MOR Emporium Classics Triple-Milled Soap in Blood Orange

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MOR Emporium Classics Triple-Milled Soap in Blood Orange is a fragrant soap bar enriched with sweet almond oil, shea butter and vitamin E. The nourishing formula works to cleanse and protect skin, whilst leaving it nourished, smooth and subtly scented with ruby red Italian blood orange, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.


MOR Emporium Classics Triple-Milled Soap in Blood Orange


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I am in love with all MOR products and their soaps are no different. I feel like I’m so fancy when I use the MOR soaps because it’s so luxurious. The scent in the soap is beautiful, strong yet subtle that doesn’t linger too long on the skin so it won’t affect your perfume post shower, or you can use the matching MOR perfume or body lotions to keep the scent going.  The lather that the soap provides is unlike any other, it’s so thick it’s almost like a really dense foam. Amazingly the level of lather doesn’t use the soap any faster than normal soaps.  Definitely splurge on yourself with the MOR soap or gift it to that hard to buy for person.
Such a wonderful fragrance in such eye-catching packaging. These make perfect small gifts and are great as a gift to yourself too! Very long-lasting with a scent that really stays on your skin throughout the morning. A perfect product if into soaps.
I fell in love with the whole blood orange range as I was browsing the MOR section at David Jones.  If the fruity, luscious and fragrant aroma did not lure you in than the packaging certainly would have!  It came in a gorgeous wax paper with a classy red, black and white design that was almost too pretty to open (almost).  I bought one not only for myself but a couple as gifts because I know my friends would adore this just as much I did.  Nothing like your regular soap, this was filled with sweet almond oil and shea butter to cleanse and moisturise your skin.  With a beautiful lather and a scent that lingered on the body it was everything you could want in a luxurious bar of soap.  Paired with the matching hand and body creme and you would be smelling delicious all day long.
MOR soaps smell amazing and after fantastic for anyone who loves a perfumed soap.  I find that the soaps lather up nicely, and don't dry out my skin.
This soap is amazing - it lathers up really rich and lasts longer than normal soaps. It also leaves skin moisturised and soft!
When my mum was coming for a visit to Australia I decided to welcome her with some pretty products in the bathroom. I kept the MOR soap bar for a special occasion. First of all, the wrapper of the soap is truly amazing. It looks luxurious, very opulent, as if found is the king's or queen's bathroom. It reminds me of the baroque art.It looks very stylish on the vanity.  The lovely round shape is a perfect fit for a smallish palm. The scent does not disappoint and saturates the air with refreshingly citrus smell of blood orange and sweet notes of flowers. The fragrance lingers on the skin for a while, is subtle and very cosy. I (or my mum) didn't notice any drying out of skin, which happens to often to me when I use "regular " soap. It did catch my mum's attention as she couldn't believe how long we used it for. She asked me what soap it was as she was impressed by its longevity. Usually the soap bars we use lather away in days... MOR Blood Orange lasted weeks, which I believe is a perfect justification of its price ( rather high for a soap). One can easily recognize high quality of the product, starting from the rich packaging, going through the lovely shape and smell, ending at its longevity. Luxury and indulgence at once.
This soap is a great treat to buy for yourself or to give as a little indulgent gift for anyone. The soap comes in a pretty floral wrapped paper and is a big circular soap which fits into my hands easily so I can hold it between my fingers. The soap has a mild true orange fragrance which isn't cheap or artificial. It is a sweet but intense scent that reminds me of a soft cool day, and it refreshes my body and my soul. It is perfect to use a pick me up when you want to wake up in the shower. It rinses easily and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. It is great for daily use and doesn't dry out my skin. I recommend this sweet blood orange soap for anyone who wants something special to use in the shower, and make you happy and content.