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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Tinted SPF 50+

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Tinted SPF 50+ is a lightweight, mattifying broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB protection and a tinted finish. The sunscreen contains air licium, which helps to absorb up to 150 times its volume in sebum, sweat and oil to ensure skin stays matte throughout the day. Recommended for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin types.

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La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Dry Touch Tinted SPF 50+


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Anti shine without being too drying!

I was pleasantly surprised by this sunscreen! I am used to sunscreens that have a more oily effect on your skin so I was interested to see how this anti shine dry touch sunscreen would go. I have dry skin, so I was concerned that it might be too drying. However, I found that it was dry touch without being drying. This makes it a great base under makeup and you almost do no even need a primer. It had no smell like traditional body sunscreens. It did not leave a white cast on my face like some sunscreens can. There does not seem to be too much product in the bottle, and given that you have to apply a good amount to your face, it may not last too long. Otherwise the packaging is very smart and clean to use.
I have been on the hunt for an every day 50+ SPF forever but none of them was quite right usually too thick or too oily. Anthelios Anti-Shine Dry Touch is the best every day SPF 50+ I have ever tried, I use it every day under my makeup and absolutely love it! My skin stays mat all day and the colour works great for me!
I've always been a huge fan of La Roche Posay and the lazy girl in me is always keen for a 2 in 1 type product, so when I saw this sunscreen that was also tinted, I was sold! First up, the packaging is great. Really easy to use pump dispenser and a separate lid that stops any sunscreen from accidentally getting all over my bag.  No noticeable scent, which isn't surprising as La Roche Posay is known for its products designed for sensitive skin.  The product dispenses a little bit thicker than what you'd expect a sunscreen to be (more like a thick moisturiser) but it very very quickly sets on the skin. When I first started using this, I found it very difficult to blend the tinted sunscreen properly into the skin before it became impossible to blend. PRO TIP THOUGH - if you use your daily face moisturiser before putting on the sunscreen, this makes it MUCH easier. Now I find it very easily to blend the product into my skin.  The coverage you get in terms of the tinted formula is very light, but I find it is more than sufficient for me and I don't use any foundation or concealer over it. It's very even as well, and almost looks like I've got foundation on! (Definite win for any other lazy people out there!) The product really lives up to its promise of being anti-shine! My skin is very oily and during the hotter months, I'm usually blotting myself several times a day. No such problems with this bad boy! I usually apply this first thing on my way to work and then again at lunch (it is after all, a sunscreen that requires reapplication every few hours). I find however even at the end of the day, my skin is still shine free! No uneasiness whatsoever!  Overall, I think this is a really fantastic product, especially for those with oily skin looking for a product that not only works as a fantastic sunscreen, but also provides light coverage as well. Highly recommend!!
This  is my holy grail summer sunscreen - completely stops makeup sliding off on humid days. The trick is to moisturise well before application. I treat it like a primer. It  feels thick when first applied but this disappears quickly. Stands up to hours of hot weather and perspiration. I wouldn’t be without this in summer. I’ve now tested this on a five hour hike in the Alps and although I forgot to reapply, my skin was great despite hours of exposure and sweating. So good that I always buy two when it’s on special.
I really wanted to like this sunscreen due to the reputation of the brand but it has been in my draw for a year now. The issue is with the tinted colour which is way too orange for me and oxidises throughout the day becoming even darker. It also failed to spread evenly and dried my skin out. I much prefer the ultra light fluid they offer.
This tinted sunscreen has a thick texture that spread out to a thin layer but I was unable to blend out evenly on my face with some patches. Also, the tinted colour appears a little orange on my skin tone so I can only use this sunscreen under foundation. Unlike other sunscreen, this one becomes matte once settle down on skin so my face don't feel greasy at all which is good if I want to apply foundation on top.
This has a light and lemony fragrance to it which smells as I apply it as well as lingering for a little too.  There is a tint in it and so I was hoping for a tint that was universal in colour that would suit everyone but alas no, this was a bit too fair for me and I need to actually use bronzer to adjust the colour for my own particular skin type.  There is only sheer coverage with this tinted cream(it's not a foundation but just a tinted cream). My freckles shine though which is nice!   I love the broadspectrum UVA and UVB SPF50 that it offers.  It does have a 'dry touch' feel to it though just as it promises but I don't find that the anti-shine feature of this product works on my naturally oily skin but that could be just because I have so much oil in my skin (I have oily combination skin). I love that it has a physical blocker in it as well as a chemical blocker.  I have read that when it has both sun blockers, the  physical blocker actually protects the chemical blocker from weakening as well as protecting the skin from the sun.  So I love the ingredients - it  does have good science behind it.  It doesn't contain parabens and is non-comedogenic.  It's made in France.  I like that it's French!  I never get burnt while wearing this. This is not waterproof so it needs to be reapplied after swimming and towel-drying as recommended on the label.   I love the tube with it's hard pump-top nozzle - this makes it super easy to dispense.  
