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Manicare® Salon Thermal Sonic Cleanser is a rechargeable silicone facial cleansing brush that instantly removes impurities for cleaner, brighter, healthier skin. The next generation of deep and gentle facial cleansing powered by sonic pulsation; combining with warming elements to help open up pores. It has 3 levels of sonic vibration intensities and an optional heating element to help open your pores. The ultra-hygienic soft silicone brush tips are gentle on skin. It is 100% waterproof, suitable for use in the shower or over vanity. The design is lightweight and compact, so you can take it wherever you need to go.

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Manicare® Salon Thermal Sonic Cleanser


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I’ve always been interested in these types of devices but have never tried them so I was very excited to be given the opportunity! This is a great, compact design so it’s easy enough to leave on your bathroom bench or pack into your cosmetic bag for travelling. Using this gave me the feeling of ultra clean skin, and although my skin is quite sensitive (I glow like a beetroot after I have facials), I didn’t experience any redness or discomfort after using this. I’m looking forward to using the warming function in the cooler months!
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Noticeable difference in my skin

So excited to open the box of this beauty. I have always wanted to add one of these devices to my skincare routine. Its super hygienic, chargeable, waterproof, cute, effective, heats, lightweight and great for travel. One charge can last you hours of use and its gentle, so you can use multiple times a day. I loved that a charger cord is included with the packaging, its USB which makes it super easy for travel. It is highly suggested to charge the device for 3hrs before the 1st use, I know its hard to wait when you're excited to use it but its helps to avoid any charging issues later. The buttons are located on the side of the device, you have the on button which is also the speed button and then the heat button. To change the speeds you just keep pressing the on button until you find the one you are happy with. You can apply your product directly onto the sonic cleanser and then in circular motions glide the sonic cleanser over your face and neck. Once you have finished with the device, make sure you rinse any product off and pat dry. By introducing the sonic into your normal cleansing routine you are giving your skin a deep cleanse. The bristles and circular motion can assist with removal of debris in a gentle and most importantly hygienic way. The difference in the texture and appearance is noticeable, you wont regret adding this device to your skincare routine.
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A great beginner friendly unit

I was hesitant at first when using this sonic cleanser. This is the first product of its kind that I have tried. I am pleasantly surprised though! It definitely took some getting used to, the sensation is a bit strange at first, but ultimately my skin has never felt cleaner. The sonic vibration really feels like it is stimulating the deeper skin, and causing the cleanser to really work into the pores to clean deeper than I could massage with fingers alone. I tried the heating effect, but found that it was uncomfortable for me - it wasn't too hot, only very localised to the centre of the unit, so didn't add much to my experience. I am also unsure why there are different strengths of sonic vibration, as the base one worked just fine for me. The charging in is super convenient and cute. I also really love that it's waterproof, so I can use it in the shower, as it make integrating its use into my daily routine much easier.
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A great way to step up your skincare routine!

If you're curious about cleansing devices or like cleansing devices in general, this is definitely worth trying! Sonic cleansers are advertised to help give the skin a deeper cleanse. I haven't noticed a considerable difference however I really enjoy the experience, it feels so relaxing and soothing! Perhaps with longer use I will be able to attest to the long term results. It's waterproof, making it super convenient to use in the shower. Super easy to cleanse and it's also very aesthetic! Would highly recommend if you're looking to pamper yourself or step up your skincare routine.
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Great Cleanser

I was already in love with it before even using it! The design is so compact, stylish, and premium! After using it, I fell in love with it even more. It's so easy to use & charge, very gentle but effective and the heating function is s comfortable. This feels like a salon experience at home. I've tried other electronic cleansers from other brands and they felt abrasive, some even left my skin red and painful. But the Manicare Thermal Sonic Cleanser is completely different, it left my skin smooth, soft, and deeply cleansed!
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As good as foreo

I REALLY enjoyed using this little nifty device. I've been trying it out for well over a month now and I must admit I was fairly suprised how well it works. I had tried out Foreos similar product and I have to say I actually enjoyed this more! It's a smaller size which makes it easy to maneuver around the face and would be a good option for travel. I have hardly had to charge it even with a month's usage of atleast twice daily, making it a wonderful travel companion. The purple colour is also Incredibly neutral so to be enjoyed by all, regardless of sex/gender. The thermal heating is a nice treat especially late at night or early in the morning when it's still a bit chilly. The button to turn this on is a bit tricky sometimes so you have to be a little bit tough to turn it off/on. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to up their skin game! Made my skin feel lovely, cleansed and refreshed.

