MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Lychee Flower

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MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Lychee Flower is a light perfume oil with a sweet lychee flower, ripe berry, and soft floral fragrance. It contains rosehip oil to rejuvenate skin and vitamin E and grape seed, sunflower, almond, avocado and sesame seed oil to moisturise.


MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Lychee Flower


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Another fantastic perfume in the MOR range.  This little bottle comes in the lovely soft fragrance of lychee and berry.  Can be worn throughout the whole day as the perfume lingers on your skin.  It has a soft sweet aroma, quite feminine. The wonderful packaging of these MOR fragrances is beautiful, l love the gold touches in the overall packaging it is very stylish.  You could carry one in your handbag as well as have one in your car or desk.  The roll on is a great way to apply this beautiful perfume and unlike a spray there is no waste. It is also a great price, so you could easily buy a few in the range and have a stash of wonderful fragrances.
I actually bought about 6 of these when I found it, just so I'd never be out of it! The smell is amazing and potent for such a cheap price, sweet but not overpowering. Great handy size, good for pockets / handbags / going out.  Mor always has lovely packaging, and this lives up to the name. Looks fancy and is good quality. Easy to apply and the scent lasts a long time.
This is a gorgeous sweet, feminine fragrance that smells beautifully of lychee, its compact so perfect for my handbag. I often buy a oil in summer as sprays sometimes irritate my sensitive skin in the heat, this moisturised and did not irritate. This is also priced really well which is what I would expect from a perfumed oil so I can afford to keep a couple in different handbags. I would recommend this.
When I am travelling, it's always a good idea to take with you some perfume but I don't want a full size, it's heavy and can break easily so these perfume roll-on oils are a great alternative. I absolutely love Mor's lychee flower perfume. The packaging looks like it's covered in pink lace. It's so pretty.  The fragrance is really sweet but not sickingly sweet. It smells exactly like lychee so the fragrance is so delicious. This roll-on is great if you use the lychee body butter as well. The fragrance lasts for longer.