Matrix Style Link Minerals Play Back Dry Shampoo

RRP $23.95


Matrix Style Link Minerals Play Back Dry Shampoo is an instant hair refresher formulated to absorb oil and impurities, leaving hair textured and clean for longer.


Matrix Style Link Minerals Play Back Dry Shampoo


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This is a really high quality dry shampoo that works well to absorb excess oil and extend my blow dry. I had not tried many matrix products but this dry shampoo was recommended to me and at under $17.00 and with not needing to use a lot it's really great value. Easy to use, I just spray, wait, and brush out. This dry shampoo leaves no gritty residue or powder behind and absorbs excess oil beautifully leaving my hair looking clean and fresh. This extends a great blow dry by several days and gives my hair great volume. It feels nice to wear, light and fresh, it's a great product and I highly recommend it.
I adore this product but I have found it hard to find this exact type in many stores - maybe it's really popular and sells out quick, or is only sold in limited stores? I stock up when I find it, it adds so much bounce and volume without that sticky build-up in the scalp that some dry shampoos leave behind.
This product has a subtle scent and is great as a dry shampoo as it absorbs oil without any heavy buildup. However, as my hair is very thick it doesn't really give a lot of volume.
I keep a can of this in my gym bag - perfect for a little spritz post workout when you don't have time to wash your hair. Gives it a nice fresh scent & eliminates any oily build up , it also adds a nice volume to flat hair - highly recommend this product !