matrix Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Conditioner

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matrix Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Conditioner is infused with citric acid to strengthen and soften hair

  • Revives all types of hair & textures from chemical damage
  • Highly conditioning sulfate-free technology
  • Reinforces weakened bonds
  • Revives bleached hair
  • Leaves hair soft, shiny and stronger

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matrix Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Conditioner


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I know dome conditioners are packed full of fillers to make them seem luxurious in your hand, others are full of rubbish that makes your hair feel nice but aren't healthy. These are the junk foods. Then there are products that just do miraculous things. These are the healthy foods.... Then there's matrix Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Conditioner. It's Almonds. Really really good for you.... until you go to far and have accidentally overdone it. I found this product felt like it just didn't go far enough. I ended up using a lot more than needed to get the coverage over my hair. It was like eating the whole bag of almonds by snackcident. I'd recommend this to people with shorter hair but defs not long. I'd need 2 bottles of conditioner to my one shampoo. I do feel the product has definitely aided in the repair of my hair however. I'm a level 10 blonde and my hair has transformed from dry dull and heavy to a brighter bouncier happy whilst using this system
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Thick concentrated cream, soft manageable hair.

I have dry damaged hair with blonde highlights and usually need a lot of conditioning and oils to make my hair feel "normal". Now this conditioner is super thick and concentrated and pretty much instantly softens my hair on contact. I do tend to leave if in for a few minutes to get the full benefits so that it's even better. I do recommend using the shampoo with this as the shampoo clarifies the hair without stripping it. That way the conditioner can really sink in and do its work. The scent is fresh and lemony but not over the top. It's a thick white cream which distributes easily into hair. The packaging is attractive and easy to use but the purple packaging did make me think it was a purple conditioner so don't be fooled. I definitely recommend this for anyone with dry damaged blonde hair or those with blonde highlights like me. My hair is fine textured and needs volume and this never weighs it down or makes if feel greasy or slimy. Great product!
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Not that conditioning and needed to use a lot

I really loved the shampoo & the leave in conditioner but I felt the conditioner didnt really help nourish or detangle my hair in comparison to other blonding conditioners. The product didnt spread it the same way the shampoo did so I used a lot of product so didnt get as many uses out of this item compared to the others/ The more i used it i kept this in for a long time and combed my hair with this product. My hair is bleached and dry so when i use conditioner i look for something very nourishing to add back in the sleek lok the bleach has taken out and i didnt feel this was the product for me.
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Good Conditoner, Good Price

I trialled the Matrix Unbreak My Blonde Conditioner, alongside the Shampoo and Leave in Treatment. I do have to admit that trialling this product was interrupted by a trip to the hair salon midway through the month so I was not able to fully attain an impression of whether the products, or my treatment and hair colouring at the salon was the result of healthier hair. I will say, the conditioner had a fresh scent, reminiscent of tea tree oil and after using it I did feel my hair refreshed. I tend to wash my hair no more than twice a week so I had to balance the use of this out with my toning shampoo and condition – as this is not a ‘purple’ product and does not impact colour or removal of brassy tones etc. It’s an effective product at an affordable price. I did feel that I had to use a bit more of the product to really feel it throughout my hair but I have definitely noticed an improvement from my heat and weather damaged hair.
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fail proof silky and shiny hair everytime!!

Thanks BC and Matrix for allowing me to trial this range! I first want to touch on the most simple feature, that is often overlooked when it comes to shampoos and conditioners. I truly LOVEEEEE when a bottle is obviously distinguishable between the shampoo and conditioner. Being visually impaired in the shower means I can still see which is which- such a small thing but it means the world to me!! SO bonus points for that simple feature. This conditioner was lovely! It was rich and thick and provided a great result for my damaged hair. Conditioner is my favourite step of all!! It provides the silk, shine and can make or break your hair washing routine! I focused it on my ends and ran it through my strands. I usually bun it for a few mins to let the conditioner work its magic and then comb it through with a wide tooth comb. I rinsed with semi-warm water and my hair came out silky and shiny every time!!
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Great for keratin treated, bleached hair

I have used quite a lot of different shampoos and conditioners specifically made for bleached and damaged hair. The matrix conditioner stood out to me as it is sulfate free, which is ideal for my hair that is both bleached and keratin treated. Overall this product was good, not the best I have ever used, but a great everyday treatment. My hair felt very silky after use and it still felt quite light. A lot of conditioners can leave your hair feeling heavy or oily and it was nice to see that this was not the case. While this may not be the most heavy duty of products, combined with the shampoo and leave in treatment is does make for a good haircare routine.
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Bye Bye Damaged Hair

