MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Lychee Flower

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MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Lychee Flower is a rich and hydrating hand cream enriched with sesame seed oil, shea and cocoa butter and vitamin E to soften and protect hands, leaving them moisturised and nourished. It is scented with sweet lychee flower, ripe berries, soft powdery florals and a hint of green forest woods.

Size: 50mL


MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Lychee Flower


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This is one of the most luxurious hand creams I have ever encountered. The lychee flower scent is heavenly and the hand cream formula is very absorbent and moisturising, but doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy or sticky. Its also a great size - easy to keep in your handbag or on your desk at work.
I've got to say i'm a fan of this Mor hand cream. It's everything i look for personally in hand creams. I've used many before and so far this has got to be the best for me. First off this product is very compact, great for having in clutches, handbags and onboard a plane. It's a convenient size for touch ups at anytime. The scent of the hand cream is my personal favourite from their large range. I've tested most of them and lychee is just perfect. Not overly scented and sweet, just subtle enough for a pleasant scent. When the hand cream is applied i liked the consistency of the cream. not overly thick or thin just right to cover the hands.  Not a lot of rubbing of hands are used to moisturise them. When applied i could immediately smell the scent, plus not a lot is needed to cover the hands so it could last a while.  It is not until you have applied the cream that you feel the effects of the vitamin e and the shea butter come through. I would say it took a good minute when you felt that the hands were softer. I would suggest that you don't apply a lot of cream as it does take a while to rub in if you put to much and could become sticky and thick. The scent does add an extra luxury and positive to the cream. When you bring your hands up to your face you get a subtle hit of lychee which i love. It provides a lovely scent just like a perfume. After using the product i felt it did effectively moisturise the hands very well. However just like all hand creams when it comes to washing your hands most of the  scent disappears and re application is needed after each wash. When it came to washing my hands if i applied a generous amount it did need a lot of rubbing and soap to wash it off.  After using the hand cream for over a week i felt that it did have great effect in all seasons of the year. Whether it was a dry winter or hot summer, the hand was moisturised well all year round. I would suggest that only a dot of hand cream to be used every time you apply to get the most out of the hand cream. As applying generously would be a waste when you need to wash your hands. Plus less is best, it was just as useful with one dot of cream and generous squeeze.  Pros- Size, not overly sweet in scent, moisturises well, cream not to thick or thin, not much needed to moisturise the hand, lasts most of the day if you don't wash  Cons-  Cost- i would say buy a bigger size to save on money.  I would definitely continue to use this product for a long time or until i get sick of the scent. it has provided a great hand cream for all year round. i would suggest this to anyone reading who loves lychee. 
I love Mor products. They are so lovely and feel like a bit of luxury in my day. This hand cream is not light and not thick and makes my hands feel moisturised. The best thing about this hand cream is that it smells so lovely. It smells exactly like lychee. It reminds me of being somewhere tropical and on a holiday. I really like the size. I can easily keep it in my handbag.
Icy cold tropical cocktail on a beach while watching the sunset....thats what this hand cream makes me think of! It smells absolutely delicious and fruity, and the smell lingers for quite a while. I love love love this cream, and the 50ml tube is a nifty little size perfect for the handbag or to keep by my desk at work. I especially loce using this throuout the day at work, as working in an air-conditioned building makes my hands extremely dry. A little squeeze of the tube and my hands are not only nourished, but the smell is an instant pick-me-up. The only reason I give this 4 starts and not 5, is because I would like the cream to be a bit thicker and more nourishing.
Until I got this hand cream, I had no idea what a Lychee flower even smelt like.  I am happy to report it is a lovely soft and subtle smell. A great hand cream to keep on your desk for something a little bit lovely to use throughout your workday.. or keep one in your handbag. I would highly recommend as a subtle easy to absorb moisturiser!