MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Blood Orange

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MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Blood Orange is a moisturising hand cream enriched with sesame seed oil, shea and cocoa butter and vitamin E to hydrate and protect hands, leaving them soft and nourished. It is scented with ruby red Italian blood orange, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.

Size: 50mL


MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Blood Orange


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A MOR product that l have used and loved.  I must admit that l love all the MOR hand creams that l have purchased over time.  This MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Blood Orange is a sensation for your senses.  The fragrance of the ruby red italian oranges, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley is something you must experience it is like stepping into a spring garden.  It goes on very easily with no greasy feeling after applying it, you can caress your nail area and cuticles to ensure that all parts of your hands are treated with the end result of lovey soft hands.  It also contains shea cocoa butter and vitamin E to assist in moisturising and hydrating your hands.  The cute packaging is a little luxurious and it does not cost a fortune.  Anyone of any age would love to receive this little luxury hand cream as a gift.
Absolutely gorgeous scent! A beautiful fragrance that mellows well, and lasts quite a while compared to other creams I've tried.  Mor brand is known for its cute and lovely packaging, so this is great to have in your handbag and take out anytime and show off! The cream itself is quite rich and hydrates well, though I think it works better on normal skin rather than dry.  
I love this hand cream, due to my work my hands become very dry and dull which often leads to cracked skin, MOR hand cream has been a life saver. Not only does it nourish my hands leaving them soft and re hydrated it has a beautiful orange scent. The packaging is a good size allowing you to pop it into your handbag for all occasions, the cream is thick so only a small amount is needed to sooth your dry skin. One of life's little luxuries.
A good dense formula that really nourishes your hands. And a beautiful blood orange scent thats a little tangy and not to sweet which I liked. I kept mine in my handbag all the time and it never leaked - which is a massive bonus!
This hand cream smells like luscious intense blood oranges, fruity and intense, but the scent itself is not over powering or artificial. It is a subtle fragrance that lingers on my hands for a few hours after application. I use this at work and it keeps my hands soft and supple even after hand washing. I also have a tube near my bed and I apply it as an overnight hand care treatment. Pros: It's affordable          smells delicious with a strong orange hit          keeps my hands and nails supple and soft Cons: Nothing, it works well Recommendations: I recommend this pretty smelling hand cream for any lady who wants a dependable hand cream to nourish and moisturise her hands. Tip: Apply it onto your cuticles and nails too.        Buy cotton gloves (you can buy good quality cotton gloves from Daiso) and apply a good amount of this hand cream all over your hands and nails and slip on the gloves as your last step just before you go to bed and you will wake up with soft baby smooth hands and you will drift off to sleep with a glorious orange scent too.