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Manicare® Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum is a rechargeable extraction device that uses vacuum suction to remover debris from pores. The in-built 10X magnifying HD camera combining with 3 levels of vacuum suction intensity helps you to visibly clear congested skin with ease; to helpachieve instantly clearer, smoother and luminous skin

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Manicare® Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum


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Be careful because it bruises

You really need to be careful when using this and make sure you test the 3 different levels of suction on your forearm before using this on your face because if you go straight in on your face on level 3 which is the strongest level of suction it will bruise your skin because that level of suction is quite powerful. I made this mistake when I first used this because 1. I was so excited to see what came out of my pores and 2. There is doesn't come with an instruction booklet or any warnings about testing before use etc. Which I think for a product like this to not come with instructions and warnings isn't good. Anyway... The vacuum itself is quite light to hold and fits into my hand comfortably. It comes with a usb charging cord and you can also download the Manicare app on your phone which connects via Bluetooth to the device and allows your to see your pores magnified as your vacuuming them. It's pretty cool and disgusting at the same time. The first time I used this I went straight in on my nose on the strong suction level and I immediately bruised my entire nose. So now I just use the soft level which is probably why I never seem to get too much out of my pores but I just can't use the stronger level as my skin bruises. Your not suppose to leave the vacuum on one section of skin for any longer than 3 seconds which I never do but the suction is that strong it causes instant bruising. I also find that when I use the soft setting that I still find it hard to move the vacuum around my face without it pulling on my skin. Even with the microdermabrasion head attached and on the soft level I still find it pulls my skin too hard. I will admit that this (for me anyway) is one of those products that your buy and the novelty wears off and it just sits in my draw. I mean, maybe if it was more gentle and was easy to manoeuvre around my face without tugging my face off and didn't bruise and I could use the strong setting to get the build up out of my pores I would probably use it weekly. Just make sure that if you buy this, try it on your arm or leg first to gauge the levels of suction so that you don't bruise like I did.
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This is such a great product to use from home, I am so grateful I was able to trial it as I wouldn't usually buy one! I used this once a week since I received it and the difference is incredible. When they say HD camera, they mean HD camera! The quality is amazing, and to be honest I was quite horrified at the state of my skin! My nose needed alot of work, and I loved being able to see the results straight from the app on my phone, with the super clear camera you can see the difference right away! I used the vaccuum after a shower (as recommended) when my skin was already warm and my pores were open - this makes the process really simple! It did make my skin a little red post-use, but I definitely expected that, and it was fine by the next morning. I followed with a toner and night cream. The next morning the difference was visible in the mirror and my skin felt so smooth. This is the closest thing to a spa in your own home and I will absolutely continue using it!
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I was so excited to receive the Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum. I've tried one before that I bought off eBay but the suction was merely strong enough to suction anything. I really enjoyed using this and could see an immediate difference in texture (which is one of my skin concerns) after using it. I like to exfoliate so I can bring any oils or sebum up to the surface, then use the vacuum to suction everything. It's an amazing little tool and a must have for the bathroom! I highly recommend this product, especially since it has such advanced technology - you can see all the things you're suctioning through your phone!!
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A little to powerful

Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum is a good product for at home while unable to go into the salons. I have been using it on the lowest setting and definitely would not go any higher. It’s quite powerful and you really have to be careful not to stay in one place for too long. Before trying the vacuum on my face, I did it on my arm first to test it out and left a bruise! If you have sensitive skin then this product is probably not the best for you. The camera is such a cool idea and definitely a different way to look at the skin!
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Fun but ease into the settings

This was definitely a fun gadget to use! The pore vacuum comes with 4 different head attachments and can be connected to the camera via an app so you can get a good view of your pores. I went in a big too enthusiastically and went straight for the strong setting which left me with little red marks on my face where I left the suction on for more than 3 seconds. My advice is probably to start off soft and slowly build tolerance towards it. Perhaps this should be stated on the packaging as well. The device itself is very lightweight and comes with an easy USB charger.
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Just WOW

The Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum is a fantastic little tool! It is purple and black plastic and has enough weight to it that it feels high quality, without feeling heavy or hard to use. It comes with 4 nozzles so that there is something for everyone, but I personally loved the Oval nozzle for the T-zone and also the Microdermabrasion nozzle to clean up the dead skin cells on my face. I was really excited to try it and didn't realise until I opened the packaging that there is an app you can download so that you can view a magnified version of your skin on your phone while you are using the tool. This is great so that you can see where your problem areas are, and you can even record or take photos while doing it! There are three suction levels, so I started off with the Soft, but worked out pretty quickly that the 'Normal' setting was right for me. I was actually a bit mind-blown at the outcome of using this Pore Vacuum - the amount of oil and cells that were left around the rim of the sucker after use was shocking... and also really really satisfying. My skin is much softer and feels much cleaner after using it, so this will most definitely become a part of my skincare routine on a weekly basis!
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Satisfying Results

