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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Conditioner

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Conditioner is a colour-correcting purple conditioner for highlighted, blonde and grey hair. The purple formula helps to neutralise unwanted yellow, orange and brassy tones in chemically lightened and highlighted hair. The conditioner contains UV filter technology to protect hair from harmful UVA/UVB damage.

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Conditioner


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I love using L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Conditioner - just once a week is enough to keep my ash blond tones perfectly "ashy", with no brassiness. Leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable, and fragrance is pleasant and lasting - brilliant value for money! Thanks L'Oreal! Laurelle M
Bought this along with the shampoo. It makes my hair incredibly soft and there is not need to use a lot of product to get that feeling of easily sliding your finger through your hair. One thing I noticed is that sometimes the product sticks to much and you may have to continue washing to get it off completely but not a biggie. It is a good complement to the shampoo and I will recommend it to others.
I really liked this product! I was sceptical at first as I normally purchase my hair products from the salon and not the supermarket but I was pleasantly surprised. It left my hair super soft and smooth and reduced the brassy tones in my hair. It has a pleasant smell that’s not overpowering. Will definitely purchase in the future.
Everyone knows having blonde hair comes with a bit ofmaintenance so you can keep the brassiness away, so some good products that help this are a must. The L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Conditioner, is a great purple conditioner, which when paired with the shampoo is really good maintaining a nice shade of blonde on me.   When I use a purple conditioner, I like it to help with keep the brassy shade away but also nourish my hair at the same time. This conditioner has a soft and creamy texture, is easy to apply and wash out of my hair and when paired with the matching shampoo it does a great job of minimising brassiness.   I have enjoyed using this purple shampoo and will continueto get on using it. With 150 ml of product is a great budget friendly purple conditioner that does a good job of maintaining colour and nourishing hair.    
While the shampoo was great at reducing brassiness, I found the purple conditioner didn't really add much when it came to toning. I found that it didn't condition my hair as much as I would have liked it and I needed to use a mask to help give my hair more moisture. While the price is great and the packaging is pretty and bold, I would choose a conditioner for dry hair over this one. The L'Oreal Botanicals range have some amazing hair masks that I would buy over this conditioner. It does have a fragrance, so if you don't like hair products that have a strong scent, then I'd skip this.
What can I say, I found the L’Oréal purple conditioner to be just as brilliant as the shampoo. Whilst it left my hair silky, and really detangled any knots I had, I didn’t find it actually changes the colour of my hair much if any, the shampoo does this though. I think it’s a great price and when used with the shampoo my hair looks amazing, definitely a product I will be buying again over my usual salon brand.
This conditioner is a rich colour also smells quite nice/ I have found it quite drying (which is fairly normal for toning shampoos). As a cheaper alternative to salon shampoo and conditioner sets the price range is good. It does tone the colour down somewhat. It isn’t as strong as salon shampoos but it does do what it says. I would recommend for those on a budget. Personally I will stick my my salon ones as I like my blonde to be silvery and this one just isn’t strong enough to offer the results I am after.
Love that this conditioner and the shampoo that it accompanies is at a price point that is reasonable and available in supermarkets and pharmacies, but also does the job of very-much more expensive salon shampoos and conditioners. The fragrance is very pleasant and light, the conditioner is creamy and it effortlessly can be combed through my hair when using it in the shower. I've really enjoyed using this combo and I'll definitely be buying it again.
As a brunette with blonde highlights I found this conditioner a bit underwhelming. While I liked the smell and found it applied well, I didn’t notice any discernible difference between this conditioner and any other. My hair was left quite dry from the shampoo and this conditioner didn’t really do much to improve the situation.  For the price, and the amount you’d need to use to see any real change I will be looking elsewhere. 
