MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Marshmallow

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MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Marshmallow is a light perfume oil with a sweet fragrance. The scent features sugar dipped rose petals, white carnation, and cotton candy. It contains rosehip oil to rejuvenate skin and vitamin E and grape seed, sunflower, almond, avocado and sesame seed oil to moisturise.


MOR Little Luxuries Perfume Oil in Marshmallow


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I recieved this little rollerball in a gift pack for Christmas last year and I absolutely adore it! If you’re a fan of sweet scents this is for you. It’s the scent of marshmallow with a hint of rose which is such a soft feminine scent, which I think a lot of younger women would really love. It’s quite long lasting and I can still smell it on myself after a few hours of wear.  It comes in a little rollerball so you can apply it to your pressure points easily, and throw it in your bag to reapply throughout the day. I haven’t experienced any leakage which is a bonus. It’s fragrance in oil which just melts into the skin and leaves no oily residue for me, and is lovely and moisturising to the skin. If you wanted to I think you could roll it all over the skin without it being too overpowering.. similar to a scented body lotion. Because I only use a little bit of it each time I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing any time soon, but I love the scent and will probably buy more products in the Marshmallow line- the fragrance is consistent across all the MOR Marshmallow line. 
I love everything about the marshmallow range, especially this perfume oil. The scent is like be wrapped up in a fluffy cloud. It smells like cotton candy, you'll want to keep applying this oil throughout the day!  Whenever I wear this, my friends always compliment me so much so I've given it as gifts to many of my loved ones. 
I love this MOR Marshmallow range , have at least one of everything . The products layer beautifully & i always have Perfume oil in my bag as my back up.  Its soft , slightly floral & smells divine . Recently purchased the shampoo & conditioner , WOW . Always buy 2 Christmas gift packs they are amazing value . I am a Marshmallow customer for LIFE . 
I love this fragrance so much that I have bought almost every thing in the range. Because the perfume bottle is biggish I wanted something smaller to re-fresh the scent during the day. This little bottle of oil is perfect. It is small enough for any bag and the fragrance is "true" to this range. It is musky and sweet and smells like lollies but not in a sickly way.
I adore this mor perfume oil and also have it in bella donna which was a gift from my sister, this scent was also a gift as my family knows I love more and my all time favourite is this marshmallow scent. This product is divine, it smells of musk lollies, marshmallows and cotton candy, sweet without being sickly, its feminine and pretty, it is also prettily packaged and at a great price point so makes the perfect gift. Being an oil this is great for sensitive skin as it wont irritate, especially in the heat. The addition of oil means it hydrating and nourishing. It feels lovely to wear, not sticky at all and the scent lasts for ages. The fragrance itself is so sweet and light, perfect for summer and the addition of rosehip oil rejuvenates skin. This perfume is not at all sickly despite its name and I always receive compliments when wearing this. LOVE LOVE it. I highly recommend this gorgeous scent
The MOR Marshmallow scent is simply one of the most iconic scents ever developed in Australia. It is, as its name suggests, sweet, but also floral and musky. I have first discovered this scent through the MOR Marshmallow body cream, and I was so glad when I found out that I can purchase this as a perfume. The perfume oil roll-on is a later invention which provides a convenient way to apply the perfume and to carry it around in handbags. The packaging is well-designed, and there is no leaking or dripping whatsoever. I found that the roll-on is just as effective as the spray-on perfume, and the scent is not compromised in any way.  In fact, I prefer this perfume oil over the EDT spray as it contains It contains rose hip oil, vitamin E and a good cocktail of plant oils to moisturise skin at the same time. My mum, who is in her seventies and lives overseas, also enjoys this product so much that it is one of the few things she would ask me to bring with me whenever I visit her.
I first received this beautiful oil perfume as a gift and have been hooked ever since. Contrary to the name, the MOR Marshmallow scent is beautifully balanced with hints of florals and just the right amount of sweetness. The perfume oil is long lasting, and if anything gets more luxurious as the day goes on. I will often find as my skin warms up during the day, a new wave of fragrance will release, making it an absolute pleasure to wear.  The product itself is easy to apply and great to throw in the bottom of your clutch or handbag. Divine!
I love roll-on oils. They are oil based so they don't contain lots of alcohol which can cause irritations for my skin. It's also really clever, I can take perfume with me everywhere I go including when I am travelling. I don't need to take the huge perfume bottle which could break easily. This perfume contains rosehip oil which feels really great against my skin. It feels really soft, smooth and nourished.  I love the pattern on the bottle - it's like a peach lace. It's very elegant. The fragrance is sweet but not sickingly sweet. It smells like cotton candy and it's good for a summer day.
Sweet!  But not sickly sweet, and surprisingly perhaps, it doesn't feel like/ smell like a child's perfume. The fragrance stays, and the packaging is super handy to carry around all day.  I love it!
MOR products always look luxe and this is no exception. The Marshmallow Perfume Oil has sweet, musky tones that don't over power and always has people asking me what fragrance I'm wearing. As an oil, it goes on easily - especially with the roll-on applicator - doesn't run but goes on smoothly and really nourishes the skin. With lots of different oils, it isn't drying, like some alcohol-based fragrances can be. It also doesn't evaporate, so a small amount is good value. The bottle is glass and well made; it doesn't leak or drip. The roll on applicator is quite small, so it is easy to pop this on wherever you want, and easy to carry. It is really pretty.   TIP: It pairs really well with the Marshmallow hand cream for an even deeper scent.  PRO-TIP: Elbows, knees or other dry skin spots will really benefit from an application of this lovely oil.
I observed this pretty bottle while out at the shopping centre and all those thoughts came into my mind. - OMG how pretty, rose petals - cotton candy - rose hip oil than vitamin E,  grape seed, sunflower, almond, avocado and sesame seed oil - WOO WOO WOW Classy.... It's certainly selling me! Than I started thinking these. What do I want for christmas ? MOR fragance, How can I feel better? smelling beautiful and How can this make me feel better ? displaying and showing it off on my draws. YES YES!! Sold.
Despite a very sweet sounding name, I don't find this beautiful fragrance too sweet at all.  Marshmallow is a beautiful bouquet of floral notes that makes me happy wearing it.  I love having it in the Perfume Oil format, as it both lasts really well, and it's easy to pop in my handbag for touchups during the day. Spring / summer florals don't come much prettier than this one.  Highly recommended