The Pore Vacuum is a really great product for at home while the Salon's are closed for those of us in lockdown! It comes with a few different tips, my favourite was by far the exfoliating/microdermabrasion style tip. The suction tips were good for congested areas, like my nose where I typically get blackheads. I only used the soft setting as I found this to be quite strong! So I would definitely recommend starting here and working your way up if needed. The tool itself is super light weight, and the added camera that you can watch on your phone is a great benefit and oddly satisfying but also a bit gross to see that level of detail! I've only used the product a handful of times as I have quite sensitive skin and only exfoliate once per week, and I feel to see the best results continual and regular use is needed.
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Believe the hype!

My friends have always told me how amazing these sonic cleansers are and i've never believed the hype until now! Having used my fair share of exfoliating scrubs and countless facial cleansers in the past, This, is by far the best my skin has felt in years! I love the gentle vibrations, feels great in the hand and grippy when wet and covered in your cleanser of choice. I also love the convenience of being able to use it in the shower as a quick pick up and wash option instead of my normal face routine.
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Unlike anything I’ve ever used before!!

Super cool!! The device itself is super compact, lightweight and really easy to use. It comes with 4 different attachments (3 different sizes/shapes & one textured for extra exfoliation) so it’s super versatile to your needs. The camera is so so so cool, I have never seen anything else like this and it was really interesting to use. I had some trouble with the app connecting initially but eventually was able to work it out. Definitely read the instructions before use as it is very powerful on the high setting. I used this as night as directed as my skin was a little pink afterwards but that was gone by morning. Overall my skin feels super soft & looks really clear. I will definitely continue using and I have already recommended this to my friends! :)
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Low and slow wins the race!

The device comes with 4 different nozzle heads so you can tailor your treatment to the contours of your face. I personally liked the smallest nozzle because I wanted to cover the hard to reach areas/awkward areas such as the nasal folds and around the eyebrows. I used it on the lowest setting and definitely suggest this. It’s quite powerful and you really have to be careful not to accidently stay in one place for a second too long. I bruised myself the first time I used it even though I was actively trying not to. If you have a stubborn area it is best to glide over it quickly a few times in a row, rather than glide over it slowly to really try and suck it out as you’ll most definitely end up bruising that area. If you have quite sensitive skin, an active breakout, or any broken skin from having squeezed a pimple or from having a compromised skin barrier, then this product is not for you. Make sure your barrier is nice and healthy if you’re thinking of using it. If you have whiteheads and are planning on sucking them out, this isn’t for you. This product is more for superficial, not deep, congestion, as you’re sweeping over the area quite quickly (as I said, to avoid bruising). After I used it my skin absolutely felt different. It was smooth, but different to the smooth you experience after a physical or chemical exfoliation. This smooth feeling lasted quite a few days and my pores did visibly look clearer afterwards. As it’s removing so much superficial debris it’s a great product to use before applying serums that require deep penetration (like vitamin c). i also found my chemical exfoliants penetrated my skin better after using this also. I would be cautious about the microdermabrasion nozzle though. If you have any ounce of sensitivity in your skin type, I believe that nozzle may do more harm than good. I would suggest it for a more mature skin type, or just a more resilient skin type in general as it would be quite easy to over exfoliate your face with it and lead to more harm than good. I would also suggest using this tool on areas of the skin where sebaceous glands concentrate the most, like the t-zone and chin, as I don’t think you’ll get the same benefits in areas like the cheeks. Also, as the skin is softer on the cheeks (i.e.l lack bone/cartilage immediately behind it like on your forehead or chin), bruising is much easier in these areas. Just concentrate on the t-zone and chin. Prior to use make sure your face is clean and has been warmed up with a hot towel or some steam, to help soften the sebum in the pores and make the extraction a bit easier (as the sebum can slide out more easily and won’t be as adherent to the pores). Start low and slow! Lowest setting first and not for too long! Don’t use it too often/frequently either. This way you can get the most out of the tool with the least damage. Don’t get turned off the product from using it incorrectly and bruising your face, scarring it or over exfoliating it! Use it carefully and slowly, can always increase usage time and frequency the more comfortable you get with it.
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It really work

