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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light is a lightweight moisturiser for combination, oily and acne-prone skin types. It is enriched with Neurosensine™ to relieve skin discomfort in allergy-prone skin, thermal spring water to calm, and glycerin to provide 24 hours of intense hydration to skin.

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light


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Great, lightweight moisturiser

I like using this moisturiser in the evening as it is lightweight and feels like my skin is hydrated. I mix it with my retinoic acid and it doesn't irritate my skin but it provides a nice base to mix with. I like the pump action as it makes sure that I don't use too much or waste any. The packaging is really simple and I like the size of the product. It doesn't take up too much space with my other toiletries. I'd recommend this for anyone that has oily skin and is looking for a lightweight moisturiser that glides on the skin.
My skin would have some redness when I used this and it didn't feel moisturised I did use it at night which wasn't too bad and there was some tightness, the bottle was small but you didn't have to use too much so the value for money isn't too bad.
Very light weight and quick to absorb but leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Barely any scent which is great and due to my skin sensitivity I really like that it doesn't have SPF as so many other moisturisers do.  I was able to use it around my eyes with no problems.  It's light enough that if I use it under makeup it provides a smooth base without being claggy.
Hands down one of my favourite moisturisers. This product is so light and doesnt leave my face sticky or shiney.  Its amazing under makeup too. Its so easy to use and u only need such a small amount. My acne doesnt get bothered by it nor my dermatitis. Its so hard to find a product that doesnt upset my acne and for one that works so well its truely worth the price. I love it.
This moisturizer is incredibly light and airy but works well to keep my skin quenched. It doesn't clog pores or cause me to break out. I use it as a day cream under makeup and it works well. It's not oily or too heavy either so perfect for sensitive and combo/oily skin. The airless pump is so useful!
This moisturiser absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin hydrated and soft throughout the day. I use it morning and night and in the morning my skin feels hydrated as well. I love this product. Although, it would be good if possibly could have SPF (everything in one!). Overall, highly recommended!
I love this and lots of my clients love this as well! So soothing and extra lightweight! Not to mention it's so moisturising as well. I love that it can be used for the face and eye area, and you can really feel the difference immediately. Highly recommend this one!
This cream claims to suit combination / oily skin but it works beautifully on my dry skin during summer too. This lightweight cream glides onto my skin and gets absorbed  into my skin fairy quickly without feeling greasy or tacky. I use the cream as a makeup base and it kept my skin hydrated throughout the day and it works so well with my foundation as my face didn't have signs of dryness or patchiness.
I have very sensitive skin with a lot of clogged pores and blackheads. This moisturizer doesn't clog my pores at all. It is so soft, soothing and gentle on the skin. It is 100% match for a sensitive skin, there is no fear of dry or tight feeling. Package is beautiful enough to be on display and yet again so compact and light for traveling. Moisturizer is in a container with a twist and turn pump mechanism, so no need to put fingers inside a cream pot.With just one pump, I got the correct amount to apply on my skin and second pump covered my neck.
This soothing fluid is wonderful. To me it’s the lighter version of the Toleraine Ultra, but it still moisturisers the skin in a very satisfactory way. I find it fantastic for summer, as it’s so light on the skin and I especially love it under a sunscreen when I feel that my skin needs a little more hydration, than a sunscreen alone. I really love that it can be applied around the eyes and it absolutely causes no irritation at all. Another great thing about this ultra light lotion is that it’s preservative, paraben, fragrance, alcohol, colorant and lanolin free which is especially great for those with allergic skin or ones that get irritated skin by these ingredients. I would recommend this product to everyone as it’s so effective but especially those that love a light lotion or ones with an oilier complexion.
Now this baby impresses me. Really innovative packaging. I love the twist-top pump that locks into place (no mess no fuss) and what makes this little bottle really interesting is the internal vacuum: pump away and you can see the product being suctioned out as you progressively use it. There was no wastage with product sticking to the sides because there’s an inner baggie holding the lotion! That aside, this lotion was pure perfection for me in the Brisbane humidity. It also helped me over a major bout of stress acne, and caused no conflict with my eyes or with makeup. In love!
Unsure how this cream would perform on my skin as I'm all about anti ageing products but am always open minded to all brands.  My skin had been playing up lately because of our extreme heat and humidity.  I really like this moisturiser.  It's ultra light on my skin, leaving it soft and supply and fresh throughout the day without any shine breaking through which is a huge plus for me.  Because it was so light I thought it wouldn't be enough to hydrate but it was.  I love that there isn't any fragrance  as well.  Definitely a moisturiser I would prefer to use in Summer.
This was amazing for my dry sensitive skin, i loved the lightweight feel of it and it worked as a great base under my make up. It kept my skin hydrated, with no irritation. Also love that comes in a handy pump so you get the right amount of product.
Really enjoyed this trial! The La Roche-Posay range was great for my skin. The ultra light day cream felt soothing when applied and my skin instantly soaked it up. I mainly used this on days when I didn’t apply makeup because my skin can get very oily. I would recommend this to others, only negative was no SPF!
I loved this ultra light moisturiser. I had accidentally given myself some burn/irritation thanks to a liquid exfoliant and this moisturiser was not only hydrating and quickly absorbed it was so soothing on the areas that were irritated. I found my skin feels slightly tacky after I put it on but it doesn’t disrupt or settle any products I pop on top afterwards which I thought it might.
Great lightweight moisturiser- starts off a bit too watery but absorbs quickly and is perfect for summer. I would probably need something richer for winter. Love the idea of the pump packaging and how it protects the product. Only downside is the slightly chemically smell, although this seems to be consistent across the range.
Amazing moisturiser! I love that this comes with a pump as I don’t have to scoop out the product from a jar. This is a light weight moisturiser and suits well for my oily skin. I sometimes also mix this with half a pump of foundation and spf to have an even and natural effect.
I have been using La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Light in the morning after my active serums and using my physical sunscreen afterwards. It has mixed well with the other products I am using, which is great, because sometimes things can react with eachother and cause it to ball up. Its a nice everyday moisturiser. I like the airfree style pump.
I love this light moisturizer. I use over my proactive and it really helps elevetate any redness and gets my skin ready for my foundation. I highly recomend if your re like me, have sensitive, combination skin that is prone to breakouts. I love that it can be used around the eyes too.
Although not sensitive, my skin is quite acne prone so I do put some thought into what moisturiser I use. I found this to be really hydrating without causing any breakouts. I didn’t feel any sensitivity which is normal but also a good sign as some specialised moisturisers can have heavy duty ingredients. It sat quite well under makeup and I do think I will continue to use this.