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Mavala Switzerland Lipstick is a lipstick formulated with an in-built lip treatment. It contains Mavala Switzerland’s botanical Prolip™ complex and candelilla wax to deliver a shiny finish and form a shielding barrier; aloe vera to protect and regenerate; and vitamin E and shea butter to repair, nourish and soften.


Mavala Switzerland Lipstick


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Definitely a very affordable good quality lipstick especially for people with dry lips. This lipstick has a very smooth texture and keeps my lips moisturised without cracks and peels. The colour is pigmented and doesn't feel thick on lips. The colour pigment is long lasting where I need to touch up only once after food and drink. I love the colours too as it suits my skin tone and it is super wearable everyday.
I have loved browsing through the rainbow of nail colours in this brand so, of course, I was delighted to see that the chemist near my work had a good range of the lipsticks too. More browsing! Mavala seem to offer so many shades, and better still, have tried to co-ordinate them to their polish colours. Clever Mavala have recognised the number of women who live with frequently dry lips. Our lips, like our hands, are in constant use and do become dry and parched so they deserve extra attention. Yes, you can use lip balms but it’s pretty hard to add lipstick on top.  Enter a lipstick like this one - the lip treatment is built right into the lipstick itself, so lips are coloured while they are protected. The formula is lovely - the combination of nourishing ingredients like vegan candelilla wax and shea butter feels super-hydrating and creamy, but the lipstick has a buttery-soft satin finish. It glides on smoothly for an instant slick of colour and is very comfortable to wear, with no stickiness at all. This lipstick is nicely pigmented but the colour is soft. I first tried the colour Velvet Peach, a deep orangey-red in the tube, but a nice softer peach on the lips. Good news if you aren’t a fan of the thick “hit-you-in-the-eyes”matte look, and absolutely a great choice for a daytime lipstick you can  wear to work. I found that a lip-liner easily counteracts a slight tendency to bleed due to the moistness of the formula. Only one con among all these positives – staying-power is average, but this is usually a trade-off with a very hydrating formula. I would recommend prepping the lips with a primer or foundation, followed by two coats of colour (the silky formula is ideal for this!) to give coverage that will last the evening. Lipstick problem solved! 
I’m now in my 60s and went through a stage where I hated my lips because they looked thin and lined. However, I don’t mind my lips at present because they look healthy and fuller because I have learned to take care of them by protecting them from the elements and by keeping them hydrated.  I’m talking about scrubs, balms and good moisturising lipsticks.    This is where Mavala Switzerland Lipstick comes into the equation.  I was introduced to the Mavala brand during a recent European holiday and I have now just discovered that my local pharmacy stocks the brand.  I now have the shades Radiant Fuchsia, Divine Nectar and Daisy and I’m looking forward to adding new shades.    What I like about these lipsticks is how they seem to plump up my lips.  The formula is so soft and buttery that I can easily work with the lipstick to enhance the shape of my lips and make them look fuller.  Perhaps it’s the shiny finish from the candelilla wax that does this but whatever it is, it works for me.  My lips feel soft and supple and the lipstick provides lasting hydration.  .    The formula is highly pigmented and can be adjusted to suit your mood – one light layer for a more subtle coloured lip, or apply heavier or add another layer for a much deeper shade and longer staying power.  The colour range is so extensive that you would be hard pleased if you couldn’t find a shade or two to suit you.    To give justice to any lipstick I first use a lip conditioner or serum, outline and fill in my lips with a lip liner, and then apply my lipstick.  I quite often blot and reapply the lipstick, and also follow up with the lip liner again. I use a scrub twice a week and use a balm every night, and also throughout the day if I’m not wearing lipstick.     Pros:  the extensive colour range; the hydrating formula, the addition of aloe vera, vitamin E and UVB sun filters.  Cons:  None   I have no hesitation in recommending the Mavala Switzerland Lipstick to anyone as I believe this range would suit any age group.    
such a great lipstick! i wore this lipstick to a wedding, in the shade 606 'Poppy Red' and let me tell you, it was gorgeous! In terms of the actual colour, it was the perfect red! Its a very versatile red, which i wear for work as well as events. The product glides on beautifully and stays on all day! I wore the lipstick for 12 hours+ and only had to touch it up once! the shade range is unbelievable, containg over 75 different shades!  Mavala Lipstick contains botanical extracts (shea butter, aloe vera), all while moistirizing, smoothing, and protecting. If you are after a lipstick that feels comfortable and you can wear all day, then I would highly recommend these. They are a pigmented lipstick that sits comfortably on the skin, feeling hydrated all day, but looking pigmented as well. 
This is an absolutely divine lipstick. I have tried the Nacala nail polishes and loved them, very similar to opi but at a better price so was keen to try another product. The Nacala Switzerland lipstick is super hydrating and nourishing to lips. It glides on like silk and is not at all drying. It feels nice and light to wear, slightly waxy and it does not bleed or feather. It has great staying power even after eating or a coffee. The pigment is high quality and it’s packaged beautifully. At under $30.00 it’s great value for money as I feel the results are that of a much more expensive brand. It contains a built in lip treatment and she’s butter also slow to care for lips so it’s like a lip treatment that cares while looking amazing. I would buy this product again and highly recommend it, a truly gorgeous lipstick