. I wouldn’t recommend this product for people who have oily skin and like matte finish as this cream will make your skin a bit oily and shiny. I think this cream is very suitable for people who have dry skin as it is a great rich moisturiser. I also love the fact that it wasn't tested on animals.   
I loved this moisturiser even with my oily skin! In winter especially I feel like my skin even though it is oily need some extra moisture and this nice thick cream worked a treat,  keep in mind if you are super sensitive you may not like it as the scent is quite  strong. It had so in it also so everything you need to look after your skin.
A really rich moisturiser perfect for winter months when my skins needs a bit more hydration. SPF isn’t height but better than nothing. I would prefer the package to be a pump pack, as I don’t like face products in tubs (germs). I didn’t personally mind the scent, but it is on the stronger side. Great for layering under BB creams or foundation. Made my skin very soft. Would love this as a night cream.
I was one of the lucky people to receive this product to trial (along with the cleansing milk) and i honestly say that i love it. It is just a beautiful! A little goes a long way of this product, like the cleansing milk, and it smells divine (less strongly than its cleansing counterpart). Its thick and creamy so i found i didn't use too much product on any day and it didn't feel heavy or greasy on my face. It sank in deeply and left my skin soft and nourished. I loved that it had SPF15 in the formulation as it meant i could skip a step of my skincare routine. I definitely will be interested to see how my skin continues to improve with it as i saw little improvement other than well hydrated skin. The only concern i have is that either this cream or the cleanser caused my skin to react and break out about after a week and a bit of use so I'm not sure that either product is non-comedogenic which id like them to be.
Was excited to try this moisturiser as part of the Beauty Crew trial team. The packaging is nice and simplistic and the bronze coloured packaging adds a little luxe. I was intrigued to use this skincare with New Zealand Deer Milk.  The cream has a lovely scent and the cream has a rich feel absorbing nicely into the skin. My skin felt hydrated and well nourished. I liked that it contained spf15 so great for everyday wear. I enjoyed this moisturiser and would love to explore more products in the range! Great product!
For a brand from New Zealand I admit to never hearing about to being lucky enough to be able to trial this moisturiser. I’m feeling very grateful because these product/brand is a winner from me. Firstly the packaging is beautiful and very luxe looking without the hefty price tag. It’s so sleek and minimalistic, looks great on any vanity shelf. Next the product. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with how creamy yet not heavy the moisturiser is. I was skeptical of how it would work with my combination skin but it absorbed quickly and worked well under my work makeup. The only negative is I thought it might’ve came with a spatula to get the product out and have less wastage. Luckily I had one on hand.
I really liked the texture of this cream. It applied smoothly and evenly to my skin and didn't leave a heavy residue. I liked that it had SPF, but would've liked it to be higher than 15. Being outside quite a bit, it's not really enough to protect my skin. I didn't mind the smell. While it was pleasant enough, I would've liked something a bit sweeter. I found it moisturised my skin well though and if you're after a cream which applies well with little fragrance, it's a good choice.
I really enjoyed using trialling this moisturiser. I absolutely love the sturdy packaging and gorgeous colour. This is advertised as a day cream, but the thickness of it was something I would prefer to use at nighttime as I have combo skin and prefer a day cream which is lighter in texture. Neverthless, it is winter and I didn't feel like this cream was too heavy and absorbed into my pretty fairly quickly. It is super hydrating and my skin didn't feel dry at all throughout the day.  The scent is lovely and comforting. It is an expensive day cream given it is sold in a chemist (Priceline) so if I purchase again, I will wait until it is on special.
I have dry to normal complexion, so I’m always excited to try skin care with the word ‘hydrating’ in the title. This day cream has a thick and luxurious texture. Initially I was concerned it might be too rich but I found it to soak in easily and left my skin plump and hydrated. I’ve never used a product with deer milk in it previously but I didn’t have any reaction.
This is a thick, SPF containing day cream which I definitely appreciate.  The scent was strong and would prefer a less obtrusive fragrance to none at all.  It does give you soft skin for sure, I have oily/combination skin and I feel it might have been a little too much for my skin and did get some blemishes.  Also less is more! apply too much it takes a while to absorb. I applied it to my neck as well and the tops of my hands.  It looks like it would last you a fair while if you use it appropriately.  I prefer to use it on my neck as I do not get blemishes from it on there.  I recommend it to people who don't have oily/combination skin the most I think its a good cream for hydrating/moisturising. 
This moisturiser was nice loved that it has SPF in it as I normally neglect that part of my cleansing routine. I have combo skin and at winter can be very dry in places I felt that while this moisturiser softened my skin and kept some areas hydrated. I didn’t notice any anti-aging effect but then again I have only been using this a couple of weeks would have to wait to notice a difference on that!  I would warn people if they have combo skin to not use too much of this moisturiser as I did that thinking more will hydrate my skin more and it caused me to get blind pimples so had to pull back on this product. 
I was intrigued to try this product - after all the concept of “deer milk” was interesting. This product was a fuss free facial moisturiser on the thicker side, perhaps good for winter months but might feel a bit much for summer. The smell was quite fragranced so perhaps not for those who don’t like a scent. Overall a good decent moisturiser it not quite for my sensitive skin.
This moisturiser is lovely.  It has a nice creamy texture and makes my skin feel so soft and supple! I found it nice and moisturising as well as soothing. I’ve really enjoyed trialling this product. It has an SPF of 15 which isn’t high but it’s still better than nothing, right?  Now, concerning the fragrance, I personally like it, it’s fresh and not overly feminine nor masculine, but it is quite strong. It didn’t bother me but if you’re sensitive to fragrances it may be a factor when buying. I liked the thick rich consistency, it’s really good for winter. I would recommend this product. 
My husband claimed this as soon as it arrived, which I was fine with as it was a little too fragranced for me! He has been diligently using this everyday. He loves that it has an spf of 15, which is not great but better than his usual no spf moisturiser. He loves the hydration it provides and how soft it makes his skin feel. I would be put of by the pot packaging but he seems to like grabbing a big scoop and slapping it on. I do have to admit that his skin does look more even and, for a dude, more radiant!
Thank you to Beauty crew and to Kotia for this trial. I used this cream along with the cleanser. Kotia Hydrating Day Cream SPF15 is a hydrating moisturiser that contains 100 per cent pure New Zealand deer milk. At first I thought deer milk was a weird ingredient as I had never tried it but I really liked this cream. The cream is thick in consistency but  absorbs into skin well. It has a lovely light clean scent that I really liked. This cream really moisturised my skin well and I had no irritation. I had never heard of this cream before or the brand Kotia and I am glad I was able to try this cream. I also like that it is not tested on animals.