Manicare® dermaSMOOTH Fuzz Remover

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Manicare® dermaSMOOTH Fuzz Remover is a multi-purpose beauty tool for quick, easy and pain-free removal of facial hair and dermaplaning. Resulting in a perfect canvas for flawless make up application, and helps to improve skincare active absorption. Dual ended blade razors make it easy for cheek area and allow for precision on intricate brows and lip area. Each razor blade is crafted with microMESH blade technology and using the finest quality Korean steel to help create smooth, radiant skin instantly. 


Manicare® dermaSMOOTH Fuzz Remover


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After seeing these face shavers everywhere, I decided to purchase these on a whim and see what all the fuss was about. My face isn't overly hairy, but I thought it might be handy for special occasions when a full face of makeup is required. They shavers are really easy to use, and do what they set out to do. This manicare set fairly affordable compared to others I've seen. For me, the results aren't worth the effort. But in saying that I can see why they would be very handy for those who have unwanted facial hair as they are cheap, easy to use and discreet.

I look like a whole new person

I bought a pack of these DermaSmooth Fuzz removers because I was really over looking at all the long blonde hairs on the sides of my face and my hairy top lip. As soon as I got home with them I immediately used them. I made sure to cleanse my skin first so that it was clean. Then all you do is fun the blade down your skin in the direction of the hair growth. They not only remove every last bit of hair but also dead skin and oils. I was staring at the blade after my first stoke in disgust that my cleanser and face brush (not Manicare brand) failed to remove this but the DermaSmooth Fuzz remover did. As maintenance I use my Manicare Fuzz remover once a month. I love that they come in pink and purple as they are my favourite colours and also they are very strong and the handles don't flex so there is no chance of the wand snapping whilst in use and cutting yourself. Very high quality from Manicare. Highly recommend to anyone looking to de-fuzz their face or tidy up eyebrows in between waxing appointments.