MOR Destination Style Barcelona Train Case

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MOR Destination Style Barcelona Train Case is a stylish cosmetic case with a top-handle design for easy transportation on the go. The case is large enough to fit full-sized cosmetic products.

Size: 11.5cm x 19.5cm x 28.5cm


MOR Destination Style Barcelona Train Case


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After having my makeup case for over five years, it was time to say goodbye and move on to something bigger and better.  My makeup bag wasn't that big and over the years as my beauty skills and knowledge grew, so did the quantity of my makeup products.  My bag had become really dirty and could no longer hold the amount of products that I had.  I had been eyeing the Barcelona train case from MOR for months and decided it was time to finally toss my old makeup bag and purchase this.  I was really drawn to the beautiful design and the simple colours of the bag.  With black and white being very simplistic and elegant and two of my favourite colours, I found the case to be aesthetically pleasing.  It had a nice touch with the gold accents on the handle as well as the zippers making it look luxurious.  The pattern was unique yet elegant with its checkered like design.  Opening up the case there was a huge amount of space to hold all of my products.  Even though there weren't any compartments I liked that I could easily chuck all my products in one bag without having to dig through the bag.  The inside was black as well which made cleaning the inside very easy.  No matter how careful you are, you are always going to have a bit of a mess in your makeup bag.  Whether it be spilled foundation or eyeshadow powder, it's good to know that you can easily clean your bag without worrying about stains.  The top handle made it easy to carry and place in my bathroom cupboard.  The products wouldn't really move around much when picking it up and the bag itself was incredibly lightweight.  Even when travelling I would carry the case to store not only makeup but skincare products and toiletries.  Quality was also very important to me as I didn't want to purchase a makeup bag that would quickly break apart and lose its shape.  The MOR case has held up quite well despite constant use but I've also made sure to take good care of it.  The material on the outside has stayed intact as well as the inside.  For a case it is quite expensive considering the fact that I was also debating about whether to get an acrylic makeup drawer set around the same price but this is much more convenient and I can take it with me wherever I want (and it's not just for makeup).  They also had lots of other matching bags and products as well making it a perfect set for at home use and for travelling.  In general I've been happy with the case for storing my makeup.  There was lots of free space, easy to clean material and good quality too.