MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Belladonna

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MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Belladonna is a light perfume oil with a floral fragrance. The scent features a mix of rose and tulips with a touch of sandalwood, vanilla and musk. It contains rosehip oil to rejuvenate skin and vitamin E and grape seed, sunflower, almond, avocado and sesame seed oil to moisturise.


MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Belladonna


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Perfume oils just make me feel so luxurious, like I've stepped out of a beauty salon in Paris and am about to head out for brunch! This little luxuries oil smells divine, with a predominantly floral scent. The rose and tulips give the perfume a real light and fresh floral feel, but the undertones of vanilla and musk soften it, making it slightly more delicate and elegant. I love that it's not your typical perfume because of the added rosehip oil and vitamin E that helps to make your skin feel soft and nourished. This is what sets it apart from other mini perfumes. But like the other ones it is also incredibly convenient, travel-friendly and applies easily. I keep one in my purse and it never fails to help me feel more confident and happy when I'm out.  The scent does last for a long time, and if you freshen up once during the day, it should last you until night time with no problem. Apply a little onto your wrists and behind your ears for the best effect. The packaging is also gorgeous, so this could be a really lovely gift for a cherished friend. I would definitely recommend this to any woman looking for a signature luxurious, elegant and nourishing perfume.
This gorgeous little mor fragrance was a gift from my sister who knows I love mor products. I adore the pretty fragrance, it smells of roses with my favourite notes of vanilla and musky which is so feminine, the sandalwood also comes through, so its really feminine. This is a great size for my handbag and for makeup bags to refresh. I love that this is a perfume oil as I have sensitive skin and in summer atomisers can sometimes irritate my skin in the heat, where oil is more nourishing, moisturising and gentle. This is a lovely light scent perfect for summer and is so prettily packaged it makes a lovely gift and a bonus is the scent lasts really well. I love this and would highly recommend it
I have used this Belladonna Perfume Oil, and one of my favourite things about it (apart from the delicious scent) is the size. It is a great little sized product that fits perfectly into a handbag, even small enough for a clutch or smaller bag, which makes it ideal when you are out and about. It is easily applied, and only a little is needed to leave a lasting scent. 
Love this little treasure. So discreet, I can just keep it in my pocket or my bag for when I need to freshen up with a soft lingering scent. Great if you don't like atomisers, when once you spray it covers your clothes and hair (when sometimes you only need a demure soft fragrance) Apply it to your wrists, décolletage or behind your ears.  Would recommend these. Great for a little 'something' to give as a gift........