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L’Oréal Paris Signature Tattoo Eyeliner

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L’Oréal Paris Signature Tattoo Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner in a pen-style applicator. It contains ultra-matte ink pigments and can be used to create a variety of looks, from a fine eyeliner to a bold, graphic look. The waterproof formula lasts up to 24 hours without fading or smudging.


L’Oréal Paris Signature Tattoo Eyeliner


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As long as good quality eyeliners are concerned I can always trust L'oreal and Maybelline. I never buy anything more expensive because I know that L'oreal will meet my needs. And Signature Tattoo eyeliner doesn't disappoint. It looks like a marker, it is easy to use (like a marker) and it is pretty awesome too. I really can't fault this product. It is fast in creating any liner look we want, the shade is deep black, it doesn't smudge, it is sweatproof and very long lasting. When it comes to removing it, all we need is some good quality make up reamover and we are done. Nothing to add. Ticks all my boxes.
Love love love this eyeliner! The tip is perfect for an eye wing and the formula is great, quick drying and doesn’t transfer, I have hooded eyes and found I had not transfer problems which is great.  The colour is very pigmented, love that super black!  Overall great eyeline and would purchase again and again! 
As I have hooded eyes, I needed to make sure to prime and set my lids before this wouldn't transfer to my crease, but I have to do that with most liners so that wasn't much of a problem. Once I did, it was budge proof. Great application and easy to maneuver.
Good colour on the product, not too watery or too thick to apply. The felt tip requires some skill to apply, it was easy to get a little heavy handed on the eyeliner. Lasted reasonably well. A good product but personally I prefer a brush tip to a felt tip.
The L’Oréal Paris Tattoo Signature Eyeliner is great! Coming from someone who is hopeless at applying eyeliner, this product was SO EASY to use - I really loved it. It was easy to apply and layer as required and I found it an easy product to control. Is nice and black and I didn't get any smudging or fading. Would recommend for sure!
Great eyeliner for a heavy winged look however it applies. Bit too thick if you just want a natural everyday eye look. As the claim goes, it did not smudge or fade at the end of the day nd was quite easy to remove with a waterproof eye makeup remover.
I really, really loved this liner. Super easy to use, super black. The tip is not too floppy that makes it hard to get a nice even line. Using an oil based remover works best to get it off. Lasts all day, it does fade a bit at about the 12 hour mark- but this has replaced my kat von d liner (thank goodness)
This eye liner is great for a dramatic eye look, the pen tip is a little thick but I found the application is even and smooth.  the line lasts all day, size and feel of packaging is good and it has great colour. I use and oil based make up remover and it cleared really well. 
I love a feline flick and this product was perfect for it! The tip is firm which allows for precision and it's very easy to drawer close to the lash line. The formula is ultra black, does not smudge, lasts all day and is very easy to remove at the end of the day.  For those who love their cat eye, I would recommend! 
The L’Oréal Paris Tattoo Signature Eyeliner is great! I love it. It is easy to use, and get a precise line that you can build up for the perfect wing.  It is, as it claims, ultra black!  I have had no smudging and no fading. It is just as vibrant and black at the end of the day as it is when you apply it.  Removes easily with makeup wipes.  Love it and will be repurchasing!
L’Oréal Paris Signature Tattoo Eyeliner is a wow factor. My eyes looked so dramatic once applied. The Thick tip pen applicator gave me the cat eye/ winged effect result that I hoped to achieve. Stayed on all day hence the name "Tattoo" and did not fade or smudge. Easy removal though with water or makeup remover. Don't expect for it to stay on for days. Overall eyes are instantly open and brighten up. Its very black and smooth, great for the glam/ night look. The pen looks stylish itself. I would recommend this product of you like your eyes to be a statement.
Very black and very precise which I loved. Created the perfect winger looked and was easy to use on bottom and top lids. It came off easily with makeup remover and didn’t need touching up during the night was great. I have definitely added this product to my regular routine.
I found this eyeliner was really dark and didn't smudge or fade. It has a thicker felt tip which can be hard to create fine lines with.  I think this is perfect to create dramatic eye makeup looks, but I would not use it everyday as I think it takes a bit of time to create the perfect winged look.
The colour of the black liner was very nice and the tip of the brush was easy to apply. I found that I had quite a lot of control with the liner to get a very precise line. Unfortunately for me it wasn't very long lasting and seemed to smudge quite easily. I think you will need to reapply during a night out which can be a little bit of a hassle but on the other hand it is easy to carry and application is smooth and simple. I will continue to use this product as a handy go to liner.
Application of the eyeliner is really good it went on smooth and evenly. Bonus points for being so pigmented and long lasting but very difficult to remove so a good make up remover is required when taking it off. When I first opened the cap I noticed that the pen is quite thick and I personally prefer a more sharper pen so I can draw a more accurate wing.
I wear eyeliner every day but usually use a pencil liner as in the past I've found liquid liner tricky and messy to apply. However, I love this eyeliner! The nib is like a felt-tip pen which means it's super easy to apply and control to get the look you want. It's highly pigmented and only needs one swipe of the brush. I found this eyeliner lasted really well and didn't smudge at all. A great eyeliner!
Very black and easy to use, gets nice and close to the lash line. I don't like doing a heavy thick winged eyeliner so I was glad this tip was so easy to be precise with. I used it recently for a night out and forgot to take it off before I went to bed, woke up and it was still close to perfect on my eyes, doesn't smudge. Will buy it again!
This is a good eye-liner. I liked the extra black colour, the smoothness of the product going on and the tip of the liner is soft. Once I applied the eye liner, the product dries up nice and quick and didn't smudge. However, when taking my make-up off, I found the eye liner to be difficult to remove and I had to use more cleanser to get rid of some lingering product. It is an easy to use eye liner and would recommend for an extra dark, smudge proof eye liner.
Easy to use, smooth to apply and super long lasting. If  you’re looking for for that ultimate eyeliner look, then this one is a great product for you. Winged cat eyes are a quick streak away. It doesn’t smudge- heads up if you wanted to incorporate it into creating a Smokey eye look. This product is definitely for that high impact black eyeliner look, rather than a smudgy eye.  I loved that it was easy to use, and that you didn’t need a lot of pressure for the product to transfer to your eyes. I personally love a good pencil, but if I switch to liquid or gel, this will be on my to-get list. 
My favourite of the two L’Oréal tattoo products. The eyeliner worked well and was easy to apply. The pen top was thin enough to create the detailed look that you would want. The colour went on well onto my skin and I found it easy to use and control. The only point I’d make sometimes I had to go over some lines a few times to achieve the darkness I wanted. The eyeliner stayed on all day and didn’t bleed or smudge. Overall I think this is a great eyeliner for everyday use!