Matrix SugarShine Hair Polishing Scrub

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Matrix SugarShine Hair Polishing Scrub is a paraben free sugar scrub. Water-soluble crystals melt into hair, softly removing build up from roots to ends.  Can also be used as a body scrub. Suitable for colour treated hair.


Matrix SugarShine Hair Polishing Scrub


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I suffer from a dry, flakey scalp and was looking for a product to help give my hair a deep cleanse. This is a great clarifying product to aid with removing product build up, which is a must when you only wash your hair once or twice a week. I have long hair and found this scrub quite difficult to get down into the roots, but on the rest of my hair, it worked well, making it feel considerably softer and shinier. It also smells deliciously sweet!  While this wasn’t the miracle product I was searching for for my scalp, for the rest of my hair, it was a godsend! 
This is a great product for removing product buildup and deeply cleansing hair. I haven't used a lot of matrix products but this sugar scrub was recommended to me and I really love it. This sugarshine hair polishing scrub is so easy to use, just rub a small amount into hair, massage in and shampoo and condition as normal. The crystals in this scrub remove product buildup gently yet effectively leaving hair super clean and shiny, I can feel the results, my hair feels amazingly soft after using this. I love that my scalp feels really clean after using this scrub once a week, at $31.00 it's great value as it lasts for ages and is gentle enough to use on my colour treated hair, a bonus is this can also be used as a sugar scrub for body so is multi purpode for smooth skin, great for legs in summer pre tan and for rough skin patches such as elbows. I adore this and would recommend it.
Now I've tried a lot of products when it comes to my hair. Shampoos, conditioner, masks, dyes, oils, you name it, but until this Matrix sugar shine hair polishing scrub, I'd never have thought of exfoliating my scalp. It sure makes sense though, just like your skin gets dead skin build up, so would your scalp get skin and product build up. I stepped into the shower the next morning, and before my double shampoo, I worked through an almond sized amount and massaged and scrubbed my scalp thoroughly yet still gently, making sure to cover the entire area of my scalp and roots, before rinsing out and doing my double shampoo, conditioner and I was done. Then I turned off the water, moisturised my still damp skin, wrapped a hair turban around my now very clean tresses, dried off and dressed. After towel and air drying my hair and combing through gently, I looked at my freshly scrubbed hair and scalp in the mirror, turning this way and that.  I was very pleasantly surprised by the very instant and impressive results. My long, fine, colour damaged hair was now fresh, shiny and radiant with a gentle fullness and body. It was very easy to use, it was gentle yet you could feel it did a very good job exfoliating and removing product build up and gunk. It is now a firm fixture in my weekly hair care routine and the results speak for themselves and are instant and long lasting. My hair is in gorgeous condition and is less prone to frizz and flatness, my colour looks so radiant and fresh, and my hair looks freshly washed and full for longer. Matrix, you have come out with a beautiful and smart product that I didn't know I needed but now can't live without. Once again, brands and products like you make me feel proud, confident, powerful and so happy to be a beauty, hair care and makeup loving girl in this world.