MOR Little Luxuries Soapette in Blood Orange

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MOR Little Luxuries Soapette in Blood Orange is a vegetable-based soap housed in a collectable tin. The formula is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E, to cleanse skin, leaving it soft, hydrated and refreshed. It is scented with ruby red Italian blood orange, jasmine, rose and lily of the valley.

Size: 60g


MOR Little Luxuries Soapette in Blood Orange


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This is a great way to try the fragrance of blood orange in a cute little soap. The soap comes in an adorable little tin, so it makes a lovely gift for someone. The soap has the same scent as the other MOR blood orange products. It is a deep orange scent, with a mix of sugar, so it's sweet and intense, but never overpowering. The scent in this little soap is ever present, but not too strong. This soap lathers well and is the perfect size to hold in my hands and to use. I can smell the sweetness of blood oranges as I use this soap and my entire shower smells nice and sweet with a deep orange zest. It's a refreshing scent and something I enjoy in the mornings!  Pros: nice pleasing scent, does not dry out my skin Cons: is expensive, so I consider it a treat Tip: this would be a nice gift for someone or to have when guests come over to stay, but they could enjoy the soap so much, they would never leave! Recommendation: this is a cute little soap and it's suitable for anyone who enjoys the exquisite treat of using a soap with the richness of blood oranges 
I received this beautiful soap for Christmas.  The smell was divine and it was so creamy and luscious and left my skin soft.  It is a little expensive though  :(