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kōtia Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream is a rich hand cream that nourishes, hydrates and conditions dry, dehydrated and rough skin on the hands and around the nails. The cream contains 100 per cent pure New Zealand deer milk – a natural source of vitamins and minerals with hydrating and anti-ageing benefits.

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kōtia Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream


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Hydrating and nourishing

I use a lot of hand creams in an effort to ward off the tell-tale signs of aging, and I have used a lot of brands. In fact, I enjoy trying different brands of hand cream. The Kotia Revitalisinf Hand &Nail Cream has a lightweight consistency which applies easily and absorbs quickly. Like most hand creams I use there is a slightly greasy feeling at first which soon dries to a velvety softness. There is a strong pleasant fragrance when first applied but it soon disappears to just a hint. This hand cream is nourishing and conditioning especially because I work it into my nails and cuticles as well. I generally apply this rich hand cream at night so my hands can benefit from the softening and hydrating properties of the cream.
This is a nourishing and hydrating hand cream that  has improved the condition of my dry hands. I have tried a few other products from Kotia recently and this is one of my favourites as it has helped improve the condition of my dry hands. The cream comes in a sleek 50ml tube with a pump dispenser and is great for your handbag. This hand cream has a nourishing yet lightweight texture, and it absorbs quickly. It does initially leave a greasy feel but this does disappear after several minutes. The fragrance is a little overpowering but it’s fresh and pleasant. I will repurchase this hand cream as it’s great for dry to very dry hands and you don’t need to reapply constantly, therefore it’s good value too.
Really loved this hand cream! My hands get very very dry (especially during the winter) so this was lovely to have in my bag to use throughout the day. Cream absorbed into the skin very quickly, so I didn't have to worry about leaving a residue on anything I was handling straight after application. Like the eye cream from the same range, there's a slight scent, but it's actually very pleasant! My only issue with this product is the packaging. The dispenser was quite stiff and the tube packaging itself rather soft, so I struggled a little to dispense the cream using just one hand, as I found myself inadvertently squeezing the tube instead of pushing down on the dispenser. That aside, lovely product - will definitely be using this one till it's empty!
Interesting product this one. The smell is the first thing I noticed and whilst it is quite strong and perfume like after the first pump, it seems to change into a much less intense, almost earthy and natural smell which I found to be quite addictive! It seems a bit greasy initially but that quickly subsides leaving a nice velvety feel. It certainly helps initially but as I find with most hand creams, the effects are temporary and you need to constantly reapply to avoid ending up with dry hands again. I definitely find myself reaching for this tune over others that I have collected over time and am sure that I will need to buy more due to my smell addiction!
This hand cream is a rather nice product, I found it to be very moisturisin. It Absorbs nicely into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue feeling. A little bit goes a long way. The only disappointment is the scent which I found to be a little too over powering for my liking.
This is hands down one of the best hand creams I've ever come across. I have to say i wish it came in a slightly larger size for the price. 1-1.5 pumps nicely covers both hands. It is very hydrating, has a pleasant smell and leaves the hand feeling baby soft. I have reserved using this just before bed as I usually wash my hand very frequently during the day and don't want to waste it all down the sink. This way the hand get a chance for some proper hydration overnight!
I did like this hand cream. I liked the scent and how well it absorbed into my hands, i did find it quite moisturising as i use a lot of alcohol based sanister at work. I didn't notice much difference with my nail area. I also liked the pump action but as with the eye cream it did get a little clogged from time to time
I tried both the eye cream and the hand cream, and I found this hand cream to be much more luscious and moisturising and softens the skin more than the eye cream. On first try I hated the smell, but after that I came to love the smell. A visit to the website shows that the product is packed full of beneficial ingredients in addition to the Deers milk. I think the price point is a little high for a hand cream. The website states that animals are treated lovely during the short milking process, but I would be more comfortable if there was a video to prove this. I gave the product 4 starts because it made my hands feel so soft and most other hand creams don't do this, they only make your hands smell nice!
I found this hand cream perfect for night time use but if 1 pump delivered the correct amount, then it seemed to take too long to absorb into the skin for use during the day. Unlike some other reviewers, I found the scent quite pleasant, if a bit strong. I will happily continue using the product I have, but probably wouldn't consider purchasing it myself unless it was a bit cheaper.
