MOR Emporium Classics Reed Diffuser Set in Snow Gardenia

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MOR Emporium Classics Reed Diffuser Set in Snow Gardenia includes an oil-based reed diffuser made from a blend of vegetable based ethanol’s, an aluminium funnel, black glass falcon and black reeds. The oils have been infused with a bouquet of gardenia, juniper berry, angelica, vanilla musk, ylang ylang and sandalwood to create a floral and aromatic scent.

Size: 200mL


MOR Emporium Classics Reed Diffuser Set in Snow Gardenia


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I'm pleased I got this on special because the lasting throw is disappointing. The diffuser bottle is gorgeous and looks lovely on display, the sensible funnel is excellent so it is easy to pour the liquid into the diffuser. It has the lovely, classic snow gardenia fragrance but I was a little disappointed that I couldn't smell the fragrance unless I was fairly close to the diffuser. My lounge/dining room is quite large but I did hope for more fragrance to be evident than I have.
I originally purchased a few sets of these last year as Christmas gifts,and after smelling this at one of the homes I have since purchased one for myself. The MOR reed diffuser set comes packaged in an absolutely gorgeous and sturdy black box that is patterned with beautiful birds and flowers. It pulls out to reveal an elegant black glass container with a gold M on the front,a black glass funnel,five thick reeds and a black plastic bottle containing the fragrance oil. The funnel makes pouring the liquid into the glass jar effortless. Then you simply place the reeds in and let the aroma fill the house. This particular fragrance is absolutely incredible: it smells exactly like fresh Gardenia's!  The whole house is filled with this stunning scent for many months after opening. Incredible value really. Plus it looks so beautiful on the shelf! I will be buying a few more this year to gift at Christmas time.