MOR Emporium Classics Hand Cream in Blood Orange

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MOR Emporium Classics Hand Cream in Blood Orange is a nourishing hand cream enriched with white tea, acai, olive leaf extract and orange oil to protect and nourish hands, leaving them soft and moisturised. It is scented with ruby red Italian blood orange, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.

Size: 100mL


MOR Emporium Classics Hand Cream in Blood Orange


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Hello My name is Jo and I am a hand cream addict, I currently have at least 9 different hand creams in varying stages of use in my possession and this is the latest addition or should I say addiction! It's beautiful silky and has the most beautiful scent, it's sitting proudly on my vanity unit in the bathroom which is the prized position for any of my hand creams. You don't need to use very much and the results are wonderful, my hands feel moisturised without being sticky. One of my favourite ways to treat my hands is buying food grade disposable gloves form the supermarket, lathering cream onto my hands and putting on the gloves for 20 mins or so. It's an intense hydrating treatment my Mum taught me and pays dividends. I highly recommend you try this with the MOR Emporium Classics Hand Cream in Blood Orange, it's simply beautiful and works a treat!  5 stars, a little pricey but worth it for sure!
MOR Hand Cream in Blood Orange is an outstanding cream due to a divine scent, nourishing ingredients, rich texture and the results it delivers. The hand cream is in a stylish black tube with gold writing and also is boxed, making it ideal as a gift for a lucky recipient.  It's also a generous 100mls size, so I feel is well-priced and value for money. The cream has a luscious, rich texture and is white in colour. It's also full of hydrating ingredients that work really well together an deliver genuine results.  A little really does go a long way with this product, so my cream has lasted through many weeks of using it numerous times per day.  It sinks in readily and leaves my hands deliciously scented with a vibrant citrus based aroma. This is one of my favourite features of this,and other MOR hand creams - they all have the most divine scent and leave hands smelling so,so good. I love using this cream and will be repurchasing.  Very highly recommended.