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Lancôme Bi-Facil is an eye makeup remover that instantly and gently removes all traces of eye makeup, even waterproof. Its bi-phase formula activates when shaken and leaves no oily residue. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and contact lens wearers. 


Lancôme Bi-Facil


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This is an effective eye make-up remover that doesn't irritate or sting the eyes. It has two layers of liquid that you shake together before use. I apply it with a cotton pad, allow the pad to sit on my eyes a bit before I start rubbing the make-up off. It doesn't have a heavy scent, and works well to remove even waterproof eye make-up. I wear contact lenses and it does blur my eyesight slightly (meaning that it is slightly oily) but that it to be expected. It is quite expensive for a make-up remover but it does the job well.
I received a trial size of the Lancome Bi-Facil Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover in a giveaway. Being a bi-phase formula means that it needs to be shaken before use because the oil based liquid separates. This formula can be used on any skin type, including sensitive. The remover comes in a clear plastic bottle, which is good because I like to be able to see the product. Of course it's not your average packaging, it is easily recognisable as being Lancome. This product has a light floral scent. To use, I tip a little of the product onto a cotton pad and then place on my lids for a couple of seconds to allow the product to soak and start breaking down the makeup. I then proceed to swipe gently across my lids. This is where the magic happens. Even my most stubborn eye makeup disappears before my eyes. Well it transfers onto the cotton pad, but still pretty impressive. I am left with a slightly oily residue, but I like to finish with a cream cleanser anyway and this removes all residue. The Lancome Bi-Facil Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover is expensive, but it works. I like that I don't have to tug at my sensitive eye area to remove makeup.
I'm always on the hunt for a good make-up remover that is gentle around the eyes. This Lancome make-up remover is just gorgeous. I love the liquid and gel combination, which you give a gentle shake to combine before use (it sort of reminds me of a lava lamp!). The texture is silky and smooth and very efficient at removing event stubborn make-up, like waterproof mascara and liquid eyeliners. A little goes a long way so it's great value. Would really recommend this!
When I first started using eye make-up remover I used one that created a film over my eyes and stung a bit – I just thought it was par for the course! Bi-Facil was the first one I tried after ditching my nasty old product, so quite a contrast. My eyes were opened (quite literally in this case!) and I have always come back to this eye-makeup remover. I like the oil and water combination that mixes so easily with one shake to make a cloudy formula. It’s just the right combination – not too watery to be effective, but not much oily residue. I use micellar water first. As I am cleansing my face with it I follow with a first sweep of my eyes. Then I soak cotton pads in Bi-Facil and hold them to both eyes for a few minutes, the longer the better!  Finally I fold the soaked pad in half, press it under the eye area and after a few seconds wipe gently. This is usually enough to to cleanse any fallout from this delicate area. And that’s it! Bi-Facil has also helped me out after an ugly encounter with false eyelashes. It is quite a high-priced item but a 200 ml bottle will last a while, and I am pretty particular about what I put near my eyes, so I consider it worth the money. My eyes can water slightly with this eye-makeup remover but this soon goes and it NEVER stings. A bonus – Bi-Facil is often included in Lancome gift sets so you can indulge with a new product and stock up on your favourite remover at the same time!
I am such a fan of Lancome products and the Bi-Facil makeup remover is no exception. This makeup remover does a fabulous job getting rid of all traces of makeup even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. It's super easy to use - just give the bottle a good shake so that the two liquids combine and apply to a cotton pad. My tip for waterproof mascara removal is to press the soaked cotton pad to the eye for a few seconds to help loosen the mascara up and then just gently wipe away without the need to rub the delicate eye area. This makeup remover has a pleasant scent and leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated. Great for daily use.
Expensive product that wasn't perfect, but removed my eye makeup. I wear contact lenses my eyes are really sensitive, this product didn't irritate the area around my eyes. But what I didn't like about this product was the fact that it didn't remove my makeup easily. I had to rub my eye area a bit, in order to get all the mascara off and that is not a good thing when skin around the eye area is most sensitive.
When you hit the eye make up hard and fast like I do you need something pretty spectacular to remove it and Lancôme Bi-Facil kicks butt. The product is blue in colour and is dispersed through a small hole in the top. As the name BI suggests it has two different layers, which looks really cool as the oil floats on the top. Really simple to use just put onto a cotton pad, place on the eye and wipe off. It has removed any eye makeup that I wear which is a bonus because there are some serious stayers out there. It has a soft rose scent so it smells really pretty. It hasn’t stung my eyes but it can make them look a little fuzzy so I always rinse after use. I guess that’s the oil? I have had no rashes or irritation and it works so I am happy. I would recommend this product! 