I love this stuff. I wear it every weekend day by itself and often wear it under foundation to work.  It provides a beautiful finish and although the shade is slightly dark, it works well for me. I’m just about finished my first tube and ready to start my second, but even when I think it’s finished there seems to be some left so it’s great value too. Lots of sunscreens, both physical and chemical irritate my skin but this never has.
I really like the packaging. l really like the consistency and it spread quite well. I found the formula is a bit too thin but definitely suitable for all skin types.It feels a little sticky on the skin. Its priced ok and I didnt need to apply too muchl. I will be trying other brands just as a comparison.
Phenomenal! Always buy in bulk when Priceline has a sale. It is the best friend to a fair skinned maiden. Fantastic for a no makeup natural look that protects you from the harsh up rays or I mix it with my usual foundation. Beautiful dewy glow that makes your skin look luxe. In love
I really liked this tinted sunscreen, particularly that it wasn’t greasy on skin and feels nice and light to wear. Unfortunately for me I have really olive skin and the shade was a little light for me. It’s quite good value as it spreads well and I didn’t need to use a lot. I love B.B. creams as I like a lighter coverage and the addition of sunscreen in this product is a bonus. The pump makes it easy to use and it gives great up protection. I love the I’ve protection of this product but would probably use a different B.B. cream simply one better for my complexion
I didn't get the correct colour for my skin tone when I tried out this product. Disregarding what it looked like, I felt like the texture was very comfortable. It felt quite lightweight for a sunscreen and I like how it's tinted as well so I don't have to use foundation on top. I think if you can find the right colour for your skin tone, this is a great product.
I realllly wanted to like this product, but as many people have said, it’s just too hard to get right! It’s way too thick, meaning that it’s nearly impossible to blend out. It’s clumpy and way too dark for my skin tone. Overall I’d say they’re on the right track with this product, or just needs a few more adjustments.
The complexion is quite orange/dark in comparison to my natural skin colour and I just found that it would not blend well with my natural skin colour, so i couldn't really use it. However, when i have a tan the product matches my skin so much more and the coverage is nice.
I have combination oily (and acne prone) skin, with an asian tan colouring. I find the medium colour that I tried of this product is a touch to light for my skin especially as I am quite tan in the summer. I do like the concept of this product but I think I much prefer using a Sunscreen and Tinted Moisturiser/Foundation as two separate products especially in the summer months. I will most likely give this another go in the winter time, but I find that I much prefer a higher coverage day-to-day.
I loved the original sunscreen, and thought the extra tint and matte-ness of this sunscreen would be even better. Whilst I did like it, the product dries very quickly, making application difficult, and the product does seem to clump in some areas of my skin, not sitting perfectly under the skin. I do love the tint aspect and the spf 50 of it, and the dry-touch of it after i have applied.
This product comes in a convenient pump tube which I love. The product itself is way too light for my tanned skin so it makes me look like a bit of a ghost. It's very matte and quite thick and really, really hard to blend into my skin which isn't ideal. However, I've used this countless times before going to the beach and it protects my skin so well. It does even my ski tone but it's just way too light forme.
Initially I was very excited about this one as I'm quite pale and prone to sunburn quite easily. The product was way too orange and I could not find a light enough shade in store anywhere. it was also difficult to blend and oxidised and got darker as the day went on. The coverage was quite good though and the product did have a nice fragrance.
I'm a bit torn with this product. I love that it is SPF 50+ which is great for protecting my skin during the intense heat in summer months, it doesn't make my skin feel or look oily and it does have a pleasant scent. However, the colour isn't the greatest, its a bit too orange and gets patchy quite quickly. I tried adding a little to my regular moisturised for a lighter feel which did make it look a little better.
I was very excited to try this product as it is currently in the middle of summer in Australia. Unfortunately, the tint was much too orange/dark for my skin tone. I persevered and used it anyway, but found it to dry down really quick which makes blending difficult. I liked the pump packaging, the smell was pleasant (unlike other SPF skincare) and it did combat shine/oil as well as protect my face from the sun.