LUMISKIN™ Hana Compact Sonic Beauty Device

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LUMISKIN™ Hana Compact Sonic Beauty Device is a compact size cleansing tool ideal for on-the-go. Regular use helps improve the complexion, leaving skin looking luminous and youthful. The unique design and ergonomic curve fit the contours of the face, deeply cleansing and massaging, while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging collagen production. Available in three shades: Pink, Light Pink and Jade. 


LUMISKIN™ Hana Compact Sonic Beauty Device


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Obsessed with my skin from Lumiskin

The Lumiskin Hana Compact Sonic Beauty Device is a facial cleansing device that provides an effective clean to your skin that cleansing alone can't achieve. It is small and is about the size of the palm of my hand. I have the hot pink colour. Before using the device you'll need to charge it. It comes with a usb charger. You'll know that the device is fully charged because the light on the front will be still (not twinkling). To turn the device on you hold the on/off button for 1 seconds. To turn it off your do the same thing. There are 3 speeds. 1 is slow, 2 is medium and 3 is fast. I find that speed 2 is comfortable for most of my face but I like to use speed 1 for my under eye area as this area is delicate. I wet my face and apply my cleanser then use the Hana device in circular motions around my face. I then rinse my face and then rinse the Hana in warm water before drying it with a lint free cloth. I honestly have never had skin so soft and silky smooth. I can't get over how different my skin feels. I really wish I found the Lumiskin Hana sooner. I have also noticed my skin tone and texture looks more even and my large pore on my nose look like they're getting smaller. I'm obsessed with the way the Hana device has changed my skin. The device comes with a 1 year warranty.
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Small and powerful

I’ve never used a face cleansing device before and was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was. It’s a small and compact tool that is easy to store as well as charge (yay for USB) and will be perfect for travelling (future thinking here). It’s instructions were very clear which I needed as I usually apply a cleanser with my fingers and rinse with a flannel. It’s very easy to use and the charge lasts which is a bonus. I really liked the different sides of the device and the ease in changing its speed. My skin is left feeling clean and dare I say it energised. This has now been added into my daily routine and I think going back to my old routine will definitely have an effect on my skin.
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Massaged and relaxed skin

I'm a full time working Mum, and was on the lookout for something quick to add to my routine. This machine was awesome and just what I needed! Soft skin and relaxation, clubbed in one! Loved it. My skin feels alive, and my colleagues say I'm glowing! It's now become a part of my night routine and I feel happy and thoroughly cleansed. Will recommend if you are in your mid 30, don't go to salons for facials and are looking to massage your face in a few minutes. I feel relaxed and totally endorse the machine as it's value for money!
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Cleansing is now fun and fresh!

I love this device! When spending the big bucks on beauty it's often hard to decipher if it is really worth it. This is such a reasonably priced device with results that speak for themselves and ticks so many boxes. I happened to go away for a weekend whilst trialing this and found it to be the perfect device for travel (chucked it in the drawstring bag and we were on our way!). It's about palm size and completely waterproof, meaning I can take it into the shower without any worries (I know washing your face in the shower is frowned upon, however all us lazy gals do it!!). Yet to see any final results or improvement in the "fine lines" department, however pleased to go to sleep every night knowing my face was 100% makeup free and feeling fresh. I am noticing changes, slightly in my oilyness and texture, however unsure if this device is completely to blame, so will continue to use and take note. I find myself looking forward to doing the cleansing step of my routine thanks to this device in the mix (usually my most hated step!) Thanks Lumiskin and BC!!
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Gentle and Effective

I’m really enjoying using the LUMISKIN Hana Compact device and very happy to have been given the opportunity to trial this little beauty. It fits in the palm of my hand and is very easy to use. It charges quickly via usb, and selecting the cleansing/massaging options is simple. The device vibrates gently against my skin yet it’s still effective when it comes to cleansing. I’ve tried a couple of cleansers and they all lather up well using the device. Once I’ve washed off the cleanser, my skin feels fresh and clean, ready for my moisturizer. I do like that it has a timer and turns itself off to avoid overuse. This is a great feature. The massage option is also gentle against my skin and feels absolutely divine. I’ve been using this device for almost two weeks and feel that my skin is clearer and brighter. No visible change to fine lines yet, but I’ll keep using the device for cleansing and massaging. Cleaning the device is easy and once it’s dry it can be stored in the travel bag provided.
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My review of the Hana Lumiskin Beauty Device

