Manicare Ergonomic 4-Way Buffer

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Manicare Ergonomic 4-Way Buffer is a nail buffer that shapes nails and leaves the nail surface shiny. The buffer has been designed to follow the natural curve of the nail, reducing irregularities on the nail surface and smoothing out ridges.

Available in three shades.


Manicare Ergonomic 4-Way Buffer


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It is one of those jobs that if you want your nails to look good you have to put some effort in! Manicare Ergonomic 4-Way Buffer shapes and buffs my natural nails until they look super shiny. I am always light handed so I don’t remove too much nail but I haven’t had any issues yet. I am happy with the results and it’s cute colours! ☺
I found this product easier to handle and control than other nail buffers. My Manicare Ergonomic 4-way buffer is a coral/orange colour, and I really liked the way it twists as it makes everything much simpler! I thought it looked a bit strange and impractical at first but I was totally wrong, it creates create shine and polish on my nails!
This is fantastic!  I'm generally very lazy when it comes to nail care and maintenance but this has made salon style healthy looking nails so easy that I now enjoy looking after them.  I've had similar products to this but unlike this one, they didn't have the steps labelled and I'd end up forgetting which side to use next. This one has four steps,each clearly labelled.Step on is the buffer, two is the smoother and three and four both make the nails glossed and quite shiny.  Nail polish is then optional as nails already look like they have a clear coat of Polish.  I love how easy it is to grip and use.So simple with incredible results. A lot better priced than many products that do the same thing.  Beautiful, healthy looking nails with minimal effort. 
I received my Manicare Ergonomic 4-way buffer in a Marie-Claire Health Parcel. It's buffing blades are all on an angle and gives fantastic control of the buffing process, particularly when it was time to buff my right hand using my left hand. Being right handed it is always more complicated when using my left to perform tasks. My nails were very glossy and shiny in no time. I would recommend this buffer. I admit I probably wouldn't have purchased one to try and would prefer a pink one rather than my peach one, however, I liked the product and  I will purchase another one in the future.
I have the Manicare Ergonomic 4-way buffer in a peach colour. It is shaped in a curvy, twisty shape which is hard to describe but it makes it easier to handle and have better control of the buffing process. It has 4 sides that is coloured in varying shades of peach and white. The buffer has numbers embossed on the middle round plastic joint which makes it easier to remember which side does what. Ensure the nail beds are free of nail polish before buffing them. The darkest peach side is meant to buffer out nail bed ridges. I have a few prominent horizontal ridges on my thumb nail and this buffs it away in seconds. The medium peach shade is used to create a smooth satin surface and the light peach and white sides are used to give the nail a glossy finish. I'm impressed with how quickly the 4-way buffer makes my nails look and feel satin smooth and glossy. It is great to leave the buffered nails as is or add nail polish on top. The buffer gives my manicure salon-like results at home. I'm going to purchase a buffer for my feet as well as I want them to look smooth and glossy too. Great before a pedi as well because I have a lot of both vertical and horizontal ridges on my toenails. I would highly recommend this buffer to everyone.