MOR Little Luxuries Petite Candle in Snow Gardenia

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MOR Little Luxuries Petite Candle in Snow Gardenia is a soy wax candle infused with the scent of gardenia, juniper berry, angelica, ylang ylang, vanilla and sandalwood. The candle has a burn time of up to 14 hours and features a 100 per cent cotton, lead-free wick.

Size: 60g


MOR Little Luxuries Petite Candle in Snow Gardenia


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MOR Little Luxuries Petite Candle in Snow Gardenia is beautifully packaged in a white box with gold trim to match the votive sized candle. The 100% lead-free single wick candle burnt evenly leaving no wastage. The gardenia  scent is soft but a bit too floral for me. You can even repurpose the pretty jar when it has finished. I am addicted to MOR Candles but I won't be buying this fragrance again.
This is my very favourite MOR scent in a cute little mini candle which is perfect for bedrooms or small vanities especially for when guests come over to make the loo smell extra special and give it that extra homey atmosphere.    It is a deeply sweet and divinely pretty scent.   I can't personally get enough of this aroma!  The mixture of sweet florals and woody sandalwood gives this scent a headstart way before all the other MOR scents which I must admit are all really great.    It is very affordable because the candle is small but that doesn't take away the classiness of the white glass that the quality perfumed wax is encased in.  Also, even though it's small, this candle still has a decent burn time and I can easily see myself re-purchasing this outstanding candle for it's scent again in the future.   I love that the wax is soy and it is a safe lead-free wicked candle to burn in the home for my health's protection.
I love scented candles and always have one burning. I bought this one for the price and its gorgeous. I love the scent of gardenias and have them in the garden so though I would bring the same scent inside, I use this in the bathroom and it smells divine. I highly recommend this product as the scent lasts for ages