I was fortunate enough to receive the Manicure Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum as part of a Beauty Crew trial. I had never tried anything similar, so was excited to see the capabilities it had! Just for reference, I have quite oily skin, and very stubborn blackheads, especially around my nose and T-zone area, so was curious to see how strong the suction was. The vacuum itself has 3 suction level intensities - strong, normal and soft. It also comes with 4 different heads that can be interchanged - a large circular nozzle, an oval nozzle, a small circular nozzle and a microdermabrasion nozzle. I found that they were all effective for different areas of the face. I tried out all of the nozzles and found that they were easy to interchange, which was very useful. My personal favourite would be the oval nozzle, as it is designed to get in the creases around the nose area (where most of my blackheads are). The microdermabrasion brush left my skin feeling smooth and soft, taking away dead skin while lightly exfoliating in the process. The operation instructions were easy follow, and the packaging was super cute! Very delicate colours (pinks, purples, silvers and whites) yet sophisticated packaging, and it looked like something that would be stocked at a salon or spa! The vacuum itself is charged with a USB charging cord, which means no hassle trying to find batteries lying around! There is also an app that can be downloaded and connected the the Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum, which I haven’t seen on other similar devices. The camera quality was decent (although I found it slightly pixelated at times). I also found it difficult to initially connect the app to my device. It took several attempts of turning off the wifi connection, disconnecting and reconnecting again. However, there is one thing that I MUST mention! When using the Manicure Magnifying Pore Vacuum, it is VERY IMPORTANT to not hold it over the skin in the same spot for more than a few seconds, which is surprisingly easy to accidentally do, as the suction is quite strong on the strongest intensity. I learnt the difficult way, and was left with a small bruise-like mark due to the strong suction (which disappeared after a few days, similar to a normal bruise). Overall, after using the vacuum device, I found that my skin looked and felt less congested. The Manicure Pore Vacuum is easy to use. It is a convenient size and shape, which is helpful when storing away when not using it. Although there are still some areas of improvement (technical app issues and suction sensitivity), I would recommend this wonderful, compact device to anyone wanting to minimise the appearance of blackheads. 4/5 rating from me!
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I was soooo excited!!

I can not tell you how excited I was to get my hands on this! I’m one of those people who loves to watch videos of blackhead removal/ingrown hair removal - all those gnarly skin videos, so this was super exciting for me. I have A LOT of blackheads through my t-zone and especially over my nose so I was the perfect candidate to test this out. I have tried so many different methods of blackhead removal (peel off strips, masks, you name it) but none of them have ever worked very well, or at least don’t last. The packaging is probably my least favourite aspect of this product but for the price point, that is completely reasonable! The actual device seemed quite expensive to me and I loved the screen where it shows you the intensity options. I found that it was quite easy to clean and super easy to store which is always nice!! The ability to connect this to an app was also absolutely incredible - I could make my own blackhead removal videos !!!! I definitely should’ve done a test before I went straight in but I was too impatient. I ended up with some bruising on my face as a result of too much suction and not enough movement/not tort skin. I was too distracted by the live video and wasn’t concentrating. I’ve used it again since and didn’t get any bruising and focused on not going in too fast or hard! While it is an amazing product and I will still continue to use it, it definitely didn’t remove 100% of my blackheads. I would say it was closer to 20-40%, even just across my nose. I think it’s super important to have steamed, supple and hydrated skin when doing this to achieve the best results.
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Cool Little Cleansing Tool

The Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum is a cool little beauty tool! In the box: Pore Vacuum with 10x magnifying HD camera 4 X different sized nozzles Spare seals USB charging cable You use a USB connection to charge the device. You can then connect it to your smartphone via an app and check out the cleaner as it works! It was fun to use and definitely left my pores cleaner. I'm prone to getting blackheads on my nose, and this little tool helped a lot. Looking forward to seeing the results with continued use. It was very gentle and didn't hurt at all. Really great for deep cleansing at home, without having to go to a beauty salon.
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Worth it!!!

I received this product as part of the review crew. It is easy to handle and light in weight. With a handy usb charging port. The product comes with four suction heads, I found the dermabrasion head to be most suitable for my oily skin. I loved the camera function and thought this was so innovative! I have been using the product twice per week, after cleansing and before serums. I found my skin has been less congested with less blackheads. Especially super convenient given salons are currently closed for facials. After I got the hang of it it has been super easy to use. Would definitely recommend a try.
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Suction power needs improve

Received this item as part of the trial team to test out on my skin. First impressions, when I unboxed this pore vacuum my first thought was where/how am I going to store the suction heads to ensure it is clean and not damaged. I would suggest Manicare to possible include a little bag to keep the suction heads safe and clean. The actual pore vacuum itself I was very impressed on the design. It fits quite nicely in your handle without feeling too heavy. When I first tried this product I unfortunately bruised my face but it only took a day - two days to heal fully. So when I tried the product again I knew exactly what to do and hard I could go on my skin. I would highly recommend to do a patch on your arm/neck to see how much suction your skin can handle. The suction power is unfortunately a let down for me as I still could visibly still see more pores. Bare in mind, my pores are right to the surface for extraction to occur. I tried multiple times with the different suction levels and heads but the results of pores being sucked out were very little, with multiple attempts several days apart. Comparing this with a pore strip from Biore I get better results with the nose strips. If Manicare were to come back with a revised version, I would possible give it another go but this time round I don't think I would be recommending this product.
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Love the camera so satisfying!!

