MOR Botanicals Blackberry + Vetiver Eau De Parfum

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MOR Botanicals Blackberry + Vetiver – A quietly confident scent, this unexpected fragrance combination is fresh and lively yet earthy and grounded. A zesty opening of Blackberry and Grapefruit is tempered with aromatic notes of Bay Leaf and Vetiver before elegantly finishing with a warm and spicy base of Cedarwood.


MOR Botanicals Blackberry + Vetiver Eau De Parfum


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Beautiful blackberry, citrusy earthy scent

This is a beautiful fragrance that smells like fresh ripe blackberries and a hint of citrusy grapefruit with the spicy notes of cedar wood. It’s earthy and fresh and doesn’t have a sickly sweet smell at all. I love the blackberry notes, so delicious. This is a really refreshing daytime scent that lasts really well throughout the day without overpowering me. It’s so beautifully packed in its turquoise box with blackberries and leaves and the bottle is subtle but elegant. I absolutely love this and will buy it again. It also makes a great gift