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Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL Mascara gives you an instant salon lash extension effect without the damage. The formula is smudge-proof, yet easy to remove. Suitable for sensitive eyes. Ophthalmologist tested. The Full Stretch formula contains responsibly sourced good-for-you ingredients, including arginine, panthenol and vitamin E. Use with the specially-designed hourglass brush with petal-shaped bristle brush and your natural lashes appear more extended, both in volume and length.

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Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL Mascara


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Lengthens lashes beautifully

I love max factor mascaras and this false lash effect XXL really lengthens my lashes. It has a nice creamy consistency that is not drying and the shape of the brush is easy to use and with just one coat my lashes look so much longer and it’s much easier and less messy than applying false lashes. It’s a great price for the results I get and it never irritates so it’s great for anyone with sensitive eyes. This gas never ever smudged and it doesn’t flake off and I love the quality of the black pigment. It’s silky when it glides on and I can get great results with one coat but two coats really make my eyes pop. I adore this mascara and will continue to purchase it

Love this

I have super thin eyelashes so I usually use a few coats of mascara to get fuller eyelashes. I was excited to try this Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL Mascara and I’m pleasantly surprised. I only needed just two coats to get the thickness I wanted. My lashes looked fuller and it was water proof. I wore it for more than 8 hours and there was no smudging or fading. Love the Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL Mascara and highly recommended you to try it if you are after the falsies look. My new favourite
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Not the false lash effect I was hoping for

This was an average mascara to me. Perhaps because of my lashes, I didn't feel that it stuck to them well - the application was quite thick and stick and it did not give the "false lash effect" that it claims. I do think Max Factor produce quality products but this one was not it. I would have been happier with a different brush, but I think each person requires a different brush for their lashes. The product itself was quite thick and sticky, again maybe a different brush would have helped for me. It's not long lasting, but I don't think many lash products are long lasting. I would say this is an average product, I wouldn't buy it again and I wouldn't recommend it but it is not terrible. I've definitely spent more and had worse!!!!
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Nice everyday mascara

Easy to use mascara that is great for everyday use. The wand is good to hold onto for application. This mascara provides a nice nautral look mascara and I found that I could build it up quite nicely. The formula is a wetter consistency and for my smaller eyes, I had to take some care to make sure I didn't get anything on my upper lids. I found once applied the mascara lasted all day on my without any flaking and smudging and it also lasted on my lower lashes all day without smearing. The removal process was easy and it came off nicely with makeup remover. I recommend this mascara if you prefer a natural lengthening mascara as opposed to a to a more volumising mascara that provides a more dramatic look.
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Good value all rounder

This is a good value affordable mascara. It is easily applied and didn’t clump up like a lot of brands. The brush is clearly designed to coat individual lashes which focuses on defining rather than volumising. It has a very buildable consistency so you can achieve your desired look. The mascara lasted all day and was easy to wash off at the end of the day without leaving residue. The all day wear was comfortable and I didnt need to reapply throughout the day, It’s a great everyday product and would recommend
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Buildable and Lightweight

If you are wanting a natural daily look then one coat is plenty. It's super lightweight making your lashes look a little more on the natural side. Best part is due to the applicator and lightweight texture it is buildable so the ability for a dramatic and fuller lash is definitely there. I normally wear a full face of make up to work so I found that this product worked in giving my eyes the perfect pop. Also it is super easy to remove. I usually have to rub at my eyes which causes irritation to remove most mascaras however a bit of micellar water did the trick here.
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XXL length, not volume

The Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL Mascara was really nice to use. It comes in a chubby black tube that is decorated with beams of gold and looks really appealing. The wand is shaped really nicely, and in a way that it really easily clings to each and every eyelash. The mascara itself looks quite nourishing and doesn’t look dry at all, which was great because it didn’t end up drying out on my lashes and then crumbling off. The stay power was great and it lasted on my lashes all day. Overall I loved that it was nourishing, made my lashes look much longer than normal and that it coated all my lashes perfectly and easily without clumps. The only downside for me is that I had expected it to thicken my lashes as well but found it to be mainly just lengthening.
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Good but not Great

I was lucky enough to be able to trail the Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL Mascara via Beauty Crew’s Review Crew. I had many hopes for this mascara, but it failed to meet many of my expectations. The brush, nothing to write home about. It’s pretty standard these days Scent, again it’s mascara it’s pretty much the same for all of them! Formula, it’s quite a wet formula which you’ll either love or hate, not much in between. It did lengthen my lashes beautifully but failed on the promised volume and false lash effect. Lasting power, after about 3hrs I did notice it started to flake a bit but it has been fairly warm here in Victoria and humid so that may have something to do with it. Bottom line, I can’t recommend this mascara unfortunately. The hunt for the perfect mascara continues!
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Smooth as silk!

