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Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum is a luxurious, sensual, rich woody fragrance for women that embodies the spirit of irreverent glamour. It features top notes of Italian plum, iris flower and saffron; heart notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and orris; and base notes of vetiver, papyrus woods and liquid amber.

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Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum


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A little goes a long way

This perfume definitely packs a punch. It's a very polarising scent and most people cannot stand it. I absolutely adore it! I reserve wearing it for special, night time ocassions; and for cooler times of the year. It is a scent that lives up to its name...opulent and decadent.
Controversially and totally not in the vein of any decadence, the first thought this perfume evokes in me is the smell of the inside of a tic tac packet. And oddly I have managed to get others to agree to this. I simply had to have it.  Tic tacs aside this perfume is one of the cornerstones of my collection. Elegant, heady, rich and luscious, the scent lingers all day or night and evolves as you wear it. To me it was a gateway to more mature scents and it really bridges that divide between fun and and 'grown up'. A favourite now and for long to come. 
Fragrance is an addiction of mine...that and matte nude lipsticks,so to say that i have a,(ahem) few is an understatement. When i saw an ad for this baby i HAD to check it out,and as so many do,it came home with me. Marc Jacobs is NOT a name i really go for as far as a perfume goes (Daisy,Dot,Honey ? I am neither Donald's wife,nor am i a teenage girl with a well off Mummy and Daddy),but when i spritzed this delectable mix,i felt that Marc had transformed (finally) into a grown up,sophisticated,strong (but sexy) women (at least as far as fragrances go).Marc called this scent "Decadence",and truly,that name is apt for this offering.It features top notes of Italian plum, iris flower and saffron that give an instant "wow" to the opening...a somewhat rich and heady start that those who say they get "headaches" from stronger scents will want to look away from right now; the heart notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and orris make for a beautifully floral but warmed by the saffron body that has "decadent" written all over it; and to finish,the base notes of vetiver, papyrus woods and liquid amber give a deep sultriness that lasts longer than you might,whilst still having an ever so slight freshness (thanks vetiver) that will make you feel simply darn tactile,so immediately you know that this is NOT a scent for wallflowers (or a summer's is firmly evening out,and a formal one at that).The fragrance lasts for hours and hours (the next day,i still detected a lingering trail of Decadence on my skin),and i adored that fact. Now,i know what question is TRULY lingering on everyone's mind...THAT bottle.Well,to house a precious liquid filled with rose / woods / amber and saffron (the most exxy of all spices) you obviously need to outdo yourself,and boy did Marc do good.The bottle is a design marvel...heavy,deep ocean green / blue glass formed into a handbag shape starts it off,with Marc's moniker emblazoned in gold on the front.Then the "handbag's" flap (which is, in fact,the top of the bottle) comes into play...a sexy, black (faux) python print flap, that has a stunning gold chain "strap" attached that oozes luxe, and a silky black tassel that feels very "burlesque" to me (but take note...the smallest size,30ml bottle does NOT come with said tassle...booo for that).Whilst this is NOT the first scent (and it won't be the last) to draw on a handbag as design inspiration,it is possibly the most gorgeous thus far,so to not display it would be an absolute crime. So,to finish,if a "decadent",sexy and unabashedly "i'm here" scent is up your alley,you could do worse than to give this a test drive on your next night out . TIP:This is a truly heady scent,so only apply a spritz or two to your pulse points..anymore and you risk becoming a nasal warfare weapon.
I have reserved this perfume for going out at night. It's sexy, heavy and romantic. As soon as I put it on I feel all of those and am ready for a night out. The lasting time of this perfume is significantly longer than Marc Jacob's other perfumes. I am onto my second bottle and do not see myself switching scents any time soon
