L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream

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L’Occitane Immortelle Precious cream is a moisturiser formulated with essential oils from the Immortelle flower, and works to rejuvenate skin, leaving it looking younger and more luminous.


L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream


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Luxury with SPF

This is such a hydrating and moisturising day cream with the added bonus of SPF. I used this daily during the winter months and my skin was in the best shape. It is lightly scented and thick. This is a cream I will repurchase during winter.

Nourishing day cream

L'Occitane is my favourite go-to brand to nourish and repair my dry skin in winter. I have used the Immortelle Precious Serum and Eye Balm in the past and decided to try the SPF day cream as my skin does need a more emollient texture during winter. The cream comes in a beautiful deep blue jar and contains SPF20 protection, which is something I always look for in a day cream. It has a lightweight yet nourishing and hydrating texture that absorbs well into the skin. This cream leaves my skin feeling softer and smoother instantly, and has minimised the look of dehydration lines on my cheeks. It's definitely pricey for a day cream, but given that it works well to plump up my skin and gives me a healthy glow, I will repurchase it in the future.
Incentivized Review

Great moisturiser

Was going through a bout of really bad skin when I got a sample of this from the L'Occitane store. Has calmed my skin down and reduced the flakiness that was driving me mad. It's lightly perfumed and moderately hydrating, best for combination to dry skin types, although probably not for very dry ones. I also use the Precious Water with a cotton pad and allowing it to dry before applying the cream.

Beautiful SPF Moisturiser.