This is a pretty effective mascara. No clumping (my lashes did not stick together), it separated my eyelashes and gave them some volume. I think it would work best on thicker lashes (for more volume, I tried using another mascara under it) though it definitely made all of my eyelashes seem to look longer. It is long lasting and didn't leave me with raccoon eyes - lasting pretty much all day - I didn't feel the need to use false eyelashes when using this product. It is really easy to remove - even with just warm water. It added a curl to my lashes, plus it goes on really smoothly and feels silky smooth to me. It does not dry out quickly, it's not 'grainy' with a fine, easy to use handle, interestingly shaped (thick to thin) brush. Once it dries, the XXL mascara feels light and airy - like you're not even wearing makeup. It's a great black color and is suitable to wear daily. No strong smell and nice packaging.
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New fave

New fave! I enjoy how dark this mascara is and how easy it is to coat all the lashes evenly. The packaging is sleek and no unnecessary packaging or boxes. I thoroughly enjoy that there is no fragrance as my eyes tend to get irritated with scents and the formula is also vegan. I rubbed my eye once while wearing this and smudging was very minimal. I regularly use several coats of mascara as a habit and this one did not clump my lashes together. The mascara was easy to remove with cleansing oil and didn’t leave much of a residue.
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Max factor xxl false lash effect mascara

I was lucky enough to be able to trial this mascara. Max factor xxl false lash effect really ticked all the boxes for me. I'm very hesitant to try new eye make up as my eyes a very sensitive but this did not irritates my eyes at all. Love love love the way it made my lashes sit. I found the mascara nice and easy to use, the brush easy to hold and apply and my lashes were evenly coated with no smudges or large clumps. My lashes did look somewhat thicker and longer. This is a great value mascara which will easily last 6 monthes, as there is just so much product in the tube. Great for day or night use, can do 1. 2 or 3 coats depending on the effect you want and the occasion

Really great everyday mascara, with a glam effect!

The Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL Mascara is a really great everyday mascara. The applicator wand is really smooth, and provides a very even distribution of the product. The colour is true black which is great and the consistency of the product isn't too thick which makes it feel really natural. The only downfall I would give the product is that the product sometimes gets quite stuck to the applicator upon opening, so I feel I have to wipe product off the wand and back into the bottle. Overall thoroughly enjoy using!
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Fabulous eye lashes

I trialled this product as part of the beauty crew. I absolutely love a good mascara as I wear it daily. I was hoping that this product works as well as it says. I love my eyelashes to look fuller and longer. I don’t like to try different products on my eyes as some products make my eyes irritated. This product never irritated my eyes plus the bonus of it coming off my eyes easily. I feel that for this product less is more as with too much product I found that it will clump. Other than that the product is stylish and the brush is evenly spread so that it makes putting on mascara easy. I would definitely recommend this product.
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Ultra rich black and easy to remove

The Max Factor False Lash effect come in a sleek looking black and gold container, the brush is very thick on one end which can make it hard to apply without getting mascara on your skin. The pigment is an rich ultra black colour which stays true all day. Normally I stick to tubing mascaras due to my straight eyelashes giving me panda eyes, however this held up quite well with minimum melting, however there was a bit of flaking at the end of day. When washing this off at the end of day, although it was thick and rich still removed pretty easily especially with a double cleanse.
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My New Favourite Mascara

This mascara is truly gorgeous! Best Mascara ever, loved the brush it's amazing, the formula is amazing!!! I use this mascara as an everyday product. It really makes my lashes long, curly and of course beautiful. The packaging is gorgeous and very different from other mascaras I have had in the past. The application is easy whether you apply slow or fast. There is no clumping at all and no smudging as well. Very easy to take off. The brush grabs every single lash, even the ones in the corner!!! Very happy with this amazing product!!!
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Natural look mascara

I have short lashes which has been damaged from having lash extensions. After using the product, I hoped for it to thicken my lashes and make it curled at the end. To my disappointment it did neither. I gave it 3 stars because it did not smudge nor did it irritate my sensitive eyes and it lasted the whole day. The formula is also of good consistency as it does not run nor does it clump on application. Overall, I did not see a huge difference in my lashes. I would recommend this mascara as an everyday wear for sensitive eyes.
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Good value all round mascara

I found it gave a good thick coating without being clumpy or flaky. I did find it wasn’t sweat proof, which is a big turnoff for me. I also found it didn’t dry straight away, so had to keep wiping when I blinked. It was light and easy to apply, I like the brush and bristle shape/width/length It didn’t last all day though. Good value for money, overall good product, very bulky packaging so not great to throw in your gym bag, handbag, travel bag. I don’t generally like the big branded products, as they tend to test on animals with their parent companies in China, so let’s hope that ends soon. The ingredients seem vegan, as far as I can research.
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Excellent mascara

This mascara is awesome! I found this mascara had a great wand that provided great separation and provided beautiful volume. One coat provided natural coat, but a second coat gave a lovely soft glam vibe. I found this mascara held curl similarly if not better than high end waterproof mascaras, which was a lovely surprise. Great lift from this mascara. This mascara washed off well and easily. I did not find it flaked. Whilst I loved this mascara and will continue to use it, the only thing I will say is I am not sure it lives up to it’s name.
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Great everyday mascara

If you're in the market for an everyday mascara, I highly recommend this one. You can choose how dramatic you'd like to make your lashes look. For everyday wear to the office I applied 2 coast on the top and bottom lashes, and then for evening or going out I applied 3 coasts. The application was very easy, especially for my tiny bottom lashes whichis where I often smudge. With this mascara I didn't seem to run into that issue. I loved when I applied to my top lashes and it helped lengthen and open up my eyes. I don't have thick or long lashes, so I really noticed a difference when applied to my top lashes. Overall a great mascara and one that doesn't smudge or drop residue throughout the day.
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Great mascara love it

Being someone who usually dislikes using mascara, I was hesistant to try this but really wanted to give it a go. I LOVe this mascara, it actually volumizes and increases the length of my lashes without clumping them. Love the packaging of the product, its super light and all in all a good product. As I mentioned, struggled finding a good mascara, it would always clump up, or just make my lashes look really wispy , So I would avoid wearing, however... this Max Factor False Lash Effect XXL really did what I wanted and what it says it does, gave me the false lash affect. It lasts all day, doesn't smudge but also easy to take off when taking makeup off. I would recommend this mascara to all mascara lovers :)