MOR Essentials Triple-Milled Soap in Black Iris

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MOR Essentials Triple-Milled Soap in Black Iris is a fragrant soap bar enriched with vitamin E to hydrate the skin, glycerin to improve and strengthen skin quality and shea butter for added moisturisation. The soap is scented with blackcurrant, iris, rose and warm woods.


MOR Essentials Triple-Milled Soap in Black Iris


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These Mor Soaps are simply glorious that create a luxurious style statement to my bathroom. When I saw the beautiful range of soaps available I found it hard to choose which one I would try, so I went with my first instinct and purchased the " Black Iris triple milled soap".I was extremely glad I did as it gives off a magnificent aroma that lingers straight into the atmosphere creating an instant relaxing ambiance when I'm in the bath or shower.   This soap is packed with pure quality ingredients such as shea butter plus vitamin E. It delivers an enticing warm fragrance that bestows total relaxation to every area of my body. At times I simply relax and sit back while I enjoy the scent that lasts so much longer than other regular soaps. My skin smells great after use and feels softly clean while the soap bar lasts for many washes. It contains a lingering delightful scent that is so sensual throughout the bathroom making it smell wonderful as it sits on the soap rack.   The Mor Black Iris triple milled soap is also the perfect gift that people really love to receive and enjoy for themselves as i have gifted a few. These delightful soaps incorporate such elegance and enjoyment every single wash.