Rivals the Foreo cleansing device!

I was so excited to receive the Manicare Thermal Sonic Cleanser as part of the VIP Beautycrew Kit! I couldn't wait to try this one out even though I have the travel sized version of the Foreo. It really gives the big name a run for it's money! The Manicare device fits nicely in the hand and is round with grooves on the circumference to provide extra grip. The on/off and warming buttons are located on the circumference (rather than the back of the device) so can be a bit difficult to find being a totally round device. I found the buttons were a bit stiff so could be a problem if you have dexterity problems as you need to hold the on/off button for 3 secs to turn on/off otherwise the button cycles through the sonic pressure modes. The warming function is a nice addition and I think would be thoroughly welcomed on cold winter mornings and nights (up to 40C) - a function that doesn't exist on the Foreo. It is recommended to use the device for 1 minute although there is no timer and no timer to indicate to move on to different sections of the face like the Foreo does. The charger is a wireless Qi charging disc however doesn't seem compatible with other wireless devices. One charge lasts up to 3 hours (although I feel that it is lasts less than this). The charge on a Foreo is outstanding and is probably it's standout feature. The silicone bristles were soft and comparable to the Foreo, however my skin did feel a little tender after the first few uses so I took a more light handed approach. Also the four warming metal contacts in the centre can feel a little hard when using the device on the forehead and takes some getting used to. Overall a really great cleansing device at a much more affordable price point.
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Great device for a deep clean and fresh face

I have wanted to try sonic cleansers for Some time now and boy, can I say I am officially converted. There is no going back to me not cleansing my face with this. This product is very gentle and you can use it twice daily. I used this with my cleanser every morning and night. I will admit that the first time I used this it was so gentle that I questioned if it even made a difference and was more of a gimic product, but, after just 2-3 uses my face felt SO clean and clear and I honestly can’t imagine cleansing without this now. I love the way it looks and I keep it in my bathroom, usually on top of my vanity or sometimes in the shower. It comes with a charging cable and the charging lasts ages, I only charged it once and have had it for over a month and am yet to need to charge it again. The way to use this product is to wet your face, apply your cleansing product onto the device (you can also just use water if you prefer) turn on and apply to your face. I used this in circular motions all over my face. It has different vibration modes and a heat option which is great. I love this device and it’s great for a deep clean and fresh face!
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Great little device

Being new to the beauty scene I never knew these devices existed. But now this Manicare Salon Thermal Sonic Cleanser is my favourite cleansing device and I have loved it since first use. I think everyone should own one now. It has seriously changed my skincare routine. My skin feels incredible after use and has never felt so soft and smooth. The device is also comprised of small soft silicone bristles so it is very gentle on skin. When activated, it vibrates non-stop until you press on the power button. To activate, you need to hold the button down a fraction of a second longer. There is also a warming setting, but I find this is quite useless if you are using it in the shower, which I do. I also really enjoy the initial cool sensation of the silver buttons which contrasts with the warm temperature of my shower. All in all I’m over the moon with this little device and if you can, you definitely should invest in one!
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I love this product