When I received the LUMISKIN™ Hana Compact Sonic Beauty Device I was surprised how compact the device was, very thrilled it came with a usb charger instead of batteries. I simply plugged it in and let it charge. There is a button in the middle to hold down to turn on and you use the same button to select the three different vibrating options. I wasn’t sure what to expect when cleansing my skin as I have used other cleansing brushing before and was skeptical. Made out silicon this was extremely soft on my skin and felt so good going through the cleansing motions without having to exfoliate I got the same smooth result on my nose which usually requires a scrub and good manual scrubbing. I have quite large pores on my nose and feel like I got a really good clean all over but especially on my nose. I then flipped the device around to use the massage option which again was so soothing and relaxing. To clean you just simply rinse it under warm water then dry with a lint free towel. It also comes with a drawstring bag to use on the move very conveniently. I will definitely be using this at least once a day to get the best results and would highly recommend it to everybody.
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Sonic beauty device

I have been using my Clarisonic for years but I have been wanting to try one of these devices instead as it doesn't require any replacement heads and it looks so much cooler! The look of this device is quite similar to the Foreo but without the expensive price tag. You have to charge the device first before using it with a USB which I thought was interesting. Once I charged it I decided to use it morning and night for a week to see if there were any noticeable results. The device uses sonic technology and helps to provide a deeper clean. The side thats used for the face is really gentle and did not cause any irritation to my skin. It provides a very light vibration and you use the device all over your face (in conjunction with a cleanser). I didn't really get the feeling that I was getting a very deep clean but just an average clean with the textured area of the device and the super gentle vibrations. After using it for over a week now I feel like it has been just average. I haven't noticed any improvements with my skin and while it does clean my skin, it's not something that would work well with removing makeup. For my oily and acne prone skin, I found that it didn't live up to my expectations.
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Works wonders

I received this product for trial and am now in love. I love how small and compact it is and it comes with its own little pouch, perfect to take with you whilst travelling. Its easy charge with a USB makes it so convenient - I charged it while at work and it didn't take that long until it was fully charged. Looked Lumi up on YouTube to see how exactly to use the product and it was super simple. It has two sides to it - one for deep cleansing and the other for simulation and massage. The cleansing side works well with my cleansing product and worked it into a much deeper lather than what I normally get when I use just my hands - I immediately had that "squeaky clean" feeling on my face and my follow up routine of syrums and moisturiser absorbed into my skin much easier. The second side worked a wonder, it actually made me feel quite relaxed and made me wish I had someone else doing it for me as it could have put me to sleep. The Hana is such a great, gentle and compact product that I'll have to try the rest of the range out to see if it's just as good. It definitely made a difference to my skin. I found it to be tightening and my oil production has also gone down.
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Unbelievable Softness Achieved

The LUMISKIN™ Hana Compact Sonic Beauty Device was packaged similarly to an iPhone rather than a beauty product and could easily be mistaken for another device altogether. I was impressed with the high quality look and feel of the device. As per the instructions, I placed the device on charge until it was fully charged before the first use. I read the comprehensive instructions before attempting to use the Lumiskin device on my face for the first time, as I was a little apprehensive. The actual use of the device was pain free and easy to use. It felt like gentle vibrations massaging in my chosen face cleanser and left my face feeling soft and clean. Overall, I was impressed with how well the Lumiskin was able to improve my face cleansing routine and achieve such a great result with the softness of my face.
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Is it a game changer?! Lets Hope!!!

Wow, where do I begin with this product. I received this as a trial and to be honest I have never heard of the LUMISKIN™ Hana Compact Sonic Beauty Device or anything like it. I take Collagen powder and thats about as far as it went for me previously when it came to looking after my collagen production. I am excited to keep using this product to see long term results. I love that it turns itself off after the 2 minutes ‘safe time’ so that you don’t forget and use it for too long. I have been using it twice daily for about 5 days now and obviously haven’t seen any major results yet but I am really excited to keep using and seeing how young I look! ;) Not sure about the price of them but if long term results are great then it would be worth every cent. I love its compact size also, about the size of the palm fo your hand. Very convenient and still does the job!
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Such a handy beauty accessory!

I have never used a USB powered beauty device before but this was really amazing and made such a big difference to my fine lines and wrinkles. The price is definitely reasonable for the result you receive. I have been using it for one week now and its a made a massive difference and my skin is a lot smoother already. The timer feature is so handy and being water resistant is so handy in a bathroom. Also, I have combination and sensitive skin and I didn't get allergies. Moreover, the device being USB rechargeable is so handy and so quick to charge.