MOR Emporium Classics Hand & Body Wash in Blood Orange

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MOR Emporium Classics Hand & Body Wash in Blood Orange is an invigorating hand and body wash, enriched with orange oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and olive leaf extract to cleanse, soothe, hydrate and nourish skin, whilst leaving it subtly scented with ruby red Italian blood orange, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.

Size: 500mL


MOR Emporium Classics Hand & Body Wash in Blood Orange


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I have been using MOR's Blood Orange Hand and Body Wash for about five years. I first came across it in the bathroom of a very high end restaurant. Thinking I would never be able to afford such a luxurious product or be able to use it again. I went to the bathroom quite a few times that night, just so I could use the sweet smelling hand wash. I took a pic of the bottle and you could have knocked me over with a feather, when I found out I could buy it for a very reasonable price from quite a few retailers. The sweet smelling scent is my favourite thing about this product. My second favourite thing is the quality of the hand wash. I use one bottle of MOR's Hand and Body Wash over about six months. The quality of the oils and vitamins leave your hands feeling soft and supple. I have had many positive comments from family and friends who visit my home, and I often give this product as a house warming gift or when I pop around to visit my friends.
Everytime I use MOR Emporium Classics Hand & Body Wash in Blood Orange it makes me feel like Spring it's in the Air. The ruby red Italian blood orange scent it's so refreshing and rejuvenating. I've previously start to buy this product when it's in the older transparent packaging which it's lovely but just bought one recently and they've change it into a new packaging which looks much classic and chic. What I love about this product besides the lovely scent it's the pump bottle design which makes it so much easier to dispense.  The aloe vera, vitamin E and olive oil leave my skin feel soft like a baby skin.  This blood orange and marshmallow it's my fav range from this brand and I think use it with the whole range to get best result.