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L'Oréal Paris Color Queen Mono Eye Shadow

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L'Oréal Paris Color Queen Mono Eye Shadow is an oil-in-powder eyeshadow with a rich colour pay-off. The eyeshadow contains fine oils that create a creamy, flake-free texture, and is available in matte, satin and foil finishes.

Available in 20 shades.


L'Oréal Paris Color Queen Mono Eye Shadow


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I am always curious about what 's new in L'oreal make up and when 50% hits the shops I find myself grabbing a few items every time. The new oil eye shadows are pretty awesome. The colours are bold and vibrant but I opted for a more toned one that isUNSURPASSED  that is a classic beige in a matte/ satin finish. The pigmentation is spot on. The ease with wich the shadows are blending amazing. Since the shade I have got is a typical base shade I can tell you that the shadows cooperate very well with other eyeshadows too. The formula is buttery, very pleasant to work with. On the shadow base the longevity is till I decide to remove it. Highly recommend. BTW, the packaging is plastic. Pretty simple.