Matrix Biolage HydraSource Mask

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Formulated with the aloe plant, Matrix’s Biolage HydraSource Mask is a rinse-out hair mask that restores shine and manageability to dull hair. The mask also works to combat dryness, deeply conditioning hair for an instant moisture boost. Suitable for fine to medium hair. Safe for colour-treated hair.


Matrix Biolage HydraSource Mask


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This is a great treatment to incorporate into your routine! I have used this for a while now and swapped my condition for this treatment. It makes the hair feel very soft and hydrated. It is not heavy at all and makes styling so much easier, leaving smooth and shiny results. Definitely worth trying!!
I have been using this for a few weeks on my daughters hair. She has bey fine, dry hair which knots up just by looking at it. Brush it, knots. Plait it back, knots. Wash it, knots. We have had salon treatments which help but only last a week or so, and cost a lot. This range was recommended to us and we haven’t looked back. Her hair is luxiously soft and hydrated, it is so easy to brush and style. It rarely knots. It’s not heavy and doesn’t go oily like other moisturising hair products can. We have been using the shampoo and using this mask as a conditioner- her hair is THAT dry we need the mask in replace of a conditioner. We’ll move to the shampoo and conditioner with occasional mask usage in the coming weeks, when her hair has some condition back. I love that the mask doesn’t make her hair heavy!