MOR Little Luxuries Petite Candle in Marshmallow

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MOR Little Luxuries Petite Candle in Marshmallow is a fragrant soy wax candle infused with the scent of vanilla musk, jasmine, rose, white carnation and cotton candy. The candle has a 14-hour burn time and a 100 per cent cotton, lead-free wick.

Size: 60g


MOR Little Luxuries Petite Candle in Marshmallow


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I absolutely love this candle, first of all it smells like musk sticks not so much marshmallow but still very yummy. I have had it next to my bed without needing to light and i can smell it gently in my room. I bought this candle on impulse as i dont actually burn them i decided to depot the candle and turn it into melts. The only downside with this candle is there is no lid, so if your planning to display it the candle will gather dust. Might not purchase again if they bring melts out instead but i continue to buy marshmallow mor products such as the handcream as i adore the scent.
This candle is not only sweet in scent but also sweet in style and packaging. M.O.R. products are some of my all time favourites and I was super excited to try out this candle. It's small in size but it makes up for it in scent; however the sweet vanilla/marshmallow is not too overpowering. This would make a fantastic stocking stuffer or a small gift for a friend
As the weather starts to change I go into candle burning mode. A cute little 60g pink Marshmallow Soy Candle by MOR is the perfect addition for a cosy home. Beautifully packaged in a soft baby pink box with gold trim to match the votive sized pink candle. The 100% lead-free single wick candle burnt evenly leaving no wastage. The marshmallow scent is soft and really beautiful. Slightly floral, mixed with a good splash of lolly shop, it smells amazing! You can even repurpose the pretty jar when it has finished. I am addicted and I will be buying this beautiful candle again. I recommend buying a Marshmallow MOR Candle. It is perfect to use around the home or for a little gift. 
I received this candle as a gift from my grandma last birthday and I have to say, I was super impressed. I am a massive candle lover and I've had my fair share over the years so I have some pros and cons of this one to share... PROS: - Smells absolutely DIVINE, although I would recommend this for those who like sweet scents. Although I don't find this scent to be too sweet or sickly and it's just the right balance of the sweetness from the marshmallow and the muskiness from the vanilla - I also find that considering this is a rather small candle, it has later me many hours. It claims to burn for 100 hours and I say mine would have lasted that. - Lastly, I find the packaging so lovely, it is nice and weighty and I think it looks a lot more luxurious and expensive than it really is. MOR also have a terrific selection of scents available, so if your not a fan of sweet scents there is something for everyone (if you love fruity scents I recommend Blood Orange, which I also have, as it's nice and fresh).  CONS: - Overall, I really love this candle so I so not have many negatives to share. The only one that really stands out is that it is packaged in a material that heats up quite a lot when the candle is burning, which can be annoying if you want to move it.  But, honestly I am very impressed and for the affordable price tag I think this candle makes a terrific gift.