MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter in Belladonna

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MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter in Belladonna is a light and hydrating body butter enriched with shea butter, vitamins A, C and E and avocado, olive, rosehip, sesame and wheat germ oils to nourish and soften skin, leaving it rejuvenated and moisturised. It is scented with white narcissus, Moroccan rose, pink tulips, French cassis and patchouli.

Size: 50g


MOR Little Luxuries Body Butter in Belladonna


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The second step in the ‘Belladonna layering’, this applies well, leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. I apply it to my arms and legs and top with roll on oil and perfume spray. Disclaimer: I love and own everything Belladonna by MOR. I love layering the products on and marinating myself : )
This is a truly gorgeous gift idea and at this time of year, a fantastic little Christmas stocking stuffer. The ribboned box is absolutely adorable & I know how ideal it is as a gift, it's how I discovered this little gem. The body butter is incredibly luscious & rich in texture - definitely a little bit goes a long way & I found my little 50gm jar lasted me for a few uses.  With ingredients like shea butter and numerous hydrating oils, this does a marvelous job at hydrating and softening skin anywhere on the body, and keeps it that way all day. Where this product also shines is the scent - I really notice the Narcissus note in this, and as a lover of all things citrus, this is a real delight to the senses to use. That said it's not too overpowering and shouldn't clash with any perfumes. The only negative I have with this product is that personally I find most body butters seem to 'sit' a bit too much on my skin, rather than absorb quickly like a lotion does.  But that's just a personal preference thing, not a true negative in the product.  Anyone who loves body butters will adore this little gem.