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LANATÉ Cream is a dermatologically developed face and body cream that revitalises and smooths the appearance of the skin. It exfoliates, stimulating dermal renewal, and moisturises dry, rough skin by reducing water loss and drawing additional moisture to the skin. Containing high strength ammonium lactate, a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid, LANATÉ has been widely used by people suffering from the very common skin condition, keratosis pilaris (chicken skin). Keratosis Pilaris causes surplus skin cells to accumulate around individual hair follicles, producing numerous small, rough, red bumps and patches around the follicles, which become dry and flaky. High strength Alpha Hydroxy Acid creams like LANATÉ rehydrate inflamed areas and remove the surface layer of dead skin cells, making way for new and smoother skin.




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Smooth skin!

Some creams just do not cut it but LANATÉ Cream does! I stick with the rule that prevention is better than cure and moisturise twice a day to help restore my skin’s smooth texture and create a moisture barrier. I applied twice a day as I would with any moisturiser. The cream is fragrance free and had a medium consistency. I am really happy with my results because LANATÉ brings your extremely dry skin back to life and makes it so smooth. Fragrance free and extra-gentle, a great choice for anyone with bumpy skin.