I have other sonic cleansing devices and this Manicare one is becoming my favourite. I find myself always grabbing this one and ignoring my other brand ones. I particularly like this one because I find the thermal function opens my pores which then helps cleaning my pores out with the silicone bristles. The devices comes with a usb charging pad and to charge the device you sit the device on the pad wirelessly. Only the pad needs to be plugged in. When charging, the device flashes red and blue lights underneath it and once it's fully charged the lights turn green. I only needed to change it for 5 minutes for the first charge. The device is small and round and fits into my palm perfectly. I just cup my hand around it and off I go. It is 100% waterproof and I love that there is no charging hole like other devices that I need to dry or keep out of water. That's another one of my favourite features. Manicare really has thought of it all with this device. To use the device you simply press and hold the button on the side for a tad longer than a second until it starts vibrating. To turn the thermal setting on you simply press the thermal button which is next to the on/off button. And to turn the device and the thermal setting off you just hold the on/off button and that turns both functions off. There are 3 vibrations levels and I've found level 2 to be perfect and comfortable for me. I like to use my device whilst in the shower. All I do is apply my cleanser directly onto the sonic device and use circular motions until I feel like I've done my entire face and neck. Then rinse my face and the device. To clean the sides of your nose I find that if you use the middle of the device where the thermal elements are you can get right onto the area and give it a great clean easily. After using this device my skin feel insanly soft and smooth. I would have liked to have seen an instruction manual included in the box. If you're a first time user of a cleansing device there isn't enough information written on the box itself to work the device out. You've really just to go charge it and work it out for yourself. I absolutely love how clean this leaves my skin and how smooth my skin is.
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Absolutely love this little pocket rocket cleansing device! Such a fantastic product at such a great price point. I'd previously purchased a similar device so I thought this would be similar, however this one just makes my skin feel so much cleaner. The fact that it heats up while using it is such a nice feature, really makes those late night skin care routines enjoyable - even when its the last thing I want to do! Would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to get that salon clean feeling from the comfort of their home!

One to rival and perhaps even best Foreo devices

This is my favourite cleansing device and I have loved it since first use. I think everyone should own one. If you have always wanted a silicone cleansing device like a Foreo but find you can't justify the price—this is a very good and cheaper alternative which gives you the same results. In some ways, it is better (and this coming from a Foreo owner). That said, there is room for improvement and I will go into that a bit later on below. For starters, let's talk about its appearance and then get into the functionality. The current device iteration only comes in one colour, a lovely light purple with four silver buttons in the middle. The size of the device is small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand and there are grooves on the sides which help you to grip the device when using it. This is particularly helpful in a shower context when cleansing devices can easily be dropped. The size also makes it an attractive portable device. When activated, it vibrates non-stop until you press on the power button. To activate, you need to hold the button down a fraction of a second longer. There is also a warming setting, but I find this is quite useless if you are using it in the shower, which I do. I also really enjoy the initial cool sensation of the silver buttons which contrasts with the warm temperature of my shower. The device comes with a flat plastic-like silver charging pad and a USB charging cord. To charge the device, you only need to place the device on the charging pad while it is plugged to an electrical charging source. While charging, red and blue lights will flick intermittently until it turns green, indicating that the device is fully charged. One charge is supposed to last up to 3 hours of usage. The cord is very short and may be easy to lose, so I recommend always leaving the cord attached to the charging pad. The recommended way to use the device is to first wet your skin and apply your selected cleansing solution onto the device directly before applying the device to your face. I like to use circular motions but there is no rule to how you use it after that. The recommended time of usage is 1 minute, but the device will not stop until you turn it off and there is also vibration or notice function that lets you know when 1 minute has passed. This is a feature in other cleansing devices I have used that I think should be incorporated into future iterations of this device. My skin feels incredible after use and has never felt so soft and smooth. The device is also comprised of small soft silicone bristles (like with a Foreo device) so it is very gentle on skin. The downsides are that this device does not resolve the issue that other cleansing devices have faced about accessing awkward parts of the face, e.g. sides of the nose, but it still does a better job of it than most, depending on how you angle the device when using it. Lastly, it would have also been really handy to have a manual accompanying the box this device came in as I was quite lost about how to use this device initially and the instructions on the box it comes in is not informative at all.
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Pocket rocket

I absolutely love this little purple pocket rocket! I never believed the hype of sonic cleansers until I tried this, I am officially converted! It's made a huge difference in how clean my skin feels, I will never stop using it! I can't believe the difference I've seen in my skin since I started using it. It's also waterproof, so perfect to be used in the shower and the charge lasts ages. It has adjustable vibration levels and can also be put onto a heated mode which is handy. I will absolutely keep this device as a part of my skin care routine, and just wish I had of found it sooner and believed the hype because I could have had better skin ages ago! Deep clean, absolutely love it.
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The Hubby LOVES It!

