MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Snow Gardenia

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MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Snow Gardenia is a moisturising hand cream enriched with sesame seed oil, shea and cocoa butter and vitamin E to hydrate and protect hands, leaving them soft and nourished. It is scented with vanilla musk, sandalwood and gardenia.

Size: 50mL


MOR Little Luxuries Hand Cream in Snow Gardenia


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As it is now winter, it seems we all need a little more attention paid to our skin, regardless of where it is on our bodies.  I love MOR products, especially the Snow Gardenia range.  This hand cream is great for keeping the skin on my hands hydrated and soft.  The combination of VIt E, shea butter and sesame seed oil makes it easy to apply and does not feel greasy.  The scent of the cream is also very pleasing.   I carry the hand cream in my handbag so that l can apply it as l need to. If you massage the cream into your nail area it also keeps the cuticles soft and looking healthy.  The MOR packaging always looks luxurious.  The cost of this tube of hand cream is an excellent price, it will not break the budget.  I definitely would recommend this product to my friends.
I usually love MOR products, but this hand cream's scent was so overpowering I ended up giving it away. This is uncommon for me as I usually really enjoy strong scents, but this was on a whole different level as it gave me really bad headaches - it was like it had too much perfume in it. It's a shame because the concept of the cream is really nice - i usually love gardenia & sandalwood scents but all I could smell in this was the strong gardenia. I could not smell the vanilla which is a shame as that might have softened the intensity of it.  The lotion itself was nice like other MOR hand creams, it  has a thick consistency but absorbs really nicely and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. A small amount of the cream really goes a long way.  The packaging is great as it's a really simple and practical 50mL tube with a twist lid, and it looks beautiful as I love the white & gold colour palette. It was the perfect size to fit in my handbag without having to worry about leakage. Unfortunately I just can't give this any more than 1 star due to the overpowering scent - however I would definitely recommend trying other MOR hand creams as they are usually amazing!
I am obsessed with this MOR handcream!!  The formula is rich and thick and creamy ... every time I use it I’m whisked away to a mini tropical spa treatment, conveniently located right at my finger tips! The cream itself instantly soothes my dry hands and fills the air with its magnificent scent! A little product goes a long way but it is thick so be careful not to squeeze it all out in one over enthusiastic moment!  Tip - once I’ve smothered my hands with this delicious cream I run my hands over my stockings ... instantly gets rid of that pesky static stick from my skirt AND I spread the fragrance so I leave a trail of tropical goodness everywhere I wander! 
This is my very favourite MOR scent which is encapsulated in this hand cream and sits, even right now as I type this review, on my computer desk and that's where it sits so that it's in my reach ready for whenever I feel like a mini pamper treatment for my hands.   The creamy-white tube holds 50ml of white, heavenly-scented moisturiser which makes for a decadent hand cream - and that's what it is, officially a hand cream - but I always extend this cream way beyond my hands, up my forearms and around my dry elbows too.  The floral scent is strong and lingers wonderfully long after I've applied it and the moisturisation effect of the formula also is long-lasting and feels relaxing and cooling on my skin straight after I've used it.   This scent is undoubtedly a floral and I love it because it's pretty, uplifting and takes me directly into a garden full of gardenias in my mind when I put it on.  The scent is not a shy  flower scent. - instead it is quite dramatic and rich.  I like that it also contains the word 'snow' in it's name of  "Snow Gardenia"  because there is also an edge of softness and purity  to this extra-ordinary floral scent.  The soft side of this scent is similar to a soft wattle flower scent and is the gentle fragrance that lingers on my skin for hours after the strong initial gardenia outburst.  I would love to buy everything in this Snow Gardenia range - it really is so very beautiful!  I can see myself buying lots of different products in this range in the future.  This scented hand cream transcends age so any one who likes this scent would love this product.