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Mavala Switzerland Caress Toning Lotion

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Mavala Switzerland Caress Toning Lotion is a soothing toner for sensitive or irritated skin. Concentrated in pure water from the Swiss Alps, the formula gently removes any traces of impurities and makeup that remain after cleansing. It also contains Swiss mallow flower to soothe and aloe vera to hydrate. The toner is alcohol-free.

Size pictured is 200mL. Also available in 100mL for $14.95.


Mavala Switzerland Caress Toning Lotion


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Mavala Switzerland Caress Toning Lotion is such an amazing product and it works wonders on my skin. It cleanses and hydrates and easily removes makeup and tough eye makeup. I would recommend this product to anyone. I use it morning and night as a daily routine. I honestly can't live without it. I am definitely sold.
I was delighted to discover Mavala Switzerland Caress Toning Lotion at my local pharmacy after first being introduced to it during a recen tEuropean holiday. There are your ordinary toning lotions, and then there is Mavala – a toning lotion with a difference.   I have used many different toning lotions over the years and as the years pass by I find I’m always on the lookout for skincare that is gentler and much kinder to my skin.  I have combination to dry skin so it’s important to me that I use a toning lotion to suit my skin needs because in the past I have used toning lotions that were far too drying.   I love that the Mavala Caress Toning Lotion is alcohol free and very soothing.      I use the Mavala CaressToning Lotion during my evening and morning skincare routine.  I suppose I use this a bit differently to the suggested way to use a toner because after I double cleanse my skin I spritz the toning lotion all over my face and neck. I love the instant soothing feel as the lotion settles on my skin,leaving my skin feeling so totally hydrated and fresh.  The toning lotion perks up my skin preparing it for the serum and moisturiser to follow.    The Mavala Caress Toning Lotion is packaged in a 100ml or 200ml bottle so I transfer the product to my special super fine spray bottle I use for spritzing.  The toner and the Mavala Alpine Softness Micellar Water work beautifully together to keep my skin clean, refreshed and hydrated.     Pros:  alcohol free; hydrating; suitable for irritated, sensitive or dry skin Cons:  none   I have no hesitation in recommending the Mavala Caress Toning Lotion to anyone with mature skin because this product definitely works for me.