I was so excited to receive the Manicure Salon Thermal Sonic Cleanser. After having a baby and being 5 months postpartum in lockdown, I really haven't had the chance to have a facial or spa-day so this came at the absolute perfect time. Little did I know, the Mr was very interested. He started using it before I even had the chance! He absolutely loved it and the one thing that impressed us was that we could see it on our phones. As gross as it was satisfying, we definitely saw a difference in skin texture after using it. I really enjoyed trialling this and am so grateful to have the opportunity!
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Great little cleansing tool

Thermal Sonic Cleanser is a great little tool! Simple easy to use, small enough that it’s easy to hold, easy to charge with the supplied dock and usb cable. Ive been enjoying the feeling of the soft silicone bristles. It’s great to use in the shower and I now use it every second day for cleansing! The warming function, which heats the cleanser device up to 40C, is a good idea but I found it quite useless while using the product in the shower. Definitely worth adding into your routine for a thorough cleanse to get rid of impurities and excess oil.
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Loved this product! I've used similar before but found this Manicare one to be so much more soft and really gentle on the skin. It gives such a deep clean and my skin always feels so nice after I use it. It doesn't leave it feeling tight or dry. Because it's so gentle, I wouldn't class it as an exfoliant so I use it for my second cleanse each night. It's also so convenient that it's fully waterproof and I can take it into the shower with me. The charge time also lasts ages and the cute stand makes it really easy to charge. Would definitely recommend for an every night deep clean.
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Nice and soft

The sonic cleanser really surprised me. I’ve only ever used the Clarisonic cleanser before this and in comparison, the Sonic Cleanser felt so much more gentle on the skin. After using my oil cleanser at night, I would follow up with a second cleanse using the Sonic Cleanser and my skin never felt cleaner! The little silicon brushes definitely does it’s job of working it’s way into the pores. Aesthetics wise, it’s a nice shade of purple and a good size to hold in the hands. It comes with an easy charge attachment and a reasonable battery life.
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So hood

The thermal sonic cleanser is so easy to use, I do feel like my skin has been cleaner since I got this facial cleanser. And it helps me apply my makeup in the morning a lot smoother too! I have sensitive acne prone skin so this product is much more sanitary for my cleansing needs. My face feels so much softer after using this. I only use it about 3 times a week because I don't want to over exfoliate my face. I've had for about 6 weeks now and I haven't had to recharge it yet It won't sting when you wash your face.real clean you face. Pink is a lovely color and not too bulky to adjust the vibration frequency! Deep clean! I love it
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Can't recommend this one enough!

This is my absolute new favourite product - it's incredible... The Manicare Thermal Sonic Cleanser is a gorgeous purple colour and is the perfect size to fit in my hand. It is made from silicone so it is 100% waterproof and can even be used in the shower. I really loved that the charger is actually a little wireless dock; so all I had to do was charge the dock in advance, and then pop the cleansing device onto the wireless charger after I used it for it to recharge; this was really convenient. The charging dock was also great so that I didn't have to leave the cleansing device sitting directly on the bathroom bench after I used it (which probably makes it more hygienic). The cleansing device itself is covered in little soft silicone bristles, so that when you use it in circular motions they get all the dirt and oil out of your skin as well as lightly exfoliating at the same time. I used it with a cleanser as part of my morning and night routine and found that it gave my skin a really deep clean and also removed dead skin cells that normally cleansing with a towel wouldn't do. It really is a great quality item that is portable and really easy to use, so I highly recommend this one.
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Believe the Hype!!

My friends have always told me how amazing these sonic cleansers are and i've never believed the hype until now! Having used my fair share of exfoliating scrubs and countless facial cleansers in the past, This, is by far the best my skin has felt in years! I love the gentle vibrations, feels great in the hand and grippy when wet and covered in your cleanser of choice. I also love the convenience of being able to use it in the shower as a quick pick up and wash option instead of my normal face routine.