This is a great product to use to remove all makeup! It doesn't leave a slightly oily film but that doesn't bother me as I always double cleanse after removing my make up to ensure all make up has been cleaned off properly! I just use it with a cotton pad and the makeup slides right off! Great purchase
Although micellar water is all the rage for removing makeup, there is no doubt that a bi-phase makeup remover (with an oily layer) takes off heavy eye makeup, waterproof mascara, long wear foundation and indelible lip products quicker than any other type of product. Although this is an eye makeup remover, it removes those matte liquid lipsticks so quickly, and no matter how heavy or long wearing your makeup is, you'll never need to pull or drag the skin. As this contains oil, it does leave some residue which can either be cleansed away, or just wiping over your face with a hot face cloth does the trick and feels nice. I have quite sensitive eyes and this never stings or makes my eyes water. Here is a trick I learned for taking off very heavy eye makeup, waterproof mascara and even false lashes: Take a cotton pad and pull it apart into 2 thin rounds. Fold the rounds into half circles and soak in Bi-Facil. Place the half circles underneath you eyes (they will stick due to the eye makeup remover). Soak two more pads in Bi-Facil and then place them over your closed eyes. Press and hold for about 30 seconds. To remove: gently wiggle the top pad along your lash line and, taking the bottom pad with it, sweep the pads across your eyes toward your temples and off. You should be totally eye makeup free, and any false lashes will be between the top and bottom pads ready for cleaning and reuse. The best bit: no panda eyes! 
There is nothing else that even comes close to how incredible this eye makeup remover is. I have been happily using and recommending this product for over a decade. It comes in a clear plastic bottle with blue liquid inside that separates when it's settled. Before using this product give it a good shake to combine the liquids together. I start with cotton makeup pads to remove a majority of shadow/mascara/liner. Lancome Bi facil gently removes all traces of eye makeup effortlessly. No rubbing or scrubbing is necessary which is so important as the eye area is so delicate. To remove any last traces of eyemakeup under my bottom lashes I also use cotton tips soaked in Bi facil. It has a very faint pleasant smell and even if a little bit goes in your eyes it does not sting.  Beware of where you purchase this product as it is made in both FRANCE (clear bottle cap) and the USA (white bottle cap) and the ingredients do differ. I find the Lancome Bi Facil made in FRANCE to be a much better version after accidentally purchasing one made in the USA.  If you are looking for the best eyemakeup remover ever invented, this is it!
This eye make up remover comes in a clear bottle with a screw top lid. The formula separates when it is not being used. I love the packaging and the blue liquid inside, looks great. Before using it, you need to shake it so the two different shades of blue blend together and become a great eye make up remover. Often I find that removing mascara that I have used on top of eyelash primer, is a chore and a half! Generally the mascara comes off but the primer requires rubbing and pulling, but not with the bi-facil! Once the bottle is shaken up, I pour a bit onto two cotton pads. I then close my eyes and hold a cotton pad onto each eye for about 15 seconds to allow the formula to dissolve my mascara, eyeliner, primer, eyeshadow etc. After this, I lift up the cotton pads and wipe in a downward motion to remove my eyemake up. It does wonders and doesn't require rubbing. To ensure I have removed all my eye makeup, I turn the cotton pads to the clean side (which has some of the bi-facil soak through from the other side) and close my eyes, and wipe upwards from the bottom of my top lashes. There is no oily residue left and I continue with my make up removing routine. This formula is gentle on the eyes and doesn't make me get teary, it also has a very faint scent to it. You don't need much so the bottle actually lasts a while. It is a bit on the expensive side but you're paying for the quality. I'd definitely recommend this to others, even if you have sensitive skin or wear waterproof mascara, this will be a staple in your bathroom!
Taking off eye makeup is never fun. Really who enjoys it? The process is time consuming and sometimes the products you use don't even remove your mascara at all. Leaving your mascara smudged and even messier than before. I have had my fair share of those moments but I avoid it by just using the Lancome Bi-Facil. I actually first tried it out when I found it in my mum's bathroom, needing some eye makeup remover as mine had run out (thanks mum!) I may or may not have taken the bottle because it was just too good! Shake the bottle and pour the contents of the liquid out onto a cotton pad, place it over your eye so it softens the makeup and then wipe away. Easy peasy! My mascara (even my thick, waterproof ones) just seems to glide right off and it doesn't leave any greasy residue behind.  My eyes can be quite sensitive and this did not cause any irritation whatsoever. Now you have no excuse for not taking your makeup off.
Love this! Amazing makeup remover/ cleanser that really doesn't leave an oily film on the skin. I shake this then apply onto some cotton pads and use it too remove my makeup every night including my difficult to remove mascara. It has a pleasant light rose scent and non irritating on my sensitive skin. Really worth the investment! 100% recommend!