Opulence is the first word that springs to mind with a whiff of this lush Marc Jacobs perfume and this is obviously the theme they were aiming for as everything about it - the scent, the colour, the packaging - speaks of richness and glamour. I loved the scent from the first and it is one that I turn to most often. Most of Marc Jacobs perfumes have a "character" and Decadence's character is sexy and sophisticated. It is also a very unusual perfume, and harder to label than some others, it is not overtly floral or spicy but has elements of both, as well the woodsy, musky scent of the base.  The top notes have the floral sweetness of the iris, balanced by the Italian plum and saffron, whilst the heart has orris root along with the Bulgarian rose and Sambac jasmine. However it's the base notes of vetiver, papyrus wood and the warmth of liquid amber that really attract me, and come through strongly. I have always been attracted to vetiver and it's earthy, woody scent, there is nothing too floral or pretty that could become over-powering.  It has very good staying power also, and it is the sharper base notes that linger, which are my favourite part of this perfume. I find that I can enjoy the scent into the next day. I don't find it overpowering at all, but it is a rich scent so others may need to apply more sparingly. Such an opulent scent could be saved for an evening or special occasion, but to my mind it would be a waste to limit something I enjoy so much, so I wear it whenever I like! I definitely feel more sophisticated and elegant when I wear Decadence. The packaging of Decadence is a beautiful colour - a really, rich dark jewel-like green, to match the opulent image and woodsy scent. The packaging itself is in the shape of a small snake-skin print evening bag, complete with gold chain "strap" and black tassel. The colour is probably the only part of the packaging that I like. The little bag is cute but super-gimmicky and for some reason the tassel is way out of proportion to the "bag". I have to say that the bag-shaped top of the bottle, is more of a hindrance to using the product than anything else, and would take up too much room on my perfume shelf. So it basically is set aside permanently so I can get to the fragrance easily.  Fortunately I don't buy perfume to look at the packaging, although a pretty one can enhance your vanity bench, so that doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the fragrance. I would recommend this fragrance for someone who likes a sharper, woodsy scent. I would check with a floral-lover before buying this as a gift because it is unusual. Pros. Sophisticated, rich scent. Beautiful colour Great lasting power Cons. Gimmicky packaging Expensive - but most good perfumes are! 
The packaging is to die for, so elegant and feminine. This fragrance has a sophisticated scent which makes it very unique and the scent is very strong so a little will last a whole day. In my opinion this fragrance is suitable for winter or night time wear as I prefer floral scent fragrance during summer or day time wear.
What exactly are the notes involved in this scent? Top notes: Italian plum, saffron and iris Heart: Bulgarian rose, Sambac jasmine and orris root Base notes: Warm liquid amber, vetiver and papyrus root When sprayed on my wrist, this woody, velvety scent carries notes of sweet plum that lend a seductive feel to it. This culminates into a scent that is beautiful, dark and a little rich. This is what I'd recommend for a night out at a fancy restaurant with the one you love, or when you're just looking for a reason to treat yourself!
When I first saw this perfume I didn't realise it was a Marc Jacobs fragrance. Over the top, fun, colourful and quirky bottle designs have become synonymous with MJ but in this instance he decided to go for a more elegant, mature and sophisticated route. And with a name like decadence, it's only fitted it with be as such.  A perfume bottle that looks exactly like a handbag. LOVE! It couldn't have appealed to me anymore.  I am a lover of all things fashion and the gold chain, long black tassel, dark green bottle and black snakeskin top made me wish that he had turned that into an actual handbag.  The decadence perfume is not your typical Marc Jacobs fragrance. It's sexy, seductive and sensual.  The warmth of Amber, woodiness of papyrus and sweetness of the plum makes it alluring, captivating and unpredictable. From woody, to powdery, to floral: its unpredictability creates mystery.  A statement fragrance for the modern woman.
Decadence is the perfect name for this perfume.  It makes me feel glamorous, sophisticated and confident when I wear it.  Truly gorgeous scent that can be worn at anytime of the day and definitely suited to night time wear.  Another gorgeous perfume from Marc Jacobs but distinct from his other lighter and more floral fragrances.
Love this perfume