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Manicare NOVA FIT™ is a rechargeable facial massager designed with electronic muscle stimulation technology, in a chic compact device to transform any in-home, age defying skincare routine. Utilising electronic muscle stimulation technology, NOVA FIT™ creates mini workouts via gentle contractions on the often forgotten forty-three facial muscles; to improve tone, firmness and support skin rejuvenation for a healthy glowy appearance. This unique device also includes a relaxation mode which gently kneads the skin to relieve tension. This setting is perfect to help unwind in the evening and helps promote sleep wellness.


Manicare NOVA FIT™


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Everyone needs this device at home

I have this device. I am using it five times a week. It’s amazing and it has reduced my distressed facial muscles visibly. Usually, I don’t have time to go beauty salons to massage my face, but I have addicted to this device and visibly I have seen my skin improvement. So, I carry it like my teddy bear in my hand bag. Just if it contains a special box to carry it in a safer situation it was better. However, if you are a person that prefer to do all preparation in front of a mirror in your lovely bedroom, it is stable in a special spherical box. It also, contains three speeds with blue light and three in red lights. Mostly I use the blue one and I have seen my facial muscles improved since last year which I started to use. USB charging method is another beneficial of this device which has made it more economic.

Manicare NovaFit

The Manicare NovaFit is a facial massaging device. As someone that is not known for using skincare devices consistently (if it all, whelp!), each session only requires 5 minutes, so I figured that even I could manage that! The NovaFit is a compact device with one side being a half sphere which fits nicely in the hand and the other has 4 nodules that through rotating do their work on the skin. The device is rechargeable, which I love. Not only is it a facial massager but it gives the user the option to perform electronic muscle stimulation technology to the skin. Operation starts be simply pressing the power button for a couple of seconds, then press for each setting until you get the desired one. Both the massage and EMS functions come in 3 power settings, massage represented with a blue light, EMS red. The recommendation is to use the EMS function 5 times a week, massage twice to give the skin a rest. The EMS technology uses electric pulses to cause contractions of the muscles in the face, which helps to tone and firm the skin. Whereas the massage function kneads the skin and promotes relaxation. A criticism I have is in the packaging, there is no detailed instructions or an information booklet which I think is necessary. Even online I couldn't find much information. For a full face workout the places mentioned for use are along jawline, from corner of mouth to ear, nose to temple, forehead, chin and down side of the neck and across each clavicle, repeating each step 3 times each side of the face, making sure to work upwards and outwards. This takes approximately 5 minutes, but there's no need to time it because the device has its own timer and shuts off after the 5 minutes. The device only needs to be used once a day, so I've been using it at night because for me it's the best time to add 5 minutes to my skincare routine. My first time using I applied a facial oil which caused more intense contractions (not painful, though). That was my fault because instructions are to use moisturiser, serum or sheet mask. Since then I have used a serum and although I do feel contractions from time to time, they're not as intense. The design of the NovaFit makes use easy, the nodules do their work while gliding nicely across the skin with the help of the serum. The speed increasing with each level. Most importantly, have I noticed any changes to my skin? I've seen a slight toning to my skin, especially around my jaw area where my I've noticed my skin has less elasticity. It's not a huge difference, but I can see an improvement. My skin seems to absorb the serum better which in turn has made my skin more radiant thanks to an increased blood flow. The Manicare NovaFit for me is not just a gimmicky device. Although the changes to my skin have not been major, I really enjoy the experience, it has become such a nice way to finish my night time routine.