MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Blood Orange

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MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Blood Orange is a light perfume oil with a summer floral fragrance of blood orange, jasmine, rose and lily. It contains rosehip oil to rejuvenate skin and vitamin E and grape seed, sunflower, almond, avocado and sesame seed oil to moisturise.


MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Blood Orange


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I own a few MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oils and am currently loving the Blood Orange scent. It has a perfect combination of citrus, floral and enchantment. It's the kind of fragrance you fall in love with every time you smell it as it's not overpowering at all.  The beautifully designed cylinder roll-on glass bottle is encased in a strong cardboard tube that is the perfect protection when it's rolling around a handbag or purse! Upon first application I noticed how light the oil was. It never felt greasy or transferred onto clothing. The fragrance was long lasting especially when layered with the blood orange body butter. I do tend to top up if I want the fragrance to linger for a few hours longer. It's perfect for everyday wear during the day or night.   I really love that this perfume oil contains rosehip oil, vitamin E, grape seed, sunflower, almond, avocado and sesame seed oil as they really do help rejuvenate and moisturise my skin. A perfume that smells and feels amazing.  MOR's little luxury perfume oil in blood orange is best suited to someone who loves citrus floral scents and is looking for a perfume oil packed with natural oils to rejuvenate their skin. Pros -gorgeous scent -packaging is beautiful and durable -roll-on works perfectly (no ball getting stuck) -light oil packed with plenty of goodness -excellent travel size -matching products to layer with -fragrance lasts a good few hours -cheaper than a regular perfume Cons -addiction to all the other scents! May spend a small fortune buying other scents in the range. -Can be used up quickly if using it everyday as bottle is quite small.  -One size only
This is a very cute rollerball perfume oil which is perfect for applying whenever I want fragrance, without the spray noise so it's discreet, subtle, but still effective. Since it's in an oil base, just a little bit or slight application of the rollerball in enough to gently allow the scent to linger on me. I apply this onto my wrists and behind my ears so that the fragrance stays with me and I can smell it as I move throughout the day. The blood orange scent is obvious and pleasant, but not overbearing. Since it is in a rollerball version, it lasts a long time, which makes it very economical and appealing. I smell the intensity of blood orange more than the other components in this perfume oil, although there is a sweetness which lingers through from the rose which is a soft undertone. Pros: -affordable fragrance, roller ball application is cute and unique, small size so travel and makeup bag friendly Cons: -since it's a perfume oil, be careful to avoid applying directly onto clothes Tips: -apply onto your wrists and you can smell the sweetness of the blood orange as you move around throughout the day Recommedations: -this is a sweet, intense blood orange rollerball oil fragrance that would suit anyone who wants a soft and luscious scent to use
This little roll on in a cheeky cylinder outfit, looks innocent enough, but boy does it pack a punch. Flirty but not overpowering.   Warning;  girlfriends will be extremely jealous.