I love L'Occitane and even though I have a major problem with many fragrances I love the fragrance of this one. It is a cream so it is very moisturising however it is a light texture, making it perfect for anyone, like me, who doesn't like heavy creams. It spreads easily and nicely and it is possible to have a fine rather than a heavy layer. It sinks in well so that makeup application is seamless. Having SPF 20 is "the icing on the cake." A very beautiful and lovely to wear moisturiser that is good for your skin.
This is my go-to when I want to pamper myself, or can afford to (it happens sometimes!). This gorgeous, rich cream penetrates well but still leaves a protective layer on my face and throat. I have to say my skin feels so good for HOURS afterwards, so soft and plump, that I keep touching my face to confirm that the softness is still there (it is). This Immortelle Precieuse Cream is quite a unique product, using as it does the golden Imortelle flower  that never fades, and it smells Divine, with a strong but not over-powering herbal scent. Love it!
I got a small sample tub of this in a gift and loved it. I ended up treating myself to the full size jar. It’s expensive but  oh, so lovely! The smell is divine and it just feels like luxury going on your face. I use as a night cream - it has a fairly thick consistency but smoothes into your skin easily.
This is my favourite face moisturiser during winter because the texture is rich enough to keep my skin hydrated. This moisturiser does take some time to fully absorb but it is well worth it when I wake up with soft, smooth and plumped skin. It is definitely worth the price when I see results.
I love this Precious Cream from L'Occitane. It smells very lovely, it smells like it has been perfumed but the scent is inviting and not at all overpowering. It comes in a gorgeous jar. It's so pretty and looks very luxe. Definitely I am loving the look of the jar. The texture is between light and thick, it's glides onto my face really smoothly and easily. My skin absorbs it straightaway and my skin instantly feels very hydrated and moisturised. My skin stays hydrated for the whole day - from morning until I get home at 7pm.
As a self-proclaimed beauty addict, very rarely I would re-purchase anything beauty related in my endless quest for the holy grail.  But this, this jar of L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream, I like it so much that I have already repurchased twice. Generally speaking, I don't like any cream that comes in a jar. For me, it is an unhygienic way of packaging a product, and the fact that the lid gets opened every application means the product inside gets oxidised quicker.  However, this substantial, moonlight-blue-coloured glass jar feels and looks so luxurious that I can completely forgive or even just overlook this flaw. Perhaps because I was so used to oil-free moisturisers, my initial thought on this moisturiser was that it was quite greasy.  It also did not give me that instantly-absorbed feeling, and a little bit of effort is necessary to work the product into my skin.  However, over time I like this product more and more.  It turns out to be one of the few moisturisers on top of which makeup can sit nicely, without making the makeup looking shinny throughout the day.  The initial "greasy" feeling is, in fact, the nourishing quality of the precious plant oils.  I apply this moisturiser to cleansed skin (face, neck and chest) in the morning.  Upon regular use of this moisturiser, my skin texture has improved.   Like the cream itself, my skin is soft, smooth and silky to touch. It is a big bonus that the cream comes with a SPF 20 sun protection, meaning that I do not have to take the additional step of applying a separate sunscreen for day-to-day use. Some users may find the scent a little too strong for their liking.  However, the scent does not linger for very long and it dissipates quite quickly.  My other tip would be to avoid the eye area (oh boy, it stings!) and also avoid applying it on the lips (well, it was an accident) - I doubt I would ever forget the bitterness of this cream!
I received a very generous sample of this with the Ageless beauty box a while ago. It was one of my favorite things to get to try as due to its high price and my lack of experience with the L'Occitane brand, I probably never would have purchased it. The L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream came packaged in a beautiful elegant navy blue glass jar with a silver twist off lid which immediately stood out amongst the other products on my shelf. Once opened the first thing I noticed was the unique herbal floral scent. Quite strong and definitely not something everyone will be a fan of but I absolutely loved it. Was very different yet it reminded me of some other cream I smelt many years ago as a child. The cream itself is a rich texture but doesn't feel thick or heavy. Quite a perfect consistency.  As someone with sensitive combination skin,I am always worried to try new skin care. I was especially worried with this one as it just felt and smelt so decadent. I decided to play it safe and use this as a night cream in case it was too oily or heavy for day wear. After cleansing, I put a tiny pea sized amount on my fingertips and dabbed it gently all over my face. The cream felt so velvety and light and it absorbed surprisingly fast! My skin just drank it up. My skin was left feeling hydrated and nourished with no heavy feel or greasiness. Just smooth,comfortable feeling skin. After using nightly for a few weeks I found this beautiful cream smoothed the bumps I had on my skin,slightly diminished fine lines around my mouth and eyes and it just made my skin more balanced and softer to touch. I was truly surprised I had no irritation or sensitivity at all while using this. This cream is light enough for day use even on my sometimes oily skin.  I'm not one to spend so much on a moisturizer.  However, this is one I have repurchased. Why not spend big on one product that actually works instead of buying many cheaper ones that do nothing.  Such a unique and luxurious feeling cream that really improves skins feel and appearance.   I would recommend people get a sample size to try before buying a full size as the scent may not be to everyones taste but thats the only reason I can imagine not to like it! A divine cream that deeply penetrates and leaves skin feeling pampered. I recommend everyone give this a try! Pros Elegant packaging  Unique scent and ingredients  Leaves skin feeling hydrated and pampered Very gentle and comfortable to wear Improves skins feel and appearance  Cons Short shelf life -6 months after opening  Strong unique scent Expensive