All it takes is an outstanding shampoo and conditioner combo to deliver some serious results and this duo did just that. I used this conditioner in conjunction with the shampoo from the same range. It smelt absolutely devine and the texture was so luxurious. I always use a wide tooth comb to comb my hair after I have left the conditioner on for around 5 minutes. Sometimes its a struggle, but this wasnt one of those times. It gave my hair some much needed moisture and helped to tone the colour further, whilst doing its job as a conditioner.  I liked using it and will continue to do so.
L’Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Anti-Brassiness Purple Conditioner just toped the shampoo off!!! It made my hair feel soft. I blow dry my hair and the conditioner got rid off the knots and left my hair shiney and blonde, no brassy aftermath. Also I felt a little went along way as with the shampoo.
Left my hair feeling soft and moisturised. When used with the matching shampoo, the conditioner helped to remove orange tones beginning in my highlighted hair. A quick once a week treatment at a very affordable price. Hair was left shiny and protected. Using this may extend the time between hair colour appointments for me, so I will continue to purchase.
This conditioner didn’t really wow me, my hair was still stringy and dry from the shampoo, it didn’t add moisture to my poor dry hair, even using my trusty old hair oil after it couldn’t help it. I think $9.95 for 150mls is a bit unreasonable especially when there are other toning conditioners that are bigger than that for only a few dollars more it’s reallt quite disappointing.
I found the conditioner works well in conjunction with the shampoo, also has a beautiful scent and leaves hair feeling soft and silky and not heavy like some conditioners do, good product for the price, for people with longer hair you’d have to use quite abit more as I fee a little doesn’t go a long way with this one but I would definitely recommend and will be purchasing this product again!
I have blonde highlights in my fine brunette hair, and definitely one of the issues I struggle with between visits to the salon is brassiness in my highlights. I tried a combination of the purple shampoo and conditioner and as one of the other reviewers mentioned, I felt like this combination made my hair less clean and detoxed my scalp less, meaning I would have to wash my hair sooner. I felt like it also left my hair slightly dry, however on the plus side I did see a reduction in the brassiness. I feel like this combo might be a better solution for people with coarser hair, and should be used in combination with a leave-in conditioner or some kind of hair mask.
Works really well with the shampoo and any conditioner that leaves my hair that soft is a winner by me! Had a lovely smell and found it to keep my hair really soft. Using this accompanied with the shampoo reduces the brassy tones in my hair and I was really happy with it. Had a lovely smell too! Would definitely purchase these products again and a great alternative to more expensive purple toning shampoos and conditioners!
The texture of this conditioner was very light and massaged in well!  I feel this wasn’t as harsh as some other purple conditioners and didn’t dry my hair out like others.  Once I applied and rinsed out...I dried my hair and it looked much brighter and less dull...good work Loreal!
Loved this!  A few minutes in and hair was back to its salon fresh shade. In my opinion, better results than my previous salon purple hair products. A must for blondes! I love how it has directions for highlighted brunettes too! will definitely buy again, best results using both shampoo and conditioner.
For the last month this has been my go to conditioner, I use it in conjunction with their purple shampoo and I find the combo works brilliantly. I usually switch between a hair mask or conditioner depending how dry my hair feels, lately I've felt that all my hair needs is this. My hair is highlighted blonde and is curly/frizzy, I didn't find that this conditioner helped tame the frizz but by keeping it hydrated it has been more manageable. The packing is really sleek, purple indicating which one to grab in the shower. I do wish the bottle was a bit bigger however, with long hair I tend to go through conditioner a lot quicker. The conditioner itself smells so nice, and unlike others I can actually still smell it in my hair the next day which is pleasent.  I will definitely continue using this product, it makes my hair feel amazing and it's enjoyable to use. For anyone with a similar hair type to me I would definitely recommend trying it.
I have been using this conditioner for a couple of weeks now & I’m really happy with it.Its very conditioning on my bleached hair & gives my hair a nice shine.Smells fresh and kinda fruity.Ive been using it with the matching shampoo & they work great together,my hair is perfectly toned! I will continue to use them both ,the price is good & they work.Cant find anything bad to say only good!