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M.A.C Cosmetics Magic Extension Mascara

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M.A.C Magic Extension Mascara is a mascara that acts like lash extensions with 5mm-long fibres that deliver the look of false lashes with over-the-top volume and exaggerated length.


M.A.C Cosmetics Magic Extension Mascara


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Extends and thickens lashes

This honestly makes my lashes look as if I’m wearing false lashes. The mascara lengthens and separates my lashes and makes them look thicker and much more luxurious. The amount it extends my lashes by is unbelievable and it really does look like I have had my lashes extended. I always receive compliments when I wear this mascara and get told my lashes look amazing. The black pigment is really high quality and the consistency is silky and easy to apply. It lasts all day without clumping or smudging yet it’s quite easy to remove. The canister is modern and cool and it’s good value for the results. I will definitely be buying this mascara again, a great Mac product