MOR Essentials Hand Cream in Honey Nectar

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MOR Essentials Hand Cream in Honey Nectar is a moisturising hand cream, enriched with coconut and sesame oils to leave hand feeling nourished, soothed and rejuvenated. The hand cream is scented with sweet notes of brown sugar, golden honey nectar, candied almonds and vanilla milk.


MOR Essentials Hand Cream in Honey Nectar


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MOR Honey Nectar hand cream is a daily anytime use hand cream that is non greasy and has a soft sweet scent to it. It applies well onto my hands and keeps my hands feeling soft and nourished. My fingers and cuticles are often dry and peeling and after using this hand cream, my hands feel soft and don't look or feel rough. The fragrance is light and sweet, reminds me of sugar biscuits. I also have been using this hand cream and massaging it into my hands to give them a mini massage and boost circulation. Pros: -isn't greasy, goes on light Cons: -its lightly scented so if you're after a strong scented hand cream, you may want something with more intense fragrance Tips: -keep a tube in your handbag and another tube at your work desk so that you can apply throughout the day. apply and massage into your nails and cuticles to keep them soft Recommendation: -this hand cream would suit anyone who wants a gentle scented hand cream that nourishes and softens hands