Lancôme Hydra Zen Yeux

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Lancôme Hydra Zen Yeux is gel eye cream that soothes the eye contour to reduce dark circles, puffiness and signs of fatigue. Puffiness is decongested and the eye area is intensely moisturised, supple, comfortable and soothed. The formula contains specific active ingredients to promote the skin’s micro-circulation and draining mechanism in order to significantly reduce puffiness, while powerful moisturising agents smooth dehydration lines.


Lancôme Hydra Zen Yeux


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Lancome is a stand-out for me for it's beautiful and high quality skincare - in short, I have rarely met a Lancome product I did not like! Many of their ranges cater particularly for mature skin and dry skin - yes to both in my case. I received some Hydra Zen products as a gift with purchase when stocking up on a Lancome essential. The gel-like eye cream  is very cooling and soothing, and very light and as I received a travel size it went everywhere with me on a recent trip. It's not a rich cream by any means but I find that I need to be careful around the eye area anyway, as too much product seems to lead, unbelieveably and not seen for years, to small  - whiteheads? So I try to apply the teeniest amount to make sure it's fully absorbed, and a light product makes this easier. I certainly found less puffiness and fatigue when using this cool gel, but it didn't make any difference to my dark circles. I would repurchase for the soothing effect, as I have had such good results from Lancome in the past, but it would probably be a toss-up with other Lancome eye creams I have also liked.  
Product: Lancôme Hydra Zen Yeux Gel-Creme  Review: This is a lightweight gel cream that has watery fluid texture which absorbs instantly into the delicate eye area. There is no significant fragrance and this is one of the advantages of this eye cream as I find eye creams or gels with fragrance really just irritate my eyes. I purchased this product because it is designed for dehydrated, sensitive or irritated skin types. It does add instant hydration and leaves my eye area feeling quite comfortable and refreshed. It doesn't have a thick, rich texture and I find it doesn't add as much nourishment as I'd like. But I do like the fact that the product comes in pump packaging because I don't like dipping my fingers into jars. I don't have dark circles just some puffiness and fine lines around my eyes and this cream does help minimise puffiness to some extent but nothing dramatic. It is a basic hydrating eye cream that doesn't really have any real anti-aging benefits but does hydrate the skin around my eyes. Recommendation: I would recommend this eye cream to those who just want a simple eye cream to add moisture without irritation. I think this is a great product for younger skin types who want to start using their first eye cream and don't want anything too heavy. I don't think this product will do much for mature or dry skin types, as the texture is pretty light. I also recommend putting this eye cream in the fridge for an extra cooling and refreshing treatment to soothe puffy or irritated eyes. Repurchase: Yes I will most probably repurchase this eye cream as it has a lovely texture, and is ideal for the summer months. I think it is pretty expensive though and I'm sure there are cheaper alternatives out there.