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Marc Jacobs Daisy Love EDT

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Marc Jacobs Daisy Love EDT is a vibrant fragrance that opens up with sweet cloudberries and settles into fresh daisy tree petals, cashmere musks and driftwood.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Love EDT


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Delicious but sometimes too delicious... I love the smell but if I were to use it every day (which I'm always guilty of doing with a new perfume), it gets overwhelming. The fragrance also sticks around all day which is what you want out of a perfume! Love it!
Every single time I wear this, somebody compliments me  The entire Daisy range from Marc Jacobs is incredible but this is definitely one of my favourites. The scent is so soft and fresh and lasts throughout the day. The price point is a little steep compared to other perfumes but this is hands down worth it. The bottle is gorgeous and the smell inside is even better.
I was expecting a childish scent but boy was I wrong. This is amazing and floral. It was a present from a brother who just grabs whatever and he got one right! I love the gentle soft scent that although floral mostly is not overbearing. Spring here I come. It actually screams warm weather as another reviewer has stated aptly. I recommend this for any age, just ignore the flower!
Firstly I love the look of this bottle on my dressing table as it is so sweet to look at but as a bonus it smells lovely & fresh too. It has a beautiful & fresh fragrance & I just love the smell of it. It has such a luxurious scent that I feel special when I put it on & love having it on.
A lovely fragrance, with staying power, light and fresh. What I call a 'pretty' fragrance and loved by 3 generations in my family - my Oma, my mum and myself. The bottle is a pretty display too. A great fragrance for work or a lunch time date. Love Marc Jacobs but this is a standout fave.
I received this gorgeous marc jacobs daisy love scent for my birthday and absolutely adore it. Firstly the packaging is divine, such a treat, the bottle is pretty, feminine and delicate with a cute daisy attached to the lid, it feels special. The scent is so pretty and elegant,it is sweet without being sickly with a  hint of musk and earthiness and sweet cloudberries with a floral undertone of daisy that is subtle and sophisticated. This is a perfect daytime fragrance as it is so fresh and youthful and its so pretty it makes a stunning gift. I adore this and would highly recommend it, another marc jacobs winner.