This is a beautiful thick cream that works wonders to soften my skin and leave it silky smooth. The cream is rich and feels cool to the touch and as soon as I apply it onto my skin, it sinks into my skin and keeps it feeling light and absorbed. I "dot" this cream onto my face, neck, décolletage and then massage in small gentle circular motion. I try to apply while looking in the mirror so that I can focus on my technique of application which works as a gentle mini massage!  The L'Occitane Immortelle cream is on the thicker side, so for daytime, I use a small amount and massage in. I personally like using this cream at night because it is rich, so at nighttime, I feel I can obtain more benefits for my skin. The scent is a typical L'Occitane fragrance, which can be a little strong, but goes away after a while.  Pros: Keeps skin soft and supple Only little amount is needed as it's a rich cream Cons: Is on the expensive side,so would make a nice indulgent treat Tip:  Use as a night mask in a weekly basis and see how well it keeps the skin looking nourished and soft. Recommendation: I feel this L'Occitane Immortelle cream would suit anyone who wants a rich nourishing cream to soften their skin. 
Devine, very moisturising without being oily. Skin will feel and look softer. Terrific after a cleansed face before bedtime. Make sure you use at the nape of your neck as this area ages with the elements especially in summer when the sun hits. This jar lasts a long time. Fully recommended.
I am a huge fan of the Immortelle line. This cream though - where do I begin? It's one of those products that you have to bless your skin with at least once in your life. True to its name, it instantly brightens your skin, with glow and healthy plump guaranteed. It leaves your skin firm, without any uncomfortable tautness. I've been using this for years. It's like instant photoshop, but in a beauty jar.   A few issues though - for the quantity, the price is pretty steep. It also tends to be slightly thicker than your average cream. I use it in the morning and have to let it sit a bit longer to ensure that it's been fully absorbed before I put on my makeup. You might also want to invest in little spatulas since like creams in jars, you'll have to scoop the product out. Using a clean spatula will minimize the risk of bacteria or other hygiene risks. That said, a little goes a long way when it comes to this product, and it smells divine! I understand that a stronger scent might not be for everybody, so do consider this before purchasing. Fantastic product all in all!
So,as a self confessed Francophile,L’Occitane has been on my radar for years...and in my bathroom just as long (yours too i bet...who DOESN'T own a handcream or 10 of theirs ) ? The jewel in the skincare crown for L’Occitane has to be the Immortelle line...and with very good reason.What exactly is this Immortelle i speak of ? Well  it is a flower ( a member of the sunflower family),with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after it has been picked (how often have we wished roses did that )?,so imagine what harnessing THAT can do for your skin (i will be honest and state that THAT claim is just that..a CLAIM.iT WON'T GO THAT FOR YOUR SKIN,NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU TRY). This formula is a rich,creamy textured moisturizer with anti-aging benefits: Rich and velvety,silky and yet totally wearable,this lux cream is a smooth yet easily absorbed anti-aging powerhouse that manages to still be wearable under your makeup. The Immortelle essential oil is concentrated into micro-capsules for controlled 24 hours release..so that supple,silky skin you start the day with will be the one you step into the shower with at day's end (and it does,but obviously not as noticeable as first application)  Now,I just have to describe the stunning jar.... It has to be one the most beautiful jars I’ve ever had on my shelf. It really does feel like a precious item sitting there in the gold and midnight blue box.Holding it feels really nice too as it has a weight to it that makes it feel important.  Everything about it feels well made,important and luxurious...and the 50 ml jar will last you a while,as a pea sized dot will suffice for your entire face and neck / dec.And the scent ? Yes,it is a quite fragranced cream,so if that isn't for you,you aren't going to love this.but it is beautiful,and still tolerable. The pricepoint of this has it at a mid - range level (around $90),so if it isn't quite what you imagined,it isn't as shattering as if you had splashed hundreds on it. So,dear beauties,do i give it a thumbs up ? Well,yes....but remember,the Immortelle flower may be just that,but your skin and you are NOT....so expect no miracles. TIP:Apply at night as an overnight treatment,and wake up to a truly softened looking visage if you find this a bit much for day wear.
You will find that this revolutionary restoring moisturiser is always in my beauty dresser. The main reasons is this is a delectable fountain of youth cream that lessens the dry patches, uneven skin tone and wrinkle problem on my face and neck. In addition to being a reputable quality product it does not increase the oiliness of my skin which is better for my combination dry skin in general. I have found some other anti-ageing moisturises can be too potent and sit on top of the skin surface causing oiliness, whiteheads plus irritability.  Most that sit on my skin surface make my face undesirable but never with the L’Occitane Immortelle Precious cream, its just pure luxury on my skin. Packaged to high standards, its secure attractive and only little of this product is needed to you get your money's plus much more worth time and time again. The L’Occitane Immortelle Precious cream contains a light yet gorgeous creamy texture that soaks straight into my skin. It dries quickly leaving the skin less aged, more youthful and radiant. It's perfect for those who apply makeup every day because it preps the skin without leaving behind any greasiness causing makeup disruption.   The other outstanding feature about this moisturiser at that is smells absolutely heavenly without being irritating. Seriously, this has the most beautiful aroma that your senses will love. You only need a small amount to gain extensive results for the signs of ageing and dryness. It provides an experience that I can see and feel straight after every use, it completely satisfies all the requirements my skin needs. One of the best working and high quality moisturisers on the on the market.   I have purchased other superior Loccitane products and they all appear to contain excellent renewing and healing properties suitable for everybody's skin.
Loved this cream! It was just the right size to take on my cruise. It felt nourishing and hydrating and absorbed well.I would recommend this product.
Loved the feel of the cream. Too small a sample to give proper comments.
I was so happy when I saw this product in the last parcel box. I have heard so many great things on the L'Occutane brand.At first when I felt the texture of the cream I was a little sceptical as I'm quite oily, but once I put it on the issue was null and void.My skin felt hydrated and fresh. Only a small amount is needed.Definitely recommend you won't be disappointed
This cream is lovely and thick. It is too much for my combination skin during the day, but it is a nice night cream. It didn't clog up my pores.
Have never heard of the brand before but product did feel good