MOR Destination Style London Hanging Fold-Out Bag

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MOR Destination Style London Hanging Fold-Out Bag is a hanging fold-out beauty case for storing all your beauty essentials. It’s ideal for travelling as it folds up to become more compact and is also made with a waterproof fabric.

Size: 21cm x 6cm x 24cm


MOR Destination Style London Hanging Fold-Out Bag


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Love this fold-out bag! I am planning to take for a long holiday away from home, as it is great to keep my makeup and other small items in one place without loosing. I especially like that you are able to hang it with the hanger provided. The look and design of this organiser bag is awesome and just give that high class feel to it, only con I woukd think about is the price. Would recommend to all travelers  
When I am travelling away from home or staying somewhere overnight, I use this fold out beauty case to help keep me organised.  It allows me to keep all my belongings in one place without having to worry about my items going missing! The MOR fold out bag comes in a gorgeous black and white colour and embossed with a modern geometric pattern to give it that luxurious look.  It is magnetic so it is rather easy to open and close without allowing the bag to open on it's own.  Upon opening you realise that there is a hanger at the top which allows you to place it on any rod or hook, such as the back of a bathroom door, making it accessible.  It has three separate compartments:  The top two being are flat so you can put smaller items in there or objects that won't take up as much space.  The bottom part looks like an actual case and is a lot bigger than the other two.  You can store makeup, brushes, toothpaste, whatever it is you want in there.  The three separate compartments make it great as I'll use each one for my designated products.  I'll normally place my jewellery and valuables in the top zipper, the second compartment will include my toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, makeup wipes...etc), and the third compartment, which is also the largest, I will store my foundation, eyeshadow, makeup brushes and other beauty essentials.  Another great feature is that it is waterproof.  Water or any liquid won't damage the bag and in the event that you do happen to make the bag dirty, it is very easy to clean. Before I would have to take a ziplock bag and put all of my items into each which would be a hassle and really time consuming.  Then came the challenge of trying to find them in my suitcase, the bags accidentally opening and stuff getting lost.  The bag gives me one less thing to worry about when I am packing!  Anything that will make my life easier, I'm all for.   Pros: -It's compact so it won't take up that much space in your suitcase -It helps organise all your items -The hook allows you to hang the case -It's waterproof and easy to clean -It contains three different compartments to store your items -Great quality and lasts a long time -Stylish and perfect for travelling!