I was lucky enough to trial this nail and hand cream and absolutely loved it! It goes on very smoothly and smells lovely!  I went out and bought another one for my Mum as I knew she would also love it!  As I am a busy mum of two young ones and constantly changing nappies and washing my hands with either sanitizer or hand wash it is really moisturising and helps my hands feel nice again!  The packaging is very simple and classy and it’s very easy to use. A little goes a long way so it is definitely worth the price. 
Lucky to get to try this product as my hands are always dry and flakey. The packaging is amazing very elegant and really great for a target market whilst trying it I felt good very creamy and non greasy however again it didn't suit me because of the fragrance it often left me with headaches.
I was lucky enough to be selected the trial the kōtia Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream, however I was a little underwhelmed with this product. I really liked the idea of a tube with a pump on it but it didn't work very well, quite often it would take several pumps of just splatters before I got a decent pump of moisturiser, I think it would be better as a squeeze tube. I found for morning use that this cream was too heavy and left my hands with a fair amount of residual after I rubbed it in, but it was better for night time application for when I went to bed as it had more time to sink in. However, I found it to be fantastic on my feet and especially dry heals, it has really softened my feet. I found the fragrance too strong for not that nice, I normally don't mind a stronger fragrance.
My favourite product in the kōtia skin care range is this Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream. It’s silky and luxe like the rest of their range, but as a hand cream it just feels extra special.   As a thank you to the deer milk, it produces a non-sticky texture that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving nourished, hydrated hands. After application you do visibly notice your nails and cuticles look softer. Works best when applied a few times throughout the day though. With consistent use over several weeks, I can say that the hand cream is hydrating, smoothing and softening on the skin. I think the scent is a bit of a divider though, you’ll either love it or loathe it. It has  heavy botanical notes, and lingers for some time. It took me a while but I adapted to it over time. 
I was looking forward to trying this new hand cream. As a mum to four young children, I get incredibly dry hands, especially during the winter. At first, I found it a little tricky to get into the cream, as I was expecting a twist open tube, rather than a pump. However, I found that the pump mostly worked well, giving a good amount of cream in a go, without dispensing too much. I found the fragrance non offensive (especially important as my hubby is sensitive to a lot of fragrances). The cream seemed to leave a tiny bit of a powdery residue briefly after use, but generally moisturised well. After a couple of weeks use, my hands definitely feel less dry than usual.
Love the packaging! Looks and feels really nice and the pump dispenser is great. My hands were really dry from the winter cold when I started using this cream. I used it every night for a few weeks and my hands became really nice and soft. I forgot to use it for about 4 nights and my hands went horrible and flakey again! So it definitely made a difference even though I was only using it once a day. I'm not a big fan of the smell. It's not terrible, just a little bit odd. I would have loved to take it to the office and use it throughout the day because it actually absorbs quite quickly so you can get on with things without greasy hands.
It comes in a box which I don't think is needed but once you dispose of the box the packaging is great! I love the pump and the formula however I don't like how it feels once it's rubbed in, it's quite greasy for my liking.
I really enjoyed using this hand cream (I kept it in my draw at work and used it 2-3 times a day) - it feels nice and keeps my hands hydrated. When I first used it I found the smell quote overwhelming but I did get used to it after a week or so.
Love the smell of this hand cream and I really liked the packaging of the cream as it was stylish and easy to use. It absorbs really quickly so I like to use this as work so that it doesn't leave a residue on my work key board. It's not the most hydrating hand cream but I don't mind as I like it as a refresher during the day. Hands always feels soft and silky after use.
The Kotia Revitalising Hand & Nail Cream is easy to use and I loved it. The cream is rich and milky, and when applied to my hands it melted away very quickly and didn’t leave my hands still feeling sticky and wet. You don’t need to use a lot of the cream as it sinks into your hands well and it has a great floral fragrance which I really enjoyed. The cream left my hands feeling smooth, hydrated and soft. My cuticles felt much smoother and softer after using this cream which was nice. I enjoyed using this product and will continue to use to keep my hands and nails in tip top shape. The packaging is a good size to add into your handbag or take on holidays with you when you need to give your hands and nails some TLC!
This hand cream is really lovely. It smells beautiful and makes my hands feel soft and moisturised. The cream does not feel tacky or sticky and absorbs fast into the skin. The packaging is also luxurious and the pump is very easy to use. Really love this product and would recommend to others. The price tag is probably at the higher end for the amount of product but a small amount goes a long way!