MOR Destination Style New York Pencil Case

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MOR Destination Style New York Pencil Case is a pencil case designed to store your beauty essentials. This case is perfect for travelling or to throw in your handbag, and is made with a waterproof fabric in a geometric print. 

Size: 7.5cm x 5cm x 19.5cm


MOR Destination Style New York Pencil Case


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I am a very organised person so when I'm travelling or want to take several items with me in my purse I use the MOR pencil case to help store away my personal items.  There have been countless times where I would just shove makeup items in my handbag or suitcase and they would end up ruined or misplaced.  To make sure that situation would never happen again I purchased the pencil case to always keep my items together.  I love the elegant design: the black and white geometric shapes and the gold accents makes it look very chic! I like to keep my lipstick, lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, eye pencils and other small makeup items in the pencil case.  Sometimes I'll put the case in my purse or when I'm travelling I put it in my suitcase.  I love that the fabric is waterproof so I don't have to worry about my items getting ruined.
This little elegant case is more than just a pencil case or for your makeup.  I've used the MOR Destination Style New York Pencil Case to carry my reading glasses.  Its a  little bag people always remark on and admire how nice it looks.  It is a very handy size, it is very fashionable in black and white and most of all it will not break the bank, at under $20 sophistication does not have to cost a fortune.
Love this makeup bag, big enough to carry the items you really need and the shape caters for those long brushes.