It’s a really great concept but I think you just need to use it a few times for great results. I love how there are different tips on it and they are so easy to change and my favourite part is the camera that you connect to your phone which shows you all the gunk coming out of your pores. I had a bit of bruising on my face for a few days after using this so I recommend using it very gently and on the lightest suction at first. It’s really easy to charge and the design is professional, you just need to be very careful for the best results.
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Very fun product!

Such a fun tool! I loved the camera function! It was so cool to be able to see and record everything! My skin definitely had a bit less blackheads but still had some left. I liked all the tips it came with especially the exfoliating tip as it cleared away dead skin at the same time as getting the blackheads. Very easy to use and I’ve been using it a couple of times a week to give my skin a bit of a break! I’d definitely recommend this! I usually use it on the normal suction setting as the strongest leaves my skin very red. It’s a relaxing thing I do at night as that’s when I’m most congested. It felt like I was getting a professional extraction.
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Works pretty well but could improve.

First off I would like to thank the beauty crew for sending this product to me for free to test it out. I will review my experiences and opinions using this product. I’ll start off with the pros; - The device it’s self is light in weight and it is easy to charge and use. It is great to add to your beauty regime due to the fact that it doesn’t take up too much of your time. - There are 3 intensity settings; soft, normal and strong for you to choose from. But I definitely recommend choosing soft and slowly increase the intensity when you’re comfortable. - The set contains 4 different nozzles for you to choose from depending on your needs. - The device has help with making my skin and pores to be visible less congested which is amazing. - There is also an app where you could download and connect with your device to see your skin. The cons; - Yes there a 4 nozzles to choose from but I feel like only one of the which is the microdermabrasion nozzle works properly for me because my have very oily skin and the other nozzles just seem to slip off my face. - The intensity depends on which nozzle you pick. The microdermabrasion nozzle I find I can choose the higher intensity compared to the other nozzles. One of the other nozzles that I used, when I selected the soft intensity it doesn’t do much but when I selected normal intensity, it kind of bruised my around the creases of my nose. - The Manicare App for the device wasn’t working too well on my phone, it kept disconnecting for some reason. Overall, in my opinion, I believe that the magnifying pore vacuum is worth using and I recommend getting one as it is a quick fix when you’re busy and want to keep your skin and pores congested free.
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It’s ok but has some negative areas

It comes with four different tips!! One tip has a Sand-paper like texture. The other three are in different sizes. The product can be connected with an app on your phone if you wanted to use the magnifying on your skin. It was pretty cool as it gave you a very clear view of your pores. You could also choose three different levels of suction. But the only negative part of this is that you had to be really careful to not stay in one place for over 2-3 seconds. Since I have sensitive skin, I accidentally stay in one play a little longer and it made a bruise-like mark on the face.
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Great but be careful with the suction power

I received this product to try as part of the beautycrew review team - although I was kindly sent this product for free, all opinions are my own. This pore vacuum had a lot of pros and cons. Firstly, it was really easy to use and charge, and the four interchangable vacuum heads were really good - in particular, I liked the concept of the microdermabrasion head for light exfoliation. The vacuum has three settings, and honestly it can be really really strong. It can take a few tries to get used to the pressure needed and suction power - I will admit that I gave myself some serious bruises around the creases of my nose when I used it the first time. Overall this product has a lot of potential and I do really like it, but be careful at the beginning as you don't want to suction too hard and hurt your skin. My favourite setting was the soft (lowest) used with the oval suction head for around my nose and t zone area for blackheads. The microdermabrasion is nice too. My favourite feature of all was the pairable app, which used the 10x zoom camera of the machine to let me see all my pores and blackheads up close - it was gross and awesome at the same time! Make sure to warm your face with warm water or steam before - ideally use this after the shower so the dirt in your pores can be loosened. Also wipe your face after as I noticed the machine pulled out some dirt from my pores, but left it on my face. I would defs recommend this to my friends, but give them plenty of warning about being careful with the suction!