I have used Matrix products in the past and have found them to be okay but fast forward to 2021 and Matrix are giving the other brands a run for their money. Not only does the packaging look the part and modern, but so is whats inside the bottle! My hair is extremely dry and damaged due to the amount of colour in my hair and I find it extremely hard to manage and stay moisturised. Matrix Unbreak My Blonde has a beautiful texture and lathers up well. The conditioner is thick and super moisturising more like a treatment in a bottle. After using the Shampoo and conditioner I applied the treatment before blow waving and wow it worked a treat! Overall after 3 weeks my hair is stronger, healthier, shiny and a lot stronger. I will definately keep this one on my must have list! All the products work well together so I recommend purchasing the shampoo, conditioner and treatment to use as your daily routine. Also the smell of the products are pleasant, not over powering like a lot of blonde products on the market. I will be recommending these products to my fellow blonde family and friends who I am sure will also become cult followers!
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Sulfate free and top quality

I trialled this conditioner along with the matrix shampoo and leave in treatment. Obviously one of the stand out things about this product is not only the quality but the fact that is sulfate free, for me this has now become a game changer when buying beauty products in general. The consistency of the conditioner is thick and creamy, I have long hair so required a little bit extra. I left it in for several minutes before rinsing and could feel the quality of the product already in my hair. With cheaper quality conditioners I find I either need lots of conditioner or I have to conditioner it twice, I didn’t need to do that with the matrix conditioner. The product definitely left my hair soft, although it would be beneficial to have a tint component to the conditioner to target the brassy colours in blonde hair.
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Good , but not great

The matrix "Unbreak My blonde" Sulfate-Free Strengthening Conditioner is part of a 3 product system. I was excited at the prospect of combining toning products with strengthening and anti-frizz and simplifying the routine. Definitely needs to be used as part of the system with the other two products to be opimitised. I think doing both toning and strengthening, whilst convenient and attractive in theory, is the downfall. The conditioner is a good strengthener, but not quite as good as other strengthening and anti-frizz products. Similarly, the toning is good but not as good as a pure toner. On the upside, it's a easy and enjoyable product to use, requiring only small amounts and smelling great.
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Great salon quality conditioner

The matrix Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Conditioner makes your hair feel lovely and silky when applied. It instantly detangles and does not weigh down your hair. I didn't find that it had any effect on the brassy hair, however, for the price point, I think it did a great job of nourishing, strengthening, and protecting my very weak, damaged hair. I did find that I still required the leave-in treatment after this to really nourish the strands and help the comb glide through my hair without pulling it. The scent was pleasant and light and the packaging user-friendly. Overall I think this is a great salon quality conditioner with an attractive price point that targets more than one concern at a time.
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Great Product!

Great Conditioner for damaged bleach blonde hair! I have bleached blonde hair with damage from the bleaching process and I honestly love this product. I have been using it in conjunction with the shampoo and leave in treatment and after the first wash my hair quality was greatly improved. My hair was softer, smoother and tangled less. This Conditioner is thick and not watered down like other brands so it's better value for money. The packaging is nice but I was surprised that the Conditioner was not a purple Conditioner as the colour of the packaging was purple and the Conditioner is white. So toning has to be done as a separate process. So very impressed with this product and will continue to use as I have tried many other brands and never had a Conditioner that left my hair healthier
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Beautiful nourishing conditioner!

I have used the matrix Unbreak My Blonde Sulfate-Free Strengthening Conditioner a few times now and I am so impressed with this product! This conditioner left my hair so soft, silky and clean feeling. I also found my hair felt stronger and didn't get as much hair-fall compared to using my regular conditioner. The consistency of the conditioner is thick and creamy but easy to distribute throughout the hair. I left the product on for a few minutes and found it easy to rinse out. The smell of the product is a subtle citrus fragrance which I quite liked and found refreshing. Overall I really enjoyed using this product and I definitely will be repurchasing again!
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So soft and shiny

I do recommend the matrix Unbreak My Blonde Strengthening Shampoo together with the conditioner and leave in treatment. Although I have only been trialing this product for 2 weeks I can’t say that I’ve noticed it to have strengthened my hair but it certainly does leave the hair soft and shiny. The shampoo leathers up quite nicely with minimal amount needed for my thick hair. It has a lovely soft subtle smell that I really liked. The conditioner wasn’t as surprising quality as the shampoo but it was also nice and smooth applying to the hair. I was amazed by the softness my hair was after using this product. I have coarse hair and some shampoos can make it seem worse and fuzzy but this product left my hair feeling so soft and shinning and not fuzzy at all. I’m enjoying this shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment. If you have thick coarse hair like me, I recommend giving this a try.
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AMAZING PRODUCT! This conditioner has literally exceeded my expectation of every conditioner I have EVER used. I have previously used matrix products but wasn’t a fan… but this…. This I am going to repurchase when I finish the product it is that good!! A little bit of product goes a long way! It definitely feels more like a deep but fast treatment rather than a shampoo, which is great! It leaves my platinum blond hair shiny, soft, feels stronger and just overall healthier and less frizzy and brittle. The first night I used it, I blow dried and straightened my hair and it looked like I had walked out of the salon. I was so amazed. And it actually stayed straight for more then the day!!! The scent smells nice. It smells like the previous Matrix product I used, a subtle luxe scent. The packaging is purple so I kind of assumed the product inside would be purple to tone blonde hair but it unfortunately didn’t, but that’s not the end of the world. But if it did that- that would be freaking amazing!!! Overall I am OBSESSED with this product and have told all my blond friends about it! HIGHLY recommend to any not-so-natural blondies out there!
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Nice fresh scent

I trialled this Shampoo along with the accompanying Conditioner and leave-in treatment. I used it for about 3 washes. I usually use something more natural, however i found these products to be very nice. After using all three together, my hair felt soft, smooth and detangled. I really enjoyed the scent of the Shampoo, smelling of fresh citrus, wasn't too strong but left my hair smelling lovely. I found I didn't need too much of the product and it felt very soft after letting it sit for 3 minutes then rinsing. I enjoyed this product and would try again, I have recommended it to a friend with hair breakage issues too.
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Creamy Conditioning

I really enjoyed this conditioner, it smells delightful. It's consistency is thick, and I enjoy combing it through and letting it sit a little. Despite it's thickness, I'm keen to give them a shout out that it doesn't feel heavy. I've got long dyed blonde hair with oily roots and dry ends. It softens really nicely and my hair definitely looks healthier. I can also go a few days and my hair still looks pretty good (with a dash of dry shampoo) I do usually spend ~$40 on a conditioner I believe is better, but for the price point it's a fantastic product.
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Silk like hair!

This conditioner is amazing! My hair felt like silk, which is something I haven’t felt for a long time. I’ve been hairdressing for over 16 years and this is a product that I would definitely use again and also recommend to family, friends and clients who have blonde or damaged hair. This product is great for the fact that it doesn’t have violet toning in it, as not everyone wants to be a cool icy blonde. This product was so lovely to comb through and when rinsing it just felt amazing, also had a beautiful fragrance. I would definitely use and purchase this product again!
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Feels clean

I've been using this conditioner along with the shampoo and leave-in and I have had quite a good experience so far. I'm still yet to feel my hair strengthen but so far it has made washing my hair a lot easier than before. As a regular hair washer I feel that these products thoroughly clean my hair and do see a difference in weight and shine. I personally think that you'd have to use these products together to get the full effect and could possibly be one of the closest dupes to higher end hair products suited to bleached blondes. I'm willing to give these bad boys a longer run to see if it strengthens as much as it claims. Overall, they're pretty good.
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Average, good conditioner

What I loved - tube size, smell, the fact it's sulfate free and my hair felt conditioned afterwards. I originally assumed this was a purple toning product, plus the purple colour in that packaging threw me off. The texture of the conditioner was thick and creamy so you don’t have to use very much from mid - ends. Not sure my hair was stronger after 3 weeks of use - it smoothed my hair but overall no less breakage. My hair did look more shiny but to tame my frizz I had to use alongside the shampoo and leave in treatment.
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Good range

I have used this conditioner a few times now and I think overall my hair has been softer and shiner. It’s hard to tell if it’s stronger as I’ve only used it a few times. I have highlighted blonde hair and it can become dry sometimes so I think this range does make a difference and helps it feel softer and shinier. I’ll keep using it to see if my hair feels strengthened at all. I also feel like if does help to keep the colour of my blonde hair nice and not brassy. I also think is smells really good like a perfumed scent. The conditioner is hydrating but not too heavy. I still need to use a mask when my hair is really dry.