MOR Candle Wick Trimmer & Box

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MOR Candle Wick Trimmer & Box is a wick trimmer made from gold plated stainless steel. The trimmer is designed to enable candles to burn cleaner and longer and comes encased in a decorative black and gold keepsake box.


MOR Candle Wick Trimmer & Box


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Gorgeous candle trimmer!! Anyone would be happy to receive this as a gift (as much as I did). It looks super stylish and expensive when placed near a candle. Useful and very decorative item to have around that you won't regret having even if not used often. I recommend to anyone who love candles.
I didn't know I needed a wick trimmer until I had one! Trimming candle wicks prevents them from smoking and is meant to allow them to burn longer.  This MOR candle wick trimmer and box is a particularly lovely gift for the candle lover or to accompany a candle gift. The delicate decorative box is a keepsake for storing the trimmer and looks